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As we enter the beginning of the new school year, many classrooms look quite different than those in the past. With the advent of the pandemic, online schooling has become the latest trend, and although it may mean more work for parents, it also offers new possibilities! Schooling and working from home can take place from any home in the world (as long as it has internet), and since fall temperatures in Panama City Beach are projected to be absolutely gorgeous, why not pay us a visit? Our comfortable and stylish Vacations Perfected rentals are designed to make your educational journey one you and your family will never forget!

Classwork Has Never Been This Fun!

Whatever topic you choose to study can be made more interesting when you bring our beachfront village into the equation! Give your child a certain amount of money for souvenirs and snacks and practice budgeting for math class, explore the reasons why so many retirees choose Panama City Beach in which to live out their golden years for Social Studies, and make science class all about the world under the sea! Low tide at Rick Seltzer Park, located at 7419 Thomas Drive, offers a sand bar from which you can get an up close and personal glimpse into that world when the tide is low. Recess is as important to a healthy mind as it is to a healthy body, and if you choose to take part in the “class” by wading in the emerald green waters of the Gulf, no one is going to judge you! History class involves another field trip, only this one will be to the Man in the Sea Museum at 7314 Panama City Beach Parkway to learn everything there is to know about the history of diving; a trip into the past doesn’t always have to involve wars!

Hungry Minds Need Fuel

Seafood is known to be the best brain food there is, and in Panama City Beach, your options are plentiful! Grill up that amberjack you caught on your weekend fishing expedition or step out of the fully equipped and totally cheerful kitchen in your rental property and head to the beach for a lunch of surf and sunshine! Harpoon Harry’s, found at 12627 Front Beach Road, offers both as well as a delicious menu of seafood, burgers, steaks.

Book Your Fun and Educational Journey Today

A good night’s sleep is vital to a healthy brain, and the sleep you will receive in our tranquil bedrooms will be better than any before. Reserve your Vacations Perfected Florida getaway today and enjoy a getaway that is both education and entertaining!

When we travel, we love to learn as much as possible about the place we are visiting. We go about our days exploring the sites, attractions, and landscape of wherever we landed. Learning about the place and the people who once walked along the streets we are now exploring gives the getaway a little more depth and a lot more luster. If you are a kindred spirit and are right now planning your own historical journey to our favorite place on earth, this guide to the past will ensure your Panama City Beach historical journey will be one you never forget!

Man in the Sea Museum, 17314 Panama City Beach Parkway

With the crystal clear waters of the Gulf located just steps away from the door of your Vacations Perfected escape, you can expect that water activities, including diving, are much loved, and the Man in the Sea Museum gives away all the details! Dedicated to revealing the history of diving and the beauty that lies under the water, this museum has exhibits that go back over 100 years. Featuring diving helmets, experimental diving systems, and the first underwater living facility, their attention to detail brings the undersea world alive and will fascinate people of all ages.

Latimer Cabin

Anyone who has ever lived on the coast understands the various worries and problems that accompany seaside living, including surviving hurricanes and staying cool in the hottest days of summer—especially before air conditioning! The Latimer Cabin, located on the northeastern shore of Powell Lake, is a perfect example of American ingenuity. Built in 1935 from cypress logs, the cabin was designed to let the Gulf winds keep the home cool naturally, and the 22 windows are placed to ensure that no views are left unseen. The cabin was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004, preserving its history as a prime example of early Florida living forever.

The Gideon vs. Wainwright Case Historical Marker

Sometimes events happen that change the world for the better, and the Gideon vs. Wainwright Case is a prime example. Once upon a time, the impoverished were not appointed an attorney if they couldn’t afford one and were forced to defend themselves in trial, but in 1963 everything changed. Going all the way to the Supreme Court after being denied an attorney, the Justices ruled that every American accused of a serious crime must be appointed an attorney paid for by the public. A marker commemorating this historic event stands outside one of the original courthouses in Panama City, just a short drive from your Panama City Beach hideaway; if it fits into your schedule, it is worth the trip!

Vacations Perfected is the Only Choice

Our homes may not be the historical choice, filled as they are with modern furnishings and updated appliances, but they are definitely the right choice when you’re looking for a wonderful place to stay. Reserve yours today!

Summer lovers are a unique breed of humans, coming alive only when the sun is beating down on their shoulders and the mercury is rising. For them, the beginning of sweater weather makes them sad as they huddle in front of space heaters and fireplaces, seeking warmth in all ways possible. If this describes your personality and your life, instead of isolating yourself, why not head to the state of eternal summer when that calendar page turns from August to September? Panama City Beach in the fall will allow you to shed your sweaters and slip back into your favorite flip flops as you soak in the rays during the day and sleep in comfort and style in one of our Vacations Perfected fall hideaways!

Beach Day Every Day

Obviously, the first thing you’ll do after flinging your bags on the bed of your Vacations Perfected home away from home is head out for some toes in the sand therapy, and if you happen to arrive around sunset, even better! Walking along shore’s edge hand in hand with your life partner, your children, or even all by yourself is one of those activities that soothes the soul. And in the fall, although it still feels summery, the heat is turned down a degree or two, making the walk even more enjoyable. Because the summer crowds have mostly departed, it will feel as if you have your own private beach!


One of the best parts of fall is the taste of pumpkin that makes just about every dessert, breakfast, and beverage taste like a celebration of the season, and you can create your own pumpkin-palooza in the kitchen of your private escape. Create pumpkin spice pancakes (much to the delight of your children) with a box mix in which you’ve added a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice and 2/3 cup of pumpkin puree (subtract an equal amount of water from the recipe to ensure it’s not too runny). And because adults deserve pumpkin treats as well, a pumpkin spice martini created with Irish Cream liqueur, vanilla vodka, pumpkin flavored liqueur, ice cubes, and a pinch of nutmeg will go down smooth and easy!

Ghost Stories After Dark

This last adventure requires a bit of pre-planning, but we’re heading back to the beach for ghost stories told under the harvest moon and in front of a roaring bonfire. Bonfires are allowed in certain areas with permits from the city fire department. Tell your ghost stories around the fire—Dem Bones is a great one that’s not too scary for the little ones—or just relax and enjoy an evening on the sand.

Seasonal Escapes

Our Vacations Perfected rental properties are designed for comfort and enjoyment during all seasons of the year. Reserve your stay with us today!

Although the last few months have been rough, there have been moments that shine brightly in spite of it all, such as watching the light of understanding glow on our child’s face as they figure out a particularly difficult math problem, commuting from the bed to the kitchen table for those early meetings, and late-night talks with our life partners. Self-quarantine and social distancing have led to moments like these and a new appreciation for family, making us look for more of the same during vacation. If your vacation journey is bringing you to paradise (otherwise known as Panama City Beach), this guide to some of the more isolated activities you can enjoy with your family will help create a getaway that will be filled with happy memories!

A Walk in the Park

St. Andrews State Park is more than an ordinary park, offering over 1200 acres of serene and tranquil beauty. While it is a popular tourist spot in many areas, there are still spots you can visit that will feel as if you and your family are the only ones in the world. Walk along quiet paths with the trees closing in around you and the sounds of the Gulf whispering throughout the park. Watch for birds in the sky, or when you take a hike along the Gator Lake Trail and Overlook, keep an eye out for the state reptile, the cold-blooded alligator! Rick Seltzer Park is another sweet local spot, and even though it lies within blocks of the city center, the beach and dunes that dot the area feel as secluded as a lagoon on a tropical island.

Adrift on the Gulf

The time spent in these gorgeous parks will be much enjoyed, but if you really want to get away from it all, rent a boat from any of the rental places found in town (Scotty Boat Rentals, 850-872-1714 is a local favorite) and head to the sea, where the water is clear and blue and the fish are always biting! As you zip across the waves, feeling the water kissing your face, you’ll know that you really have found paradise and a peace of mind you may never know again.

Be Safe Far from the Crowds and Enjoy Great Isolated Activities

When you choose to take a day to stay inside and explore the charms of our properties, you’ll feel isolated in all the good ways. Rent one with a pool and spend the day swimming and tanning, sleep in late and enjoy mimosas on the deck, and spend your evenings playing games with the kids. Reserve yours today and discover the joys of family all over again!

After weeks of being cooped up inside, we are all looking forward to spending a lot of time in the great outdoors. When your vacation wanderings bring you to our little piece of paradise, spending a lot of that time on the water probably sounds like an excellent plan; we at Vacations Perfected would have to agree! There is no better way to fill the minutes of your fabulous Florida getaway than by spending as many of them as possible on the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf. This guide to some of the water activities in Panama City Beach you can enjoy during your stay in Panama City Beach will ensure you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Shiver Your Timbers

The Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise is an awesome way to enjoy the water and give your young children an adventure they will never forget. Lasting for two hours and offering swashbuckling fun, dolphin sightings, and the occasional cannon blast or two, this adventure will help you get your sea legs—fast! And don’t worry, no one has had to walk the plank in at least a few months.

One of the Best Water Activities in Panama City Beach

Snorkeling is a fun and exciting experience, but if you really want to explore the world under the sea, scuba diving is the only way to go. If you don’t have your certification, it’s ok! Many of the local dive shop offer diving certification courses, allowing you to expand your horizons. From Trinity Scuba Driving, located at 129 Twilight Bay Drive, to Panama City Diving, found at 106 Thomas Drive, the opportunity to get up close and personal with the creatures under the sea is one you will never forget!

Hang 10

You’ve watched people do it for years and now it’s your turn to get out there and hang ten with the best of them. Surfing the Gulf waters is one of our favorite water activities and we’re betting it will soon be yours as well! For those who have surfed before, you can rent all the necessary gear from Salty Dog, 11930 Front Beach Road #3402; they offer surf reports that will tell you where all the hot spots. Interested in taking lessons? Mr. Surf’s Surf Shop, 7220 Thomas Drive, offers instructors that are knowledgeable, patient, and personable!

Chill by the Pool with Vacations Perfected

Not all adventures have to be daredevil ones. Sometimes taking a day in the midst of your vacation journey to just hang by the pool is the best way to relax and recharge! Many of our summer escapes offer private pools, but it’s ok if your unit doesn’t have one because all of our properties offer community pool access. Reserve yours today!

As the entire world has spent the last couple of months cooped up in their homes, it’s a relief to find ourselves doing normal things once again. Restaurants are beginning to open, many of us are back at work, and vacations are being planned with an emphasis on getting out as much as possible. If your journey brings you to Panama City Beach, chances are you will want to experience a getaway where the boundaries disappear and the blue sky is the only ceiling you can see. While it’s slightly unrealistic to expect to spend your entire vacation outside, this guide to outdoor Panama City Beach Activities to enjoy in Panama City Beach will ensure this trip will be one that surpasses all others!

Spend Time with the Dolphins With These Panama City Beach Activities

The world under the sea is as beautiful and exotic as you would expect it to be, especially in the clear blue waters of the Gulf, and a dolphin cruise with Blue Dolphin Tours is an exciting way to explore it! Offering a chance to swim with these sleek creatures as well as snorkel along the grass flats and search for pretty shells on Shell Island, you can make reservations by calling 850-236-FINS.

A Walk in the Park

St. Andrew’s State Park, located at 4607 State Park Lane, is one of our favorite places on earth and serves as a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Offering adventures that include biking, kayaking, and a simple walk in the park along some of the most beautiful trails to be found in Florida, this 1200-acre state park is one that should not be missed.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Some of life’s greatest pleasures are the simplest ones: watching our children play on the playground, a long and scenic drive on a lazy Sunday, and the taste of ice cream enjoyed under the summer sun. Hershey’s Beach Ice Cream Shop, located at 8815 Thomas Drive #A, allows you to enjoy the latter while offering something a little extra. Located on the beach, the surf and sand will add to your summer adventures!

Make the Most of Our Luxury Amenities

Staying in can be fun again, especially when staying “in” involves a Vacations Perfected Florida escape! Families renting a house with a yard and a pool can spend entire days swimming, tanning, or simply relaxing by the pool, but even our smaller units offer special outdoor adventures you will never forget. Sitting on the deck watching the sun set over the Gulf is one of our favorite outdoor activities, and when you add a glass of wine (or any of your favorite beverages), you’ll begin to wish your vacation could last forever! Reserve your Vacations Perfected summer escape today!

Although the calendar may say spring, in many parts of the world Easter takes place during a cold that loudly proclaims winter has not left the building! Attending sunrise services while wearing your best dress under heavy coats or searching for colorful eggs with mittened hands is no fun; luckily, it is not something you need to be subjected to year after year. As a matter of fact, we think you should plan an Easter in Panama City Beach getaway to our piece of paradise and a stay in one of our Vacations Perfected holiday escapes! Offering warmer temperatures and a sunrise so fiery and beautiful you won’t be able to imagine a celebration anywhere else ever again, this guide will show you how to enjoy your holiday in the most traditional and some very untraditional ways. Easter is about to become your new favorite holiday!

Beachy Brunches

There’s no law that states you have to enjoy your Easter Brunch in a room with many tables and a roof over your head; in fact, here in Panama City Beach, stuffy brunches have been replaced with beachy ones! Prepare a picnic with ingredients purchased from the Winn Dixie, put on your best Easter bikini, and enjoy ham and egg sandwiches at shore’s edge! Your chocolate Easter Bunny and festive jellybeans taste even more delicious when on the Gulf!

Meet the Big Bunny Personally!

Our Parks and Rec Department understands how important this specific tradition is to our guests (especially the tiny tots they travel with), and every year they throw an egg hunt and offer a photo op with the big guy himself, Mr. E. Bunny! Hiding over 20,000 eggs and offering grand prize Easter baskets, this special event is one that shouldn’t be missed! And to stray from the traditional to the unique, an annual DOGGY Easter Egg Hunt is offered as well. Trust us, even if you left your own fur baby at home, the opportunity to watch the pups in action is priceless!

Celebrate with Vacations Perfected

Offering fully equipped kitchens that make your Easter preparation fun and views you won’t be able to stop staring at, our Vacations Perfected holiday getaways are designed to bring families closer together while still leaving space for comfort. Reserve your Easter getaway today and get creative with hiding Easter eggs!

Packing can be the worst part of the very best vacations as you work your way through clothing that no longer fits, shoes that hurt your feet, and potential “appliances” you can’t live without! From hair dryers to curling irons and straighteners to crimpers, the fear of being without entices us to throw it all in the suitcase and worry about the nightmare of transporting overstuffed luggage later—unless, of course, you follow this packing guide for a light travel to Panama City Beach. Check out our tips for keeping it simple during your Florida getaway below!

Bikinis Take Up So Little Room

You’re going to the beach and will more than likely spend a large majority of your time in the sand and surf; other than a cover up, some flip flops, and maybe a sweatshirt for cooler nights, you really can get away with packing very little! Our in-unit washers and dryers are available even in the wee hours of the morning, so if you do feel like you may need to get dressed occasionally, packing for three days on a seven-day trip should be more than enough!

Wait to Purchase Necessities in Panama City Beach

Many of the little things you need for personal hygiene take up space and weight, but if you purchase travel sized items at the local drug store after you get here, you save the space; plus, in many cases, our Vacations Perfected beachfront escapes may contain some of the things you need, saving you money as well! For those who are afraid they won’t be able to get their favorite snacks during their getaway, let us reassure you, the local stores have everything you need, and if it’s something you bake, our kitchens are fully equipped to handle the job!

Clean Out Your Purse

Your loyalty cards are only good for your stores back home, so why are you carrying them clear across the United States? Our purses tend to be catchalls for all the things we don’t know what to do with, but while traveling, lightening up and clearing out is the only way to go. The well-traveled purse should be filled with only the bare minimum: money sources, IDs, hand sanitizers and tissues, and a snack or two to tide you over now that airlines rarely feed their passengers anymore. If you do discover you forgot something you needed, as stated above, it can all be purchased here!

Feeling Light as a Feather

Traveling light feels wonderful, but do you want to know what feels even better? Staying in one of our comfortably luxurious Vacations Perfected escapes. Reserve yours today!

What do you do when you have vacation time scheduled but none of your friends and family can manage to get the same time off? We suppose you could stick close to home, cross some things off the endless lists all homeowners have, and maybe enjoy a couple of margarita lunches with the company of your eBook. That could be fun for sure. Or, and we think this might be an even more exciting idea, you can take a solo journey to the beautiful town of Panama City Beach in Florida and enjoy a relaxing stay in one of our Vacations Perfected beachside hideaways! The following Panama City Beach activities for a solo traveler will ensure that this won’t be the first time you decide to take a journey all on your own.

Sunset Views and Quiet Contemplation

Not every activity you partake in has to make your heart beat faster during your stay in Panama City Beach; some of the most memorable moments will be those spent watching a sunset so spectacular it takes your breath away! Sip a glass of wine on the balcony of your Vacations Perfected condo, or walk along the shores of the gulf, enjoying ocean breezes and the company of other travelers enjoying the same view!

Explore the Wildlife

Gulf World is our hometown “aquarium” that offers an up close and personal look at life under the sea! Take in the daily shows that involve dolphins, sea lions, and a feather & friends show, or inquire about the opportunity to feed a stingray in Stingray Bay. You don’t need a plus one to laugh at the antics of these sea creatures—unless your plus one is a dolphin and you are checking out the Swim with the Dolphins program!

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Although you might miss your favorite purse and package holder during your shopping spree at Pier Park Drive, do you really think you need an anchor holding you back as they ask you if REALLY need that stained glass imitation of a mermaid’s tail? Of course you need it, and all the other fun and unique gifts you can purchase without restraint; shopping in Panama City Beach is definitely one incidence where solo is best!

As Night Falls and Daylight Fades

The best part of your solo journey to Panama City Beach will be coming home to one of our exclusive Vacations Perfected vacation escapes—reserve yours today!

Although there is a lot to be said for cuddling close together with your valentine on a winter night in Ohio, the romance of a tropical Florida night creates memories that will never be forgotten. Palm trees swaying in the breeze, emerald waters slapping against sandy shorelines, and the feel of your sweetheart’s hand held in yours without the barriers of mittens: These moments add up to create a night that is so perfect you won’t be able to remember why you ever considered staying home in the cold! Following this guide to romantic activities during your stay in one of our Vacations Perfected holiday escapes will be the only thing that can make your Valentine’s Day in Panama City Beach getaway even better!

An Early Start

When you have so much love for someone that one night isn’t enough time to express it all, the Valentine’s Sweetheart Party which takes place at Avenue Sea on February 13th allows you to extend the special moments! Offering sweet chocolates, live entertainment, and your favorite wine or champagne, the party starts at 5:00 PM and ends at 7:00 PM. But don’t worry; everyone knows your love will last forever!

Music and Romance

As the first chords of music float out into the night sky, the stars in your partner’s eyes will outshine the ones up above when you take in a performance of classic music at the Beach House of Gulf Highlands. Romance and music have gone hand in hand for centuries, and spending time under the stars enjoying the music you can’t help by tap your toes to is the perfect way to show your love just how much she means to you!

Small Moments Add Up to Big Romance

Romance isn’t always about grand gestures; sometimes it can be the small moments that remind you of your feelings for each other. Donuts and coffee (Thomas Donut & Snack Shop has been a local tradition for years!) enjoyed in bed as you postpone getting dressed for the day, quiet walks along the shore as the sun rises or sets, or secrets shared in the hot tub after a long day of exploring are moments that may not seem like much at the time, but they are the ones you will think about long after you return to real life.

Say Yes to Love

Our Valentine’s condos are the perfect places to say yes to love—reserve yours today!