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Top 5 Wildlife Watching Spots

While some of us like to go to the city for a vacation, we still at times yearn for the ability to escape the confines of the concrete jungle for a bit and find sanctuary amongst the birds and plants. Well, even in Panama City Beach you can still find those places to truly escape the modern world and find peace for a time. To make it a bit easier for you to find, we’ve already done the hard work and found the top five best places to watch Panama City Beach, Florida wildlife!

Crooked Island

Wildlife spots, and for that matter the beach, can be highly populated and trafficked, which take away from the isolated feeling that many of us seek when we go hiking or nature exploring. This is where Crooked Island shines, as not only does it offer awe-inspiring views of the white sandy coast, but it is also quite secluded and isolated. While this makes it a tad difficult to find, it does provide you with a great opportunity to explore the beach, watching the various birds glide about their day, and maybe even the fish lazily drifting through the blue water. You might want to bring your pole as, due to the lack of people, it offers some incredible fishing not seen on other beaches. Make sure you are changed and have all you need, as there are no vendors at this beach. If you are truly looking to get away for the day and enjoy the quiet magic of the coast, then make sure you take a journey to Crooked Island!

Camp Helen State Park

Bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Powell (the largest coastal lake in Florida), this 180-acre park is sure to be your go-to place to see the life that calls Florida home. As you hike through its trails, you’ll see a range of wildlife that you never will be able to again once you return to the city. For instance, you just might see whitetail deer, opossums, ospreys, Cooper’s hawks, and even bald eagles! Further, you will find other activities then just hiking or nature walks. You can also easily kill a few hours combing the beach for the treasures left they’re by the ever-changing tide. If you so choose, feel free to put your suit on and take a dip while you swim with the fish that call the area home. If you are looking to see some wildlife, few places will offer you a better chance than Camp Helen State Park!

Parker Environment Exploratorium Park

Parker Environmental Exploratorium Park is sure to give you the wildlife views and natural memories that you came here to see. Despite being in Florida, you will find yourself exploring a beautiful forest home to various birds which are sure to make any birdwatcher happy. Further, you will find a selection of walking trails that are sure to get you up close and personal with the wildlife you came to see. You will see the likes of sparrows, swifts and even the occasional hummingbird. Why not spend some time enjoying the serenity of the area on one of their birdwatching observation decks? If you enjoy that you are sure to spend hours in their butterfly garden where these flying insects create a collage of color mixed in with the gleaming petals that create a natural background. So, if you are yearning for refuge in the forest, and to reconnect with our old natural home once again, make sure you stop by Parker Environment Exploratorium Park while checking out wildlife in Florida!

Wild Life in Florida at St. Andrews State Park

If you are looking to spend more than a couple hours observing the natural world and are seeking to make an entire day out of the excursion, make sure you stop by St. Andrews Park, as it offers 1,200 acres for you to explore and 1.5 miles of beach for you to lie upon and soak up the warm, comforting rays of the Florida sun. Further, you just might find yourself in awe as you gaze upon the emerald-green waters and bright white sands. Make sure you bring your suit, as there is more to do then just swim. You may decide to spend you time viewing and coming to understand the underwater world; in that case, make sure you check out the snorkeling available in the area, or even scuba dive to truly get up close and personal with the life under the sea. Perhaps you aren’t looking to explore the depths but rather float upon the surface. If that’s the case, make sure you check out boat rentals, kayaking, canoeing, or whatever else it is that takes your fancy. You will find the area has two nature trails which are perfect for a peaceful walk surrounded by the natural world of Florida wildlife. If you are looking to spend a day or more in the natural world of Florida, make sure you stop by St. Andrews State Park!

Pine Log State Forest

Spread out over 8,037 acres, Pine Log State Park truly is a place that you can spend an entire day, exploring its mysterious depths. Holding the title as Florida’s oldest state park. This area is not only a great place to see wildlife, but also is home to several rare and vulnerable species. You’ll see the likes of flatwoods salamanders, gopher tortoises, and eastern indigo snakes. Further, this area is truly unique as you’ll find the white-top pitcher plant, which is actually carnivorous, similar to the Venus flytrap, truly making this a spot where you will see wildlife that you won’t be able to see anywhere else! You’ll see just how diverse Florida’s natural world is. As you delve deeper into its mysterious depths, you will find yourself traversing flatwoods, swamps, sandhills, and more. Bring your suit, as there are opportunities for you to dive into the water’s depths and join the fishes in their mellow journey. So, if you are truly looking to get deep into the depths of Florida’s natural world and see some of the rare animals that roam the land, then make sure you stop by Pine Log State Forest today!

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