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Are you looking to visit Florida for a summer or winter vacation? Maybe the winter blues are getting you down in the Northeastern United States. You need to get some sun in your life. Or you are off school this summer and would like to visit Florida to enjoy the blue skies, crystal blue water, and white sand beaches. Whatever the reason, Florida is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world — and for good reason!

However, many people only head to Orlando or Disney World when they head to this Southern state. Instead of choosing new locations, they only go to the most popular cities. However, we highly recommend heading to Panama City Beach, Florida, for a relaxing and fun time in a coastal town that is not overrun with tourists.

Let’s see where you should stay during your upcoming trip to “PCB ” and why Vacations Perfected can help make your vacation stress-free!

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8319C Surf Drive – Resting Beach Face

We love this play on words. This Panama City Beach vacation home is going to make you so happy, there is NO way that you will have a “resting beach face” after seeing it in person! This 7-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom house can comfortably fit whooping 24 guests — can you believe it? This property is ideal for family reunions and friend get-togethers if you all want your own space and want to spare no expense.

Main Level

The interior of the house is incredible. On the main level of the home, guests can enjoy a fully equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances, tons of counter space, ample seating areas, and a granite countertop island that is nice for having coffee in the morning or for having appetizers with your friends at night.

The stone and rock tiling behind the stove and oven add a bit of modern flair to the kitchen, while the unique light fixtures, wooden flooring, and ample counter space make the kitchen really fun to use for making snacks, cooking breakfast, or serving drinks.

After you enjoy breakfast with your guests, head to the living room to kick beach and watch a TV show. You can sit in one of the two comfortable chairs or lounge on the cozy couch while you still wake up in the morning. To get some fresh breeze and wind on your face, open the sliding glass doors to the outside patio area. This deck is HUGE and can fit all 24 guests comfortably! Enjoy watching the sunrise or sunset from this prime location during the summer months.

If it is a bit too cold outside to sit on the deck, you can sit at the long dining room table in the open-space kitchen, living room, and dining room area. This dining room table is the perfect spot to sit, breast, and gaze outside to the nearby beach and waves in the distance.

Second Level

As you gaze outside, I will see the spiral staircase from your deck leading to the upper level. Yes, that’s right — this home has two levels, both of which are yours!

The second level has a large “hideaway” with a cozy couch, flat-screen TV for your Hulu or Netflix shows, a foosball table to play with your kids, and a walkout balcony with a cool lounge area that provides extensive views of the nearby beaches and houses. Your kids will enjoy hanging out on the upper level, as this floor features a bunk room with queen size beds for young children and teenagers to share.

Plus, there are two more bedrooms on this upper level, offering tons of space for people to relax, recuperate, and sleep comfortably during their vacation. Last but not least, the laundry room with a washer and dryer is located on the upper level so you can stay here for a long period of time without worrying about wearing the same clothes.

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Third Level

Yes, again! There is a THIRD level on this property, giving you tons of space to spread out and relax. There are even more bedrooms on this floor, plus a gaming spot and flat-screen TV that are hangout areas for kids and adults alike. We love the uniquely furnished room that features two bunk beds for four people to comfortably share. On this high level is the king master suite, complete with a sleeper sofa for children, a large private en-suite bathroom, and a furnished walkout balcony with expansive views of the beaches.

If you are thinking of visiting Panama City Beach for your upcoming summer or winter holiday, we don’t blame you. With bright waters, white sand beaches, and all-day sunshine, there are tons of things to do here. Plus, the luxurious 8319C Surf Drive, Resting Beach Face Property has everything that you could ever want and more for a luxurious vacation.

Panama City Beach is a beautiful coastal town in the Sunshine State, featuring miles of white-sand beaches, crystal blue waters, hiking spots, biking trails, shopping centers, fun bars, tasty restaurants, and much more! Located on a strip of land by Sunnyside and Laguna Beach, this waterfront town is also known for its proximity to St. Andrews State Park and the Gulf of Mexico.

But what should you do during your 4th of July in Panama City Beach? Check out these fun activities to do during your upcoming holiday!

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The 4th of July isn’t complete without watching fireworks go off in the sky! Luckily for you, Panama City Beach has the largest display of fireworks on the entire Gulf Coast. Plus, if you miss the first night, don’t fret — this town offers two nights of breathtaking fireworks over the bright blue water. You can enjoy the views from almost any location in town, whether you want to book a reservation at a waterfront restaurant or watch from the balcony of your hotel room.

Amphitheater Summer Concert

If you are in the mood for some live music, head to the Aaron Bessant Park summer concert at Panama City Beach. Not only is it free, but the outdoor air, sunshine on your face, and good vibes will make you never want to leave. Bring a blanket to sit on, some refreshing drinks in a cooler, and snacks for your fun afternoon. If you bring your children with you on vacation, you can take them to one of the many family-friendly activities, like rides, face painting, and much more!

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Accommodation in Panama City Beach

Before you book your flights to Florida, make sure you have your accommodation sorted beforehand. Since Florida is one of the top vacation spots in the entire country, accommodations can fill up fast. However, forget boring hotel rooms and crowded B&Bs — instead, check out Vacations Perfected vacation rentals to find the perfect home, condominium, or villa for you and your pals!

You can choose between smaller rentals, like modern waterfront studios, or bigger options, like 4-bedroom homes. Browse between beach houses, Shores of Panama rentals, Origin at Seahaven rentals, Laketown Wharf rentals, or unique locations throughout town. For bigger groups, try the 3919 Ocean View Drive home, complete with an outdoor pool! Or, if it is just you and your smaller family, we recommend looking at Shores of Panama modern apartment.

Staying in Panama City Beach has never been better. Check out the dozens of modern and luxurious rentals from Vacations Perfected to find your dream vacation home.

Are you looking to head to Panama City Beach for your upcoming vacation? We don’t blame you! Come to the Sunshine State to explore white sand beaches, bright blue waters, tasty food, friendly locals, and great accommodation all year round. It doesn’t matter whether you want to have a one-month vacation during the summer monsoon or if you just need a few days’ breaks during the Christmas holidays — Panama City Beach has something for everyone.

Finding accommodation can make life easier before you book your plane tickets and pack your bags. Check out the Pinnacle Port vacation rental PCB FL for you and your family to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunny weather.

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Interior Amenities

If you want to rent a quintessential Floridian apartment for your stay, this is it. This apartment has 2-bedrooms, 2.5-bathrooms, and can comfortably fit six people for your weekend getaway! With bright interior decor, complete with wooden flooring, wicker furniture, pastel walls, and great outdoor views, this apartment is ideal for two couples, a group of friends, or a family of 4.

Located on the 1st floor of this accommodation complex, you can relax on your patio during the hot summer day. After you get in the pool and cool off, head inside through the sliding doors to the spacious living area with wicker chairs, a comfortable couch, and a smart TV to watch your favorite shows.

For dinnertime, you and your guests can sit at the beautiful dining table to enjoy views outside of the window or chill at the bar while enjoying a home-cooked meal in the modern and up-to-date kitchen. Plus, the kitchen is fully stocked — you don’t have to worry about a thing before you arrive!

After dinner, it is time to wash off the sand and chlorine from the day. Head to the bathroom and shower upstairs to easily get a shower and freshen up after dinner. The bathroom is spacious, modern, and perfect for a quick rinse or a long shower. What could be better? If you are exhausted from the long day of exploring or traveling, curl up in one of the cozy bedrooms and enjoy the spacious bed, smart TV, and views from your bedroom balcony.

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If you are unsure where to stay during your upcoming Floridan adventure, check out Vacations Perfected and the Pinnacle Port. you will love the relaxed vibe, amenities, modern interior, and beach-influenced decor!


Are you tired of the snowy and windy weather on your walk to work? Sure, living in a crowded city can seem fun until the cold and darkness of winter hits. Instead of just wishing you were somewhere sunny, sitting in a recliner chair, and sipping on the perfect cocktail, make the jump and book your tickets to Panama City Beach!

Panama City Beach is one of the hotspot tourist destinations in Florida — and for good reason! Check out all the reasons why you will love this beautiful beachside town for your next family vacation or weekend winter getaway in Florida.

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Properties to Rent

Luckily for you, there are hundreds of properties to rent for your next Florida getaway. If you need help narrowing down the selection or choosing the ideal home for you and your family, we have got you covered.

Beach Houses

If you are planning a huge family reunion at the beach, don’t worry — there are dozens of beach houses in Panama City Beach to choose from! You can browse between two-bedroom houses that are under $100 per day, or you can splurge on a miraculous 7-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom home with waterfront views.

Check out Panama City Beach Winter Activities Here!

Laketown Wharf Rentals

For those who want a more chilled-out pace to their action, booking a vacation rental on Laketown Wharf is the ideal relaxation spot. Located near the white sand beaches, Gulf surf, and entertaining city, Laketown Wharf lets you escape all of the craziness with a serene and picturesque view of the lake.

We recommend checking out Laketown Wharf 609, a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom modern home that can fit eight people.

Origin at Seahaven Rentals

Another great choice for those who want to be within two minutes of the beach is Seahaven Rentals. After opening in 2007, it has become a popular holiday spot due to its proximity, backyard pool, and low prices.

Check out the rooms at Origin of Seahaven, starting at as low as $100 daily for a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment that can fit 4 people!

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Shores of Panama Resort Rentals

Need a little R&R during your upcoming vacation? Book a beautiful apartment on the shores of Panama. Starting at just $90 daily, you can rent a spacious 2-bedroom, 3-bathroom apartment that can fit 8 guests — all without breaking the bank!

Looking for a relaxing, sunny, and picturesque vacation spot? Panama City Beach, Florida, is everything you could ever dream of and more. Browse the properties from Vacations Perfected to find the ideal apartment, room, or house within your price range.

If you, like us, thought you were never going to survive those 3 excruciatingly long months between President’s Day and Memorial Day, we have a little good news for you. NOW is the time to start making plans for that long weekend which will actually be here sooner than you realize! And because you chose Panama City Beach for the ultimate getaway in relaxation, we know you will be even happier when you choose Vacations Perfected in which to be comfortable and spoiled! This guide to a holiday filled with high points and happiness can only be made sweeter by staying with us!

This Way to the Beach

After a late start to your day and a hearty breakfast enjoyed at the Pancakery, 13800 Panama City Beach Parkway Unit 110, it will be time to start the very serious business of burying your toes in the sand. The beach is what you have been dreaming about since you first clicked Book Now on the Vacations Perfected holiday hideaway of your dreams and the beach is more than likely where you will spend most of your time during your stay. Many homeowners provide beach gear for your convenience and use, but if your escape does not, the list of what is needed for a truly excellent time is simple and includes sunscreen, a cooler filled with your favorite snacks and beverages, chairs, umbrellas, and an appetite for fun!

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Shipwreck Island, 12201 Hutchison Boulevard

Just as in many cities all over the US, Memorial Day Weekend is opening day for waterparks and Shipwreck Island is our favorite place to play! Bringing back memories of childhood days spent running up the concrete paths towards the summit of waterslides so tall you felt you could touch the clouds, the smells of chlorine, sunscreen, and grape popsicles and the sounds of childish laughter and screams of joy will show that some things never change. Even if you spend most of your day at the park in the kiddie pools or floating around the lazy river, leaving the daredevil thrills you used to crave to the next generation.

At Home with Vacations Perfected

The best moments this Memorial Day weekend may be the ones spent under the shelter of our Vacations Perfected holiday hideaways. Barbecuing on the community grills, watching your kiddos practice their cannonballs from the comfort of a lounge chair by the community pool, and sipping cocktails on the balconies of our condos, never wavering in your admiration of the seas and sand below you. Reserve your favorite Vacations Perfected escape today!

As the final holiday of the first quarter of 2022 begins to peek over the horizon, many happy travelers find themselves asking the most important question of all; Which way to the beach? Easter in Panama City Beach may not resemble the holiday you often suffer through as there will be no snow, no cold, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy and when you choose Vacations Perfected for your holiday hideaway, well, it promises to be as close to perfect as perfect can be! This guide to the fun you can have exploring Panama City Beach and the comforts you will find in our seasonal sanctuaries will help ensure that this Easter is the best one yet!

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The Search Continues

For the smaller members of your traveling party, the hunt for Easter eggs is one of the most important parts of the holiday and fortunately there are a couple of ways to keep their lower lips from trembling and tears from falling onto chubby little cheeks at the thought of missing out. A little bunny has hinted that the Easter Egg Hunt at Frank Brown Park will take place once more after a hiatus due to the pandemic and we are all excited at this further example of the return to normalcy. Generally held on the day before Easter, the fun includes eggs, candy, and pictures with the big hopper himself! Schooners Restaurant is also scheduled to do their own egg hunt on the weekend of Easter, offering much of the same things you will find at the park, with the addition of Easter mimosas for all the adults in your party! And finally, for those who prefer to stay home and avoid the crowds, your Vacations Perfected sanctuary offers plenty of places to hide those pesky little eggs!

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Hoppy Feaster!

As with most holidays, the family feast is the highlight of the celebration and if you really want to celebrate in style, Firefly Restaurant never fails to please. Offering a traditional menu that will wow, their Easter brunch menu is destined to linger in your dreams for years to come, perhaps even enticing you to return for Easter in 2023!

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Stay Home and Relax

Of course, all the fun you can find around town may pale in comparison to the fun and comforts found in our Vacations Perfected escapes! Allowing guests the opportunity to hide eggs, create an Easter Feast to remember, and relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Gulf of Mexico below, our properties add an essential element of wonderful to your Easter getaway. Reserve your favorite today!

Your eternal summer will be found within the walls of our Vacations Perfected Summer Towne Cottage #10 when your journey brings you to Panama City Beach. Offering 3 beds, 3.5 baths and the long lazy days of summer year round, every minute spent inside this charming Panama City Beach cottage will be as comfortable and serene as the ones you spend exploring the naturally beautiful town of PCB. Pack your flipflops and your carefree attitude as we begin this tour of one of our more popular escapes!

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Sophisticated Beachy

Not all beach escapes have to be decked out in mermaids and bright colors, some spaces can provide sophistication and Summer Towne Cottage is all the proof you need. Located across the street from the community pool, guests will walk into a space that is light, bright, and open. A living room with creamy white slipcovered sofa, macrame ottoman, and state of the art television resting on a rustic wood table makes guests feel welcomed and comfortable, while a fish made from driftwood offers a touch of beachy whimsy. The dining area centers the open floor plan, conveniently placed between the living room and kitchen, offering a multi toned wood table surrounded by a mixture of wicker and wood chairs. The shabby chic iron chandelier hanging above the table provides light for family meals, game nights, or virtual office meetings that can’t be avoided. In the kitchen, a dramatic accent wall painted a rich nautical blue adds a modern spin to this beachy cottage, as do high end appliances in stainless steel, and stone topped counters fronted by 2 wood barstools. Country cabinets in creamy white keep the space from appearing sterile and cold and two large windows over the sink keep the room light and airy. The master suite of Summer Towne Cottage offers a plush queen bed, its own Smart TV, French Door access to a private patio, and its own ensuite bath. All the rooms in this cottage feature queen beds and that sophisticated beach décor while the baths offer stone countertops, single and dual vanities, and a spa-like simplicity that speaks to your soul. (Especially the jacuzzi tub in the master bath!)

This Way to the Beach

The happiest part of Summer Towne Cottage is its proximity to the beach. Sit on the balconies watching the sun set over the gulf across the street and after you can walk just a few steps to enjoy a moonlit stroll on the white sands of Panama City Beach. Reserve this special cottage today!

When it is time to hit the road for your spring vacation, if your car is heading south to the glorious beach side town of Panama City Beach, be sure to program our Vacations Perfected seasonal sanctuaries into your GPS! Florida road trips offer the best of all vacation opportunities and as you pass through the states, feeling the air soften and the sun shine brighter, when the scent of the sea assails your nostrils, you will know you have reached your home away from home. This guide to the fun you can have in our town on the gulf will ensure that no other vacation will shine as brightly!

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Take a Hike

After a long car trip the first thing you want to do is get out and stretch your legs and there is no better place to do so than at the park; Conservation Park, to be exact! Located at 100 Conservation Drive, 24 miles of trails take you through some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth! Cypress trees, wetland areas, and the wildlife that make their home in these reclaimed acres all combine to create an adventure you will wish never had to end!

Check Out Our Beach Villas Here!

Talk to the Animals

Speaking of wildlife, ZooWorld Zoological Park, 9008 Front Beach Road, allows visitors to get up close and personal with creatures both exotic and standard. Feed the alligators (it’s safe, we promise!) and giraffes or add on to your adventure when purchasing an animal experience. At this time, you can meet and greet with sloths, lemurs, alligators, and kangaroos, but who knows which exotic beast you will make friends with when you visit this wonderful park?

Check Out Our Full List of Rentals!

Sunset on Russell-Fields City Pier

Panama City Beach glows at every minute of the day, but at sunset it comes alive with a special light that will never be enjoyed more than when viewed from the Russell-Fields City Pier. Stretching out into the gulf over 1500 feet, your world will never be the same again as you and your favorite traveling partner stake a claim on a section of the pier, feeling the gulf breezes kiss your cheeks as the sun sets in a fiery ball of color into the water. This sight, no matter how many times viewed, never fails to awe!

Exploring the Amenities of Vacations Perfected

The best part of your day, of course, will be coming home to the comfort, style, and luxury amenities that make your spring sanctuary special! Reserve your favorite Vacations Perfected escape today!

Life really is better at the beach, especially when the beach you are visiting is in Panama City Beach and your vacation home away from home is our Vacations Perfected Shores of Panama 314! Offering 1-bedroom, 2-baths, and the space for up to 6 guests to sleep comfortably, we can’t promise that the sun will shine brighter on your Panama City Beach escape, but we can promise that by staying in our Panama City Beach condo it will feel like it is!

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No Secrets

We like to be open about everything we offer and although there may be some happy surprises when you first step inside this cozy condo, all that is wonderful about the Shores of Panama 314 will instantly be revealed! Shades of the sea adorn the walls of this open concept floor plan and everywhere you look, something new will bring a smile to your face. A plush sofa set doubles as a queen sleeper at night, is set across from the state of the art flat screen television hanging against the wall and although it may be just the thing to put you to sleep each night, when you step out onto the balcony, all thoughts of sitcoms and basketball will leave your brain. Turquoise Adirondack chairs provide the perfect perch for watching the activities going on in the pool area directly below, the gulf that is visible a little further out, and the sun setting over said waters! A small table on which you can set your wines and your snacks completes the vignette of wonderful that you will never forget! But wait, there’s still more to see, so let’s go back inside and check out the comforts that await, starting with the fully equipped kitchen. Offering granite countertops and a beachy theme, your beer and wine will always stay cold and your coffee will stay hot; a breakfast bar fronted by 5 cushioned barstools is the perfect place to enjoy takeout from Uncle Ernie’s on Bayview Avenue, and a table tucked away against the wall on one side of the kitchen allows for intimate dinners for two! The bedroom is centered by a king bed topped with white linens and a handful of colorful throw pillows is the gateway to the master bath. Both rooms are decorated in an olive green that can often be found on the soft underbelly of your favorite tropical plants, toning down the brightness in preparation for a good night’s sleep. And although this is the only bedroom, it is obviously not the only place to sleep; bunkbeds tucked away in a nook provide a comfortable place for your kids to whisper, giggle, and sleep the night through!

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Adventures in comfort await! Contact us today!

There’s a certain vibe a beachfront vacation brings, a vibe we wish we could maintain all the days of our lives, but if that isn’t possible, choosing our Origin at Seahaven 403 escape ensures that at least your vacation dreams will come true. Offering 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and views of the Gulf that will bring you peace and joy every minute of your stay, the quiet luxuries and plush comforts are sure to help you make memories that will last forever. This guide to the charms of our Panama City Beach condo is designed to give you just a small glimpse into the wonders you will find when you choose the beach for your vacation!

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All the Comforts of Home

Not all beach condos have to be decorated with mermaids and starfish. Some, like our Seahaven property, offer a family ambience that make guests feel warm and welcomed. Colorful artwork adorns the cool gray walls, bringing cheer and a taste of Florida to the space in the form of palm fronds and wicker. Sink into the plush comforts of the sofa set and watch television on a rainy day or step outside onto the balcony that overlooks the Gulf and feel all your worries drift away. The sounds of the sea will bring you peace as you sit out here, watching the sun set and the action taking place on the sugar white sands of the beach below. Heading back inside the open concept space of Origin at Seahaven 403, the fully equipped kitchen offers updated appliances and cool stone countertops that climb up the wall above the stove, creating a stylish backsplash that adds charm to the room. This sweet condo offers a nostalgic touch in the form of an eat-in kitchen bringing a family vibe to the space, one that is reflected in the sign hanging on the wall over the breakfast bar at the opposite end of the kitchen. The bedrooms are sanctuaries of peace and serenity, bringing guests the joys of uninterrupted sleep and because there are an equal amount of bathrooms as there are bedrooms, morning traffic jams are limited, even when traveling with your teenage daughter!

Vacations Perfected Offers the Total Vacation Experience

Because we want to ensure that every minute of your stay with us are the best minutes, access to community amenities is included with your rental fee. Hang out by the pool, work off the extra calories you consumed in the fitness center, or watch a movie in the theater room and enjoy some quality family time! Reserve this beautiful condo today and discover what it means to have your vacation dreams come true.