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When it is time to visit a place you have never visited before—Panama City Beach, for example—you may feel a little unsure about all there is to do while you are there. In Panama City Beach, of course, there are beaches where you will be spending a large portion of your time swimming, tanning, or just filling your vacation hours by walking up and down the shoreline, reveling in the sights, sounds, and scents of ocean life, but did you know that Russell-Fields Pier extends 1500 feet out onto the Gulf? Or that Shell Island is totally uninhabited but is also one of the best places in town for snorkeling or watching dolphins play? This guide to the top tours you can experience during your stay with Vacations Perfected in Panama City Beach will ensure that this will be a getaway you will talk about fondly for years to come!

Don’t Just Wade at Shore’s Edge

Your Panama City Beach getaway is the perfect time to get out there and experience sea life, and the dolphin tours offered by Sea Screamer are an awesome way to do so! Take their Daytime Dolphin Cruise and laugh out loud at the antics of these friendly sea creatures or add a touch of romance to your adventure with a Sunset Dolphin Cruise offering all the fun the Daytime Dolphin Cruises offer but with a ringside seat to the spectacular Florida sunset! Both are two hours long, and both are family-friendly, so bring your kiddos along for an unforgettable experience.

A Bird’s Eye View

If you like to get the lay of the land, so to speak, before you head out for your own adventures, Panhandle Helicopter offers tantalizing glimpses of what you can expect from your getaway! Featuring flights that tease and last only for 5 minutes hovering above the beaches of Panama City Beach, flights that satisfy, lasting up to 25 minutes and giving you a bird’s eye view of everything special about the area, and everything in between, this tour promises to be your favorite—as long as you aren’t afraid of heights!

Under the Sea

The Gulf isn’t just beautiful to look at and fun to play in, the world under the sea will take your breath away as you learn to snorkel with a tour of Shell Island offered by the Shell Island Shuttle. You can also go deeper with a totally new adventure when you learn to scuba with Try Scuba Diving. Both adventures offer a way to get to know the area better and promise to be the most memorable part of your vacation!

Reserve Your Vacations Perfected Vacation Escape Today

Come home to comfort every day of your Panama City Beach vacation!

The joys of Christmas do not have to be accompanied by gray skies and subzero temperatures; balmy weather and sunny skies can actually give celebrants of the season another reason to feel merry, which is why we suggest that spending your 2020 Christmas in Panama City Beach could be the most joyous way to celebrate! After a year of tension and uncertainty, it is time to relax in warmth and recuperate with happiness in one of our Vacations Perfected holiday escapes. Throw your mittens back in their storage bin and slip into your flip flops and prepare for a Christmas you won’t ever forget—this guide will start you on the correct path to joy!

Decorate with a Touch of Beach

Not every Christmas decoration HAS to be red or green, and because some of the most breathtaking decors we have ever seen were done in shades of beach, a visit to Shell Port at 9949 Thomas Drive in Panama City can change the way you look at Christmas decorating forever! Substitute a starfish for the star on the top of your tree, shells for ornaments, and if you haven’t bought your 10 year old nephew’s Christmas gift yet, we can promise he will be THRILLED with a shark’s tooth necklace that is often in stock!

Sandy Santa’s

Although the Gulf waters are a little chilly during the winter months, the mild temperatures make beach play fun. Grab some plastic buckets, shovels, and your favorite picture of Santa Claus and try to recreate him from sand. If a sandy Santa is beyond your level of skill, a sweet white Christmas tree decorated with shells and sea glass can make a festive substitute. Don’t forget your camera, though; this is one memory you will want to capture and keep forever!

Peaceful Nights Filled with Joy

However you choose to spend your days, coming home to the cheerful comforts of our Vacations Perfected holiday homes will be the shining star on the top of your Christmas tree! Sipping eggnog as you decorate a small tree, singing along to Christmas carols playing over your laptops, and re-telling the classic Christmas stories the night before the big event ensures your holiday will be topnotch! Reserve one of our joyously comfortable Christmas condos today and let the merrymaking commence; it just doesn’t get any better than Christmas in Panama City Beach!

We at Vacations Perfected count our blessings many times a year, but never more so than at the holidays when the weather is about as close to perfect as possible. No ice, no sleet, no freezing temperatures, just clear skies and all the sunshine we can handle staring down at us. How can you not be thankful that you are in Florida and not somewhere cold? If your Thanksgiving journey has you heading south for the holiday, your first stop should be at one of our Vacations Perfected holiday hideaways. Designed for families, they add a sparkling touch to your Thanksgiving escape on your getaway to Panama City Beach!

What Are You Thankful For?

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, and quite frankly it could be hard to find something to be thankful for, but all that changes when you step inside our doors. Check out the kitchens that are the heart of the home, fully equipped for whatever challenges that need met. Plan and prepare an entire Thanksgiving feast, bake some sweet desserts, or simply use it to keep your wine and beer chilled. However you spend your Thanksgiving with us, this space is where memories will be made! In the living areas, keeping up with your family tradition of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a luxurious experience on the big screen televisions placed so as to not ruin your views of the Gulf, visible through oversized glass doors. Play board games or video games, have intimate conversations with your family, or after you have eaten the last bite of turkey, nap happily on plush and comfortable furnishings. After all, the tryptophan hangover is not such a bad thing when you are enjoying the perfect vacation with Vacations Perfected! And long after the sun has sank down below the horizon and the sky has lit up with the twinkling of a million stars, you will soon discover that night time offers a sleep so deep you won’t want to wake up for a week.

Give Your Chef a Break

Year after year, there is one person who is responsible for the tightrope walk that preparing a turkey day feast could be considered. Creating all the dishes you love, our mothers do not have the opportunity to enjoy the day, but this year should be different. Cuvee 30A at 12805 US-98 D101 in Rosemary Beach is offering a Thanksgiving dinner to go, allowing mom to sit back, relax, and count her blessings for the first time in years!

We’re Thankful for You

In the topsy turvy world we are living in this year, the one constant is our eternal gratitude to our guests. Reserve your Vacations Perfected holiday escape today!

The beauty of Panama City Beach doesn’t just lie in the sugar white sands framing clear emerald waters, although that’s definitely part of its draw! Beauty can be found all around you as you get out and explore everything our Gulf front town has to offer; it can be found in the palm trees swaying in the breeze, in the wooded areas that offer quiet moments in days that can be very loud, and in the parks that dot the landscape. This guide to natural attractions in Panama City Beach and the surrounding area is filled with reasons our town is destined to be your favorite!

Conservation Park

No matter how popular Panama City Beach becomes, we never want to forget what made us famous in the first place, and Conservation Park is just one of many ways we remember. Located at 100 Conservation Drive and offering a combination of grassy open areas, wetlands, and quiet forested areas filled with mature trees that block the sun and allow for easy hikes even during the hottest days of summer, this park is reminiscent of what Panama City Beach once was. Tall cypress trees are what you’ll find swaying in the wind here, and as you hike along dirt paths, the only sounds to be heard involve woodland animals and the whisper of the winds. Offering 24 miles of trails that traverse over 2900 acres of parkland, birdwatchers consider this stretch of land their personal paradise as they use their binoculars and birdwatching apps to track the different species of birds that make their homes in these words. In the winter months when most of the nation is facing bitter cold and terrible weather conditioners, the migration of birds flying south for the winter add extra joy as their check-marked lists grow larger!

Coastal Dune Lakes

Along the stretch of Highway 30A, a road that meanders along the Gulf Coast and leads you straight to our doorstep, you will find a variety of rare and treasured coastal dune lakes. There are only four countries in the world that offer these unique bodies of water, and Florida is home to an astonishing number; there are 15 of these beauties scattered along the Gulf Coast! Lake Powell is the largest of the 15 and is also located closest to Panama City Beach. It offers a unique glimpse into the natural history of our state. Rumored to have been in existence for over 10,000 years, a coastal dune lake is unique due to its location and water type; separated from the Gulf by only a narrow berm of sand, it is not unusual to find a combination of saltwater and freshwater in the brackish depths of the lake, which also leads to a variety of saltwater and freshwater fish living in its depths.

After a Day of Exploring Nature

Coming home to the comforts of our Vacations Perfected retreats will be the highlight of your Florida adventure! Offering luxurious style and decadent comfort, there’s nowhere else you’ll want to stay. Reserve your rental home with us today!

Working from home has taken very little to get used to as we recognize the benefits not just for us, but for the environment as well. Pollution is down, pants are optional, and those extra minutes of sleep every morning are helpful to our peace of mind and our health; tired adults grow ill so much easier than rested ones! As the borders open once again, allowing us to travel easier, there is another benefit that many of you probably haven’t realized quite yet. Working from home doesn’t have to mean from YOUR home; it could be any home in the world, including our Vacations Perfected Panama City Beach escapes!

Working Remotely from the Beach Will Hardly Seem Like Work at All

As you look about the space you’ve rented for the next week or so, choosing the perfect spot to work may seem easy until you realize that every spot is your favorite! Spread out papers and equipment on the dining room table, being sure you are facing the views available through the wall of windows at the back. The perfect backdrop is important for Zoom meetings, so maybe you’ll find yourself sitting on the balcony with your back to the sea, allowing coworkers and clients to realize how brilliant you were in choosing Panama City Beach for your working vacation! Or, on those lazy days when you just can’t bring yourself to leave the comfort of one of our premium mattresses, bring the work to bed! King size beds leave plenty of room for comfort and paperwork, and if you take a nap in the midst of finishing a report, is anyone going to be the wiser? At lunch, order from one of the area restaurants offering contact-free delivery or take a break and walk to the sea shack by the beach; the sights and sounds of the Gulf waters crashing against the beach complement a lobster roll perfectly!

It’s 5 o’clock Right Here!

When 5 o’clock rolls around, closing your laptop and turning off the ringer to your phone is guaranteed to be the highlight of your day—especially when you realize that summer allows a few more hours of sunshine! Walk out of your rental and head down to the white sands outside your condo and dive headfirst into the waves, forgetting you ever had to work at all. Enjoy a casual bite on Harpoon Harry’s beachfront patio (12627 Front Beach Road) as you watch the sun sink into the horizon, heading back to shore’s edge for a moonlit walk after you have completed your meal. Your Panama City Beach working vacation is destined to be filled with happy memories when you choose Vacations Perfected for your accommodations—reserve yours today!

The troubles over the last couple of months have put a damper on a lot of things, but not on the resourcefulness of your employees as they rise to each challenge COVID-19 presents. You’ve always known how lucky you are to have such cheerful and hard-working people, but the dedication they are showing you today makes you feel as if you have won the lottery, and that you should most definitely reward them for all they do for you! Vacations Perfected agrees with you and thinks a corporate retreat in one of our Panama City Beach properties would be the perfect way to do so!


A Panama City Beach Corporate Retreat Sanitized for Your Safety


Comfortable and stylish, our properties have always garnered high reviews, and nothing has changed in that regard! And even though we have always paid attention to the cleanliness of each unit, when you choose to stay with us during the pandemic, you’ll discover homes that reach a new degree of sanitization, allowing you and your employees to concentrate on relaxation and entertainment instead of worrying about your safety!


Designed to Please


As the door swings open to your home for the next few days, a bright and happy cheerfulness will envelope you and your employees. Spacious kitchens with updated appliances allow multiple occupants to work together in harmony; there will be no dancing around your workmates unless the music playing throughout the house inspires you! Living areas with plush and luxurious furnishings invite travelers to sit, sip, and chatter. Watching the big game on the big screen, reading a good book, or simply staring at the views available through the generously sized windows are just a few more examples of the fun you can have in a Vacations Perfected corporate retreat. As night falls over the Florida landscape, sleep comes easily on deluxe beds topped with premium mattresses and high thread linens. Outside, fire pits, barbecue grills, hot tubs, and in some cases, private pools offer a multitude of options for entertainment or team building exercises. It doesn’t matter how you use our homes, just that you are comfortable and have fun while you are here!


Now’s the Perfect Time


Restrictions are lifting, borders are opening, and travel prices are lower than they have been in a long time, making now the perfect time to reward your loyal workers. Reserve your Vacations Perfected Panama City Beach corporate retreat today!

The last few months have been rough ones, but as we tear away another calendar page, we are all ready to start making plans for our next getaway. As the 4th of July holiday falls on a Saturday this year, many travelers are planning weekend trips. If your journey brings you in the direction of Panama City Beach, this guide will make sure your holiday escape is the most fun you’ve had all year! Starting with a stay in one of our Vacations Perfected beachside getaways, every minute is guaranteed to be filled with fun and laughter, especially as you learn that there will be fireworks celebrations this 4th of July in Panama City Beach!

A Day at the Beach

Independence Day on the beach is a local holiday tradition that is enjoyed not just by our families but by visitors from all over the world. Fill a cooler with snacks and beverages, pack up beach towels, chairs, and a large bottle of sunscreen, and head to the white sands that will be your playground for the rest of the day. Your options for fun are endless at the beach. From building sand castles at water’s edge to zipping around the Gulf aboard jet skis or private boats, the only limit to the fun you can have is your own imagination—just remember to keep reapplying that sunscreen or risk turning lobster red!

Prefer the Pool this 4th of July in Panama City Beach?

Not everyone enjoys the salty waters of the Gulf, but that’s ok. Many of our Vacations Perfected holiday hideaways include either their own private pool or access to a community pool, allowing you to hang out without having to venture too far away from the comforts of home! And if you’re bringing the party home, whipping up a batch of Blueberry Coconut Sparklers will add a festive touch to your celebration! All you need is 3 cups of blueberries, 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, ½ cup of coconut rum, 2 ½ cups of ginger ale, and sweet coconut flakes for an optional garnish. Start by muddling the blueberries in a medium sized bowl, add the lemon juice and rum, mix well and then strain the mixture through a mesh strainer to get rid of the skins. Now you’ll stir in the ginger ale, pour into glasses garnished with coconut flakes add ice and enjoy!

Yes, There Will Be Fireworks Displays This Year

 In many parts of the country, fireworks displays have been cancelled, but as of June 11th, that is not the case here in Panama City Beach! Our Star Spangled Spectacular will be held at the Russell-Fields City Pier and the M.B. Miller County Pier on July 4th starting at 9 PM, ensuring everyone will get a big bang out of 4th of July 2020!

It’s Time to Have a Blast!

Independence Day is right around the corner, and you won’t want to miss your chance to spend this holiday in Panama City Beach. Reserve your Vacations Perfected holiday escape today!

If you stop to think about it, there are probably thousands of songs written about summer, all of which do their best to keep you in summer mode year round! As we hum along to the lyrics that teach us about easy living, hot fun, and nights where summer loving happened quickly, you can’t help but start to look forward to your own summer plans. When it’s time to stop dreaming about long days you wish would never end, sultry nights under velvety night time skies, and sunrise walks along the beaches of the world, turning your focus towards Panama City Beach and our Vacations Perfected summer escapes will make those dreams become a reality. This guide to Panama City Beach activities will ensure that every minute will be filled with fun and excitement!

Creatures of the Sea

If you spend any time at all at the beach, chances are you will catch glimpses of the creatures who make their homes in the water, but if you really want a clearer picture of their lives, a visit to Gulf World, located at 15412 Front Beach Road, will teach you all you need to know! Offering dolphin encounters and stingray snorkeling, animal encounters and daily educational shows, this beachfront amusement park may be the highlight of your Panama City Beach getaway!

Panama City Beach Activities Close to Nature

Conservation Park, located at 100 Conservation Drive, is one of our favorite places in town—after the beach, of course! Offering hiking trails, wooded areas, swampy vistas, and a serenity you won’t often find in town, you can have a picnic as you explore the tranquil landscape or simply enjoy a few hours in the park before heading to your next summer adventure.

Take a Step Back into Your Past

Remember the not so distant summers of your youth during which you spent nearly every day at the local pool or waterpark? Seasonal passes were inexpensive and your parents knew you couldn’t get into too much trouble in these watery paradises and were happy to let you spend your days working on your tans, flirting, and hiking to the top of the waterslide over and over again, for those few minutes of excitement on the ride down. Today’s waterparks are more complex and the slides are higher, faster, and more plentiful, especially at Shipwreck Island Water Park, located at 12201 Hutchison Boulevard. Offering lazy rivers and wave pools, gentler and more shallow areas for the little ones in your life, and of course, raging rapids and pirate themed waterslides, Shipwreck Island promises to be the adventure you’ll never forget!

Prepare for the Perfect Summer

Heading home every evening of your summer sojourn to one of our Vacations Perfected seasonal escapes will be the best part of your day as you climb into your comfy clothes and prepare for a quiet evening of family fun. Reserve yours today!


If you are looking for a cool way to beat the Florida heat while you are in Panama City Beach, look no further than Pokee and Ice Rolls. This sweet shop is located in the Publix shopping center off of Panama City Beach Parkway, or Back Beach Road as all of the locals call it, at the intersection of Richard Jackson Blvd.

So you’re probably wondering, what exactly is an ice roll? Stemming from Thailand – Ice Rolls – or stir-fried ice cream is a tasty handmade treat that also looks like a work of art. They create it right in front of you, the experience is fun to watch and makes for some pretty cool Snapchat stories or Boomerangs to show off on your Instagram feed.


First, you choose the base flavor for your ice roll from vanilla, chocolate, Thai tea, or green tea. Then you pick your mix-ins; you can choose from a variety of fresh fruit, cookies, candy bar, or even graham crackers. After this step, they start the process of handcrafting and rolling your ice cream. The entire process takes about 2 minutes. Next, you get to pick an unlimited amount of delicious toppings from 19 different options which include fresh fruits, cookies, coconut flakes, candy bars, gummy bears, or my personal favorite – the toasted marshmallow, plus many more. Then you can drizzle your cool creation with chocolate, caramel, condensed milk, Nutella, strawberry, or top it with whipped cream. If you want to keep it simple and don’t know where to start to build your own, they also have 8 signature rolls that you can choose from.


I decided to go with one of their most popular signature rolls, Matcha Madness. It is a mixture of green tea and fresh strawberries. I had it topped with whipped cream, strawberries, and a toasted marshmallow. It was almost too pretty to eat! The taste was slightly bitter at first from the matcha, as to be expected, but was perfectly evened out by the sweetness of the strawberries and whipped cream topping. It was extremely filling too! The toasted marshmallow was awesome and probably one of my favorite things.


My little sister chose the Cookies and Cream signature roll topped with a crumbled Oreo cookie, whipped cream, M&M’s, a toasted marshmallow, and two chocolate pocky sticks. It looked absolutely delicious, and she really enjoyed it! I think next time we visit that will be the next one that I try out, even though the S’More roll has been tempting me too.


If you are looking for something unique and a little different from your traditional ice cream shop then you will not go wrong at Pokee and Ice Rolls. It is a must do for any Panama City Beach trip and the best part is that they are kid-friendly and inexpensive! I can not wait to go back and try out some different combinations.

Looking for something fresh and savory?  Try one of their delish Pokee Bowls! Check out our famous house rentals with a pool in Panama City Beach, FL!

Pokee Ice Roll Panama City Beach

Pokee Ice Roll Panama City Beach





There’s a hidden gem tucked inside Laketown Wharf. Juan Taco is located on the ground floor within the retail spaces of Laketown Wharf on the Thomas Drive side of the building, conveniently across the street from Pineapple Willy’s and the beautiful beaches of Panama City Beach.

If you’re renting your condo at Laketown Wharf, SunBird, or the Shores of Panama then you’re in luck, you’re just a short walk to some of the best food on the coast.


This week I had the pleasure to have lunch with friends and family at Juan Taco, and they did not disappoint. We arrived shortly after they opened in hopes of beating the crowd. Inside we were greeted by the owner, Juan Martinez, whose friendly and inviting personality gives you a sense of comfort as soon as you walk through the door. The ambiance is very relaxed and laid back. Not only is their hospitality authentic, but even their menu also has a personalized touch as it is written by hand to give you up to date specials and menu items. Every morning the chefs come in and prepare their tortillas from scratch and the food is cooked fresh. The barbacoa, carnitas, and pork belly are slow cooked daily to give you that amazing flavor that you’ll want to keep coming back for.


When it came time to order I chose to let Juan decide and surprise us with his specialties.

The restaurant is furnished with tables, benches, and countertops all built by hand by Juan and his partner chef, Jose Duarte. Juan delivered with a large variety of delicious food that seemed endless. The table-spread consisted of chips with salsa, guac, and queso, a chicken quesadilla loaded with mozzarella and pico de gallo, Notorious P.I.G. tacos which consisted of pork belly, roasted red peppers, pickled onions, and cilantro, El Chapo tacos that had Mexican pork, mozzarella, jalapenos, and cilantro, and the Red Rooster tacos of chicken, pico de gallo, mozzarella, and jalapenos, plus a bonus side of rice and beans. Each meal was served with mild salsa rojo, salsa verde, and a very spicy salsa habanero. Juan also brought us some of his signature taco sauce to try, which was out of this world.


These were hands down the best tacos that I have ever tasted, you could taste the authenticity through the mixture of flavors and it was obvious that Juan and Jose put a lot of thought and creativity into what they’re serving. The Notorious P.I.G. was by far the biggest hit at our table, the roasted pork belly was perfectly tender and packed with flavor, the pickled red onions offered a splash of color and a fiery piquant flavor. The El Chapo had just the right amount of kick from the jalapenos that were evened out with the mozzarella and fresh cilantro. The Red Rooster was fantastic and the chicken was so tender and cooked to perfection, just as it was in the chicken quesadilla. You could taste the freshness in each of the sauces, the taco sauce was my favorite and had just the right amount of zing to it.

After finishing our meal I was able to sit down with Juan for a few minutes and ask him a couple questions. First, I wanted to know how Juan Taco got started, how did all of this come to fruition. “I started selling tacos on Facebook,” Juan started, “Well, I got in an accident, I almost cut my thumb off with a table saw. So I kind of stopped a lot of things that I was doing at the time, and I started like selling tacos on Facebook just as boredom really. And it finally just caught on, people were like, ‘Open a restaurant, open a restaurant.’ – so, we finally opened a restaurant.”

So, what makes Juan Taco unique? “I think our approach, the way we cook things is very simple,” Juan says. “I don’t like to use anything packaged or pre-bought, just keep everything very simple, and try to show the meats off.”

As far as what the taqueria’s fans can expect in the future for Juan Taco, “Oh man, well I’m waiting for my modeling career to kick off again,” Juan Jokes. “No, um, we want to just keep growing. We’re hoping to open up a bigger spot next year. Keep the core idea the same but just keep growing in size. Just to be able to accommodate more people, to share the food with more people.”

For me, Juan Taco was one of the best restaurant experiences that I’ve had in Panama City Beach in the 11 years that I’ve lived here. From the hospitality to the atmosphere, the food, and every small detail in between, they truly are cut from a different cloth. Explore our amazing villa rentals in Panama City Beach, FL!

Written By:

Melissa Dowis

IG @hello.darlin