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Top 5 Under the Radar Attractions in Panama City Beach

There are times during our travels that we grow weary of the constant throngs of other tourists, all pushing and shoving to try to get their turn at seeing some sight or experiencing something new. At these times, we may wish to go to places that frequently fly under the radar and thus are fun and enjoyable, as well having the ability to be enjoyed without suffocating amongst the crowds. Well, to make things your travels even easier, we have put together the top five best under the radar Panama City Beach attractions for you to try!

Todd Herendeen Theatre

There are many things that we as a collective whole disagree on; however, one thing that you hardly ever see a rebuttal for is the joy and fun that comes with a dinner and show. Well, that is exactly what you will get with Todd Herendeen Theatre. If you already have dinner plans, fear not, for you can always purchase a ticket for just the show! This theatre rated the 2020 Travelers’ Choice and holds a certificate of excellence, both from TripAdvisor, is open year-round, and hosts a constantly rotating lineup of entertainers almost ensuring that every time you go it will be a different experience. Some of their performers include a tribute band to the music icons of Country and Rock such as Elvis, Jonny Cash, and Neil Diamond. If rock and country isn’t your thing, you might prefer one of their shows that does covers of a variety of songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s. So, if you’re stomach is rumbling, you are looking for a trip down memory lane, or just a fun way to spend an evening, make sure you check out the Todd Herendeen Theatre on your list of things to do in Panama City Beach!

Conservation Park

Memories don’t always have to be made in places that are flashy, and the price of an activity doesn’t correlate to enjoyment. There is nowhere that this is more apparent than Conservation Park. This park covers 2,900 acres of land and 24 miles of trail. On top of this, they also have almost a mile of boardwalk that goes through the cypress domes, making this the perfect place for any outdoor lover or hiking enthusiast. As well, if you find yourself traveling with a furry little friend, make sure to bring them along as the park more than welcomes dogs, and they are sure to love these beautiful hiking trails as much as you will! Further, make sure you aren’t too lost in the beauty of the natural world around you, for if you keep your eyes peeled, you are almost assured to see a variety of wild animals and birds. It’s also not uncommon to see a multitude of butterflies lazily fluttering around the area. So, why not take a brief break from the city and crowds and reconnect with the natural world at Conservation Park!

Airboat Adventures

We all have heard of the famous Florida alligators, and there’s the chance you might catch a glimpse of one while exploring the natural parks and conservations in the area. However, at no point will you come as close to the animals as you will at Airboat Adventures, which specifically specializes in these large scaley animals. At Airboat Adventures, you will have the choice of two different tours. The first is their Airboat Eco Tour, which not only takes you through the creeks, marshes, and backwaters of the West Bay, but you will also get to see an alligator demonstration and even pet one! If you aren’t quite interested in sailing through the wetlands on an airboat, then you will love their petting area, where you not only will get to touch and interact with live alligators, but also rabbits, snakes, turtles, parrots, and many others. If you are interested, you can even book a private tour so that not only will you get to see these majestic creatures up close and personal, but you will be able to do it in a private setting with just your loved ones for company. So, if you’d like to try something truly unique, and worth telling of back home, then inquire about Airboat Adventures!

Things to Do in Panama City Beach at ZooWorld

There is nothing quite as relaxing, nor as memorable, as being able to spend a day surrounded by animals, whether you are getting to touch them or merely gazing upon them. Well, ZooWorld is your perfect place to not only see a wide variety of exotic animals but even be able to feed several of them! How many people can say they have held and fed a baby kangaroo? Or how many people can say they fed an alligator or cuddled with a lemur? While few can say they have done these things, all of them and more are a real possibility at ZooWorld. On top of this, you also will have the ability to feed giraffes, touch a porcupine, or even feed a bearded dragon. As well, they have just opened their lion exhibit, which hosts a variety of interactive exhibits. While many of these more up close and personal experiences come with a fee, if you aren’t looking to spend more money, rest assured each ticket comes with complimentary animal feed for you to still be able to truly get to know the beautiful animals that call the park home! So, why not spend a day surrounded by animal neighbors at ZooWorld!

SkyWheel Panama City Beach

Many of us have ridden a Ferris wheel at some point in our lives, and with all the technology now available to us at a moment’s notice, we may find these a forgotten relic of the past. Well, at SkyWheel they have redefined this classic fair attraction. Standing at an impressive 200 feet tall, this Farris wheel contains 30 climate controlled, fully enclosed gondolas. This ensures that no matter the heat, weather, or rain, you will be able to experience the relaxing thrill of this age-old attraction. However, this is not the only thing they offer, as they also have their SkyTrail rope course. Imagine standing upon the side of the SkyWheel, dangling above the streets and crowds as your try to maneuver cargo nets, suspended bridges, rope ladders, and more! However, if you are traveling with little ones who maybe aren’t quite ready for the adrenaline rush of dangling over the lights, they can still enjoy the experience at SkyTykes, which is similar but much closer to the ground. If you are feeling the grab of competitiveness, then make sure you also check out their 18-hole mini-golf course! However, their efforts don’t end here; if you are looking for a truly special time, you can get the VIP package which includes a complimentary beverage and a gondola with a glass bottom! The best is saved for last, as many of us have dreamt of the cheesy, yet still oddly romantic marriage proposal atop a Ferris wheel as the lights bellow create a uniquely intimate atmosphere. Well, at SkyWheel this is a very real possibility for any person ready to pop the question, as they offer an entire package just for such an occasion. So, if you are ready to see the beautiful town from 200 feet above and experience the thrill of a rope course, stop by SkyWheel Panama City Beach!

If you found any of these Panama City Beach attractions and activities enticing and are finding yourself already daydreaming of a trip to Panama City Beach, then contact Vacations Perfected today at (844) 478-2972 or book your rental home online!