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Top 5 Late-Night Hangout Spots in Panama City Beach

There is something special about the night, when the rest of the world goes to sleep, and it feels like you are the only one awake. Well, there is a special thing that happens in the city at night to go with this. When the sun sets and the stars come out to play, that is when everything truly comes to life! The music starts playing, the drinks come pouring, and the city swells with the beat of the crowd and tunes. For those night owls out there looking for a good time and the best place to hang out in Florida, we have put together a list of the top five late-night hangout spots in Panama City Beach!

Barefoot on the Beach

There is nothing quite as memorable as a large party on the beach or the ability to hang out as you are after a day exploring the sands. Well, Barefoot on the Beach is the perfect place if you are looking to unwind, enjoy some good food and music. Seven nights a week you will find a different local artist gifting the crowds with their bouncing rhythmic tunes. In addition, you will find a large selection of drinks to truly create a night to remember. No matter what it is you thirst for, you will find it at their open-air bar, from bold wines to hoppy beer to the smooth and delicious specialty cocktails. Make sure to take a dip in their beachfront pool as you let the drinks loosen your muscles and the music guide their movement. Further, you will find a large selection of scrumptious food to quiet any rumbling stomach. You’ll find a wide range of Southern comfort food including gumbo, fried green tomatoes, oysters, wings, Philly cheesesteaks, tacos and more! So, let the party begin while you rock to live music at Barefoot on the Beach!

Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge Panama City Beach

Originally hailing from Nashville, this country lounge has made quite the name for itself in its new coastal home. You will find your typical late-night bands playing as the crowd drinks, dances, and create memories and new friends. However, you will find that they have kept their Southern roots and it shows through the wide array of country bands which grace the stage. If you aren’t a night owl, fear not, for they are often partying during the day, making Tootsie’s a social hangout place no matter the time of day. Further, you will find they offer a wide range of different happy hours and specials for the partier on a budget. Finally, you will find all your favorite bar foods such as hot wings and shrimp boils, ensuring that at no point will you have to part due to the rumblings of an angry stomach. So, let the Southern cowboy out as the drinks flow, the music dances through the air, and the fun never dies here at one of the best places to hang out in Florida, Tootsies Orchid Lounge Panama City Beach!

Ms. Newby’s

While there is something to be said about dancing to the groove of another beat, sometimes we want to be on the stage with all eyes upon us as we sing a merry tune. At Ms. Newby’s, you are sure to have a fun and electrifying night singing karaoke. However, if this isn’t your thing, then fear not, as they host many other events such as live bands who play a large variety of different styles and genres, ensuring you can find something that pleases your ear. Make sure you come during bikers’ week when the parking lot turns into the place to be with live music, bars, vendors, DJs and more! When one considers all of this, it’s no wonder that Ms. Newby’s was voted the Best of the Bay 2020 Nightclub. So, why not get those vocal cords ready, or warm up for a night of dancing and drinks and come the Ms. Newby’s and have a night you are assured never to mis.


Schooners is not just a late-night hangout with good music and food; it has become part of Panama City Beach’s culture and a part of everyday life here. As the sun sets in the distant horizon, an old canon will blow, calling through the warm air as it calls all the night lovers to its welcoming walls to allow the party to begin. As the party ramps up, enjoy the live bands which play every night. Make sure to check their calendar as they often host a variety of events and special parties such as a Halloween party, Cajun bash, and Lobster Festival! Further, you will find a selection of entrees that may seem fairly simple at first, but truly put quality over quantity. You will find you a variety of salads for our vegetarian friends, but also several salads loaded with meats which are sure to cause any meat eater’s stomach to rumble with pleasure. You will also find a range of burgers as well as seafood, including ahi tuna steak, crab cakes, shrimp and grits, grouper and more! So, why not grab a delicious meal, and a drink, and truly have a beach bash at a part of Panama City’s identity!

Places to Hang out in Florida at Club La Vela

A list of late-night hangout spots wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have your typical bouncing club on the list. Club La Vela easily takes our number one spot, as it isn’t just any club, but actually the largest in the US with the ability to house up to 6,000 people! You will find that there are 10 different rooms, each with its own theme and music, ensuring that you are able to find something that is perfectly attuned to you and has your body swaying and moving with its rhythmic tunes. You’ll find everything from classic rock to blues, alternative, metal, bluegrass, and everything in-between! However, their Thunderdome proves to be their piece de la resistance with balconies, elevated catwalks, and the ability to even do pool parties. Further, you will find there are 48 different bar stations, thus ensuring the drinks and fun never stop flowing. You won’t just be listening to music; rather, they have put all efforts into making the experience as immersive as possible with lasers, lighting, and video walls! Further, if you are feeling a bit hot, put on your suit and take a dip in their beachside pool. If you are looking for a club that you are sure to never forget and to experience the true party side of Panama City Beach, make sure you check out Club La Vela for the best place to hang out in Florida!

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