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Natural Attractions in Panama City Beach

Author 10-13-2020

The beauty of Panama City Beach doesn’t just lie in the sugar white sands framing clear emerald waters, although that’s definitely part of its draw! Beauty can be found all around you as you get out and explore everything our Gulf front town has to offer; it can be found in the palm trees swaying in the breeze, in the wooded areas that offer quiet moments in days that can be very loud, and in the parks that dot the landscape. This guide to natural attractions in Panama City Beach and the surrounding area is filled with reasons our town is destined to be your favorite!

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Conservation Park

No matter how popular Panama City Beach becomes, we never want to forget what made us famous in the first place, and Conservation Park is just one of many ways we remember. Located at 100 Conservation Drive and offering a combination of grassy open areas, wetlands, and quiet forested areas filled with mature trees that block the sun and allow for easy hikes even during the hottest days of summer, this park is reminiscent of what Panama City Beach once was. Tall cypress trees are what you’ll find swaying in the wind here, and as you hike along dirt paths, the only sounds to be heard involve woodland animals and the whisper of the winds. Offering 24 miles of trails that traverse over 2900 acres of parkland, birdwatchers consider this stretch of land their personal paradise as they use their binoculars and birdwatching apps to track the different species of birds that make their homes in these words. In the winter months when most of the nation is facing bitter cold and terrible weather conditioners, the migration of birds flying south for the winter add extra joy as their check-marked lists grow larger!

Coastal Dune Lakes

Along the stretch of Highway 30A, a road that meanders along the Gulf Coast and leads you straight to our doorstep, you will find a variety of rare and treasured coastal dune lakes. There are only four countries in the world that offer these unique bodies of water, and Florida is home to an astonishing number; there are 15 of these beauties scattered along the Gulf Coast! Lake Powell is the largest of the 15 and is also located closest to Panama City Beach. It offers a unique glimpse into the natural history of our state. Rumored to have been in existence for over 10,000 years, a coastal dune lake is unique due to its location and water type; separated from the Gulf by only a narrow berm of sand, it is not unusual to find a combination of saltwater and freshwater in the brackish depths of the lake, which also leads to a variety of saltwater and freshwater fish living in its depths.

After a Day of Exploring Nature

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