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Amenities You’ll Love in Our Panama City Beach Rentals

Author 12-12-2019

It doesn’t get any better than a vacation at the beach! Long days spent walking in the sugar white sands, frolicking in the emerald waters, and soaking up the rays of sun shining down from blue skies; even if you did nothing else but go to the beach, your trip would be pretty close to perfect. But we at Vacations Perfected are not satisfied with ALMOST perfect, and it shows in the homes we offer for Panama City Beach Rentals. Stylish, comfortable, and casually luxurious, our properties offer the finishing touch to your once in a lifetime Florida getaway, and the amenities found within are a huge reason this is so!

It’s All in the Details

We pay attention to the smallest details, and it shows in our properties’ amenities. Need a corkscrew for that delicious bottle of wine you picked up from the Panama City Beach winery? Just open a drawer! For those who can’t fully awaken until that first sip of caffeine, coffee makers are in the fully equipped kitchens, an amenity that many hotels have stopped providing! The views from many of the bedrooms will take your breath away, but the early morning sun may not be your favorite way to be awakened, and our lined curtains can be drawn each night, allowing you to choose when you want the sun to visit!

Swimming in the ocean can be a salty nightmare for those with sensitive skin, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip a morning swim; our community pools are clear and blue and offer inviting ways to wake up each day. Hot tubs can ease the pain of muscles not used to sightseeing, and because nothing tastes better than the fish you caught during your fishing expedition a few hours ago, grilling areas allow you to cook up the catch of the day in a healthy way!

We also offer cable television so you can catch your favorite shows and free Wi-Fi for those times you just can’t escape work; it’s not ideal to have to think about work during your vacation, but it’s better than having to end your journey early because of an office emergency! And because we don’t believe in less is more, access to the community amenities is included with your rental agreement. Paradise is looking more and more perfect every day!

Free Sunset Views With Panama City Beach Rentals

The best amenity of all is also absolutely free; it’s the view of the Florida sun setting over the waters in a fiery ball of vibrant colors, as seen from the balcony of your Vacations Perfected escape. Reserve your stay with us today!