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Top Winter Things to Do in Panama City Beach, Florida

If there is one thing snowbirds are familiar with, it’s how difficult and brutal a harsh winter can be. It is these moments when one might desperately wish to never again see the winter or feel the chill. When that thought hits you and you realize you desperately need to see the sun, make sure you keep Panama City Beach in mind! Before you leave and have the sunny escape you have so yearned for, make sure to read on below to see our choices for the top Panama City Beach winter things to do!

Enjoy Urban Adventures

While the beach is just as pristine and beautiful during the winter months and the warm summer ones, the fact is winter is the perfect excuse to go and try out all those indoor activities that might get ignored with the draw of the outdoors and beach. For instance, make sure you take a gander through the odd halls of Ripley Believe It or Not. This exhibit of weirdness and the strange has been around for countless decades, and in the 21st century it still provides an experience unlike any other. Not only will you see exhibits about all the strange occurrences and individuals that Ripley discovered on his travels, but they also have an assortment of other activities that are sure to have excitement coursing through you. For instance, you might enjoy their 7D movie theatre with moving seats, interactive gaming, and special effects, or you might enjoy the mirror maze or laser rase. Afterwards, you might like to have a rush of adrenaline as you dare to ride the Sling Shot and Indie Raceway. Enjoy the rush as you are launched 100 mph straight into the air before tumbling back to the ground after reaching a peak of 300 feet. You also just might enjoy the rush of 5gs of force pushing against you as you enjoy the Vomatron, inspired by the astronaut training program at NASA.

Afterwards, why not calm down and do something a bit more relaxing by heading to ZooWorld to not only gaze upon the exotic and unique animals lying therein, but even interact with many of them! How many people can say they held and fed a baby kangaroo, baby Komodo dragon, or even alligators? Well, you can be one of the few make this claim after you spend an afternoon at ZooWorld!

Embrace the Shopper

In addition to there being a variety of different indoor activities for one to enjoy during the winter days, make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to see the many local shops that can be found along the coast and dotted through the towns. If you are looking for the shopping center of the city, head on over to Pier Park, where you’ll find 124 stores ranging from specialty boutiques to art stores, gift shops, home décor, and department stores we all are familiar with like Dillard’s and Claire’s. While you’re there, you might as well check out some of the other activities nestled between the shops such as the IMAX theater or laser tag!

While you’re sorting through shops and longingly gazing upon the wares inside, make sure you stop by nearby 30A Olive Co. You’ll find here a range of specialty olive oils ranging from your classic favorites such as basil or black truffle to unique and intriguing ones such as bacon, chipotle, and habanero. You’ll also find a range of vinegars in similar flavors as their oils, as well as bread dipping boxes to ensure you can properly enjoy your new bottle of oil this winter in Panama City Beach.

After exploring the world of olives, if you have any little ones with you, make sure you stop by Duckies Shop of Fun, which is especially designed for kids and has a host of various toys, clothes, backpacks, and more!

Embrace the Panama City Beach Winter Nightlife

Of course, any trip to Florida wouldn’t be complete without taking the chance to experience the rich nightlife that has made the area famous. For instance, once the sun goes down, head on over to Ms. Newby’s which was voted the Best of the Bay night club for 2020. Enjoy a host of events throughout the week that are sure to provide a rich evening of good drinks and entertainment. Enjoy DJs as the dance floor comes alive and the drinks pour, rock out to a live band as they play both original works and the classics we have all come to love, or be the star of the show as you take a stab at karaoke.

Perhaps your party days are long behind and you are looking for a nighttime activity that is a bit slower and easier on the body. In that case, you might enjoy dinner and a show over at Todd Herendeen Theatre. Rated Travelers’ Choice 2020, this theater and eatery is open year-round and hosts a variety of acts for you to enjoy. For instance, at the time of this writing, you could enjoy a night of music as you listen to live covers of songs from all the greats including Elvis, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, and many others. If you are looking to eat elsewhere, but just can’t bring yourself to miss the show, fear not, for show tickets can be bought separately from the dinner. These are just two activities one can choose for a good winter night; however, the sky is the limit, as you will also find many pubs, breweries, clubs, theaters, and all forms of nighttime entertainment to occupy you until well into the early hours of the morning.

As you can see, there is a plethora of different things to do when you visit Panama City Beach this winter season. However, the things named here are just the very tip of the iceberg. So, if your ready to escape the snowy winds for a bit and enjoy all the winter activities of the coast, make sure you give Vacations Perfected a call at (844) 478-2972 or book your stay with us online today for an amazing winter in Panama City Beach!