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Are you thinking of the best place to go on vacation with your closest family members? Maybe you and your friends are thinking of where you can do a “Friends-giving” that has tons of outdoor activities, fun local events, tons of shopping options, mouthwatering restaurants, and less crowds? Fortunately for you, we can help you! Vacations Perfected is the premier vacation rental property management company in Panama City Beach. We offer a wide range of properties that are perfect for groups of all sizes. Panama City Beach is THE ideal place to go if you are interested in hitting the beach, enjoying the incredible weather, doing tons of outdoor activities, and exploring all that this upbeat and eccentric town has to offer during your Thanksgiving getaway. Let’s check out the perks of staying in our Thanksgiving Panama City Beach rentals during your holiday.

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Stunning Thanksgiving Rentals

Vacations Perfected offers tons of rental properties that can work for your needs, ranging from studio apartments to 3-bedroom rentals that offer plenty of space for you and your entire family for the holiday season.

If you are looking for a bigger 3-bedroom home, condominium, or apartment that can suit your needs, check out our property listings. We offer condos with private outdoor spaces that provide expansive views of the bright blue water, beaches, and nearby town. Our properties also offer expansive indoor seating areas that are perfect for playing cards, eating together, and watching TV after a long day of exploring.

Browse the Laketown Wharf in PCB to see a 3-bedroom home that can fit up to 8 guests comfortably. You can also check out the 35 Grayling Way home that can fit 9 people, offering a large dining room table and spacious living room. Or our Laketown Wharf 833 property in Panama City Beach has a cozy and calm interior that is great for relaxing. We also offer the Shores of Panama homes and condos that have private outdoor patios with expansive views, cozy living room areas, and large dining spaces that are perfect for a turkey dinner.

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Panama City Beach is a beautiful coastal town in the Sunshine State, featuring miles of white-sand beaches, crystal blue waters, hiking spots, biking trails, shopping centers, fun bars, tasty restaurants, and much more! Located on a strip of land by Sunnyside and Laguna Beach, this waterfront town is also known for its proximity to St. Andrews State Park and the Gulf of Mexico.

But what should you do during your 4th of July in Panama City Beach? Check out these fun activities to do during your upcoming holiday!

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The 4th of July isn’t complete without watching fireworks go off in the sky! Luckily for you, Panama City Beach has the largest display of fireworks on the entire Gulf Coast. Plus, if you miss the first night, don’t fret — this town offers two nights of breathtaking fireworks over the bright blue water. You can enjoy the views from almost any location in town, whether you want to book a reservation at a waterfront restaurant or watch from the balcony of your hotel room.

Amphitheater Summer Concert

If you are in the mood for some live music, head to the Aaron Bessant Park summer concert at Panama City Beach. Not only is it free, but the outdoor air, sunshine on your face, and good vibes will make you never want to leave. Bring a blanket to sit on, some refreshing drinks in a cooler, and snacks for your fun afternoon. If you bring your children with you on vacation, you can take them to one of the many family-friendly activities, like rides, face painting, and much more!

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Accommodation for the 4th of July in Panama City Beach

Before you book your flights to Florida, make sure you have your accommodation sorted out beforehand. Since Florida is one of the top vacation spots in the entire country, accommodations can fill up fast. However, forget boring hotel rooms and crowded B&Bs — instead, check out Vacations Perfected vacation rentals to find the perfect home, condominium, or villa for you and your pals!

You can choose between smaller rentals, like modern waterfront studios, or bigger options, like 4-bedroom homes. Browse between beach houses, Shores of Panama rentals, Origin at Seahaven rentals, Laketown Wharf rentals, or unique locations throughout town. For bigger groups, try the 3919 Ocean View Drive home, complete with an outdoor pool! Or, if it is just you and your smaller family, we recommend looking at the Shores of Panama modern apartment.

Staying in Panama City Beach has never been better. Check out the dozens of modern and luxurious rentals from Vacations Perfected to find your dream vacation home.

If you, like us, thought you were never going to survive those 3 excruciatingly long months between President’s Day and Memorial Day, we have a little good news for you. NOW is the time to start making plans for that long weekend which will actually be here sooner than you realize! And because you chose Panama City Beach for the ultimate getaway in relaxation, we know you will be even happier when you choose Vacations Perfected in which to be comfortable and spoiled! This guide to a Memorial Day in Panama City Beach filled with high points and happiness can only be made sweeter by staying with us!

This Way to the Beach

After a late start to your day and a hearty breakfast enjoyed at the Pancakery, 13800 Panama City Beach Parkway Unit 110, it will be time to start the very serious business of burying your toes in the sand. The beach is what you have been dreaming about since you first clicked Book Now on the Vacations Perfected holiday hideaway of your dreams and the beach is more than likely where you will spend most of your time during your stay. Many homeowners provide beach gear for your convenience and use, but if your escape does not, the list of what is needed for a truly excellent time is simple and includes sunscreen, a cooler filled with your favorite snacks and beverages, chairs, umbrellas, and an appetite for fun!

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Shipwreck Island, 12201 Hutchison Boulevard

Just as in many cities all over the US, Memorial Day Weekend is the opening day for waterparks and Shipwreck Island is our favorite place to play! Bringing back memories of childhood days spent running up the concrete paths towards the summit of waterslides so tall you felt you could touch the clouds, the smells of chlorine, sunscreen, and grape popsicles and the sounds of childish laughter and screams of joy will show that some things never change. Even if you spend most of your day at the park in the kiddie pools or floating around the lazy river, leaving the daredevil thrills you used to crave to the next generation.

Memorial Day in Panama City Beach with Vacations Perfected

The best moments this Memorial Day weekend may be the ones spent under the shelter of our Vacations Perfected holiday hideaways. Barbecuing on the community grills, watching your kiddos practice their cannonballs from the comfort of a lounge chair by the community pool, and sipping cocktails on the balconies of our condos, never wavering in your admiration of the seas and sand below you. Reserve your favorite Vacations Perfected escape today!

The colder days are coming, and you may not be quite ready to deal with snow, ice, and sleet, making a Thanksgiving getaway to Panama City Beach the top item on your holiday bucket list! Offering moderate temperatures, the laid-back vibe of beach living, and a taste of tranquility that will help prepare you for the upcoming Christmas holiday, the only thing better than experiencing Thanksgiving in Panama City Beach is staying with Vacations Perfected when you do! This guide to the fun you can have and the relaxation you will enjoy will have you clicking the Book Now button almost before you finish reading!

No Name’s Annual Day Before Thanksgiving Party, November 24th, 5555 US-98, PCB

Since you won’t be shopping, cleaning, or cooking for Thanksgiving this year, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the party at one of our favorite watering holes, the No Name Lounge. Featuring another favorite, the musical group called Sons of Saints, the music promises to be hot, the drinks cold, and your mindset will be stationed on the celebration as you relax and enjoy the party you would never have been able to attend back home!

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Harpoon Harry’s for the Win, 12627 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach

As if sunny skies, white sands, and turquoise waters aren’t enough to make your heart skip a happy beat, the opportunity to enjoy a home cooked meal cooked by someone else is guaranteed to make you smile hard! Harpoon Harry’s is a local tradition for tired moms who just don’t want to handle the heat of the kitchen and will be your newest obsession! Offering all the traditional fixings, the reasonable cost and beach views ensure you won’t feel as if you are missing out on something important, as you gather round the dining table dining in accompaniment to the music of the sea!

Modify Your Own Traditions

Maybe you are worried about missing out on your signature stuffing (the one that your Nana brought over from the old country, resplendent with Italian sausage and mushrooms) or maybe you caught your first glimpse of our fully equipped kitchen and you decided right then and there that you couldn’t wait to get your hands on that stove. Whatever your reasons for choosing to cook a Thanksgiving in Panama City Beach meal, spending the holiday with the ones you love most in our comfortable and stylish holiday hideaways promises to give you plenty to be thankful for! Reserve your favorite property in Panama City Beach today!

Red, white, and blue, fireworks, and a long weekend are just around the corner. Have you decided what you are going to do with this bonus long weekend yet? 4th of July falls on a Sunday this year, and many travelers are going to have an extra paid day off, so why not spend it on the white sand beaches of Panama City Beach? Laze your way to the perfect tan, celebrate with your family, and after the fireworks have finished, come home to the comforts found in our Vacations Perfect holiday hideaways! This guide to all the fun you can have on your long Independence Day weekend will help you discover the most exciting way to celebrate!

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Let the Celebrations Resume

2020 was a year we all wish we could forget, but the good news is that it will just make this year’s celebrations even better as we go about our business of celebrating our country’s beginnings! 2021 is the 245th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and we deserve a good party, don’t you think? The people who put together the Star-Spangled Spectacular: Freedom Rocks Fireworks Display certainly think so, and are so eager to get the party started, they are having their Independence Day celebration on Saturday, July 3rd! The skies will be alight with a cornucopia of colors, the air will be filled with big booms intermingled with oohs and ahhs, and this night will go down in the record books as one of the best celebrations you can remember. Held at the Grand Lagoon Bridge, people are invited to come early and shop and eat at any of the Freedom Rocks restaurants perched on the edge of the waters and stake their spot on the lawn of Treasure Island Marina for the show beginning at 8:45 PM. If one night of fireworks is not enough, come on over to Pier Park on July 4th for a second night of fun and colorful explosions! The details aren’t completely available, but Pier Park also offers stores, restaurants, and a giant Ferris wheel (named the Sky Wheel) that gives riders incredible views of the Florida landscape. Open until 10 PM, it is the perfect way to check out ALL fireworks displays in the area, so be sure to take a nighttime ride!

Home Is Where Your Heart Is Happiest

Our Vacations Perfected are the vacation homes away from home that will make your heart sing as you celebrate. Reserve yours today!

Easter is one of our favorite holidays. It’s not big and flashy like the end-of-year holidays, you don’t get overloaded on Easter songs as you shop for groceries, and the beauty of the season in which it falls always makes us feel as if anything is possible. Easter is a holiday of fun, peace, and amazing food, and if your journey is bringing you to the beach as part of your celebration, this guide to our Vacations Perfected Easter escapes will help celebrate in comfort and with a style that brings happiness to your heart!

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Celebrate Your Way

Upon your first steps inside, you will instantly be able to see that our properties are going to make your holiday extra special and exceptionally easy to celebrate! After you choose which of the bedrooms to toss your suitcases in and declare your own, find your way to the kitchen and discover a space that is bright, cheerful, and ready to be used in whatever way you need. Create a big Easter feast that will make your family happy or simply mix together a pitcher of Cottontail Cocktails made with whipped vodka, coconut rum, and pineapple juice to sip on the balcony overlooking the sea. Come together as a family on roomy dining room tables, decorating Easter eggs you will hide throughout the place on the big day, or sip coffee as you scroll through internet news on your laptop; free Wi-Fi makes it easy!

In the living areas, parents will find plenty of hiding places for the eggs decorated earlier, and the Easter baskets you prepare for your littles will add some holiday charm to the comfortable spaces. For those traveling without children, this room will serve as a movie theater as you watch your favorite Easter movie on state of the art televisions, a recovery room as you nap on super soft couches and recover from the aftereffects of too many Cottontail Cocktails, and a place where daydreams come true. Did you ever imagine that water and sand could be so breathtakingly beautiful? Did you ever imagine that your Easter celebration could be so naturally wonderful? And are you starting to wonder if that 3rd cocktail was the sign that it is time to hit the sack? Our bedrooms are comfortable and serene spaces where sleep comes easier and staying asleep is a snap!

Cherish Every Minute

The beauty you discover in Panama City Beach is one that will linger in your heart for the rest of your life. Reserve yours today!

The joys of Christmas do not have to be accompanied by gray skies and subzero temperatures; balmy weather and sunny skies can actually give celebrants of the season another reason to feel merry, which is why we suggest that spending your 2020 Christmas in Panama City Beach could be the most joyous way to celebrate! After a year of tension and uncertainty, it is time to relax in warmth and recuperate with happiness in one of our Vacations Perfected holiday escapes. Throw your mittens back in their storage bin and slip into your flip flops and prepare for a Christmas you won’t ever forget—this guide will start you on the correct path to joy!

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Decorate with a Touch of Beach

Not every Christmas decoration HAS to be red or green, and because some of the most breathtaking decors we have ever seen were done in shades of beach, a visit to Shell Port at 9949 Thomas Drive in Panama City can change the way you look at Christmas decorating forever! Substitute a starfish for the star on the top of your tree, shells for ornaments, and if you haven’t bought your 10 year old nephew’s Christmas gift yet, we can promise he will be THRILLED with a shark’s tooth necklace that is often in stock!

Sandy Santa’s

Although the Gulf waters are a little chilly during the winter months, the mild temperatures make beach play fun. Grab some plastic buckets, shovels, and your favorite picture of Santa Claus and try to recreate him from sand. If a sandy Santa is beyond your level of skill, a sweet white Christmas tree decorated with shells and sea glass can make a festive substitute. Don’t forget your camera, though; this is one memory you will want to capture and keep forever!

Peaceful Nights Filled with Joy

However you choose to spend your days, coming home to the cheerful comforts of our Vacations Perfected holiday homes will be the shining star on the top of your Christmas tree! Sipping eggnog as you decorate a small tree, singing along to Christmas carols playing over your laptops, and re-telling the classic Christmas stories the night before the big event ensures your holiday will be topnotch! Reserve one of our joyously comfortable Christmas condos today and let the merrymaking commence; it just doesn’t get any better than Christmas in Panama City Beach!

There are many reasons to consider a holiday getaway to Panama City Beach over New Year’s. Maybe you’re tired of wearing winter boots with your glitzy evening gown. Maybe you are exhausted from the work and stress of the Christmas season. Or perhaps you just have itchy feet and the need to travel! Whatever your reasons, when you add a stay in one of our Vacations Perfected holiday escapes, the fun factor of your Florida getaway will be amped up considerably. Offering comfort, style, and for no extra charge, views of our spectacular Florida sunsets, staying with us will be your best decision of the decade!

Celebrating Your Florida Getaway in Style

Our properties are designed to make your New Year’s Eve memorable, exciting, and best of all, comfortable! Appetizers and champagne for your evening feast are an easy treat; keep the champagne chilled and the appetizers hot in the handy appliances found in our cheerful and spacious kitchens! Not everyone wants to go out, even if it is the last night of the decade, and our homes make staying in something special! Play a mean game of charades in the living areas with sliding glass doors open to the beauty of the Gulf just outside; the crash of the waves against the beach is all the music needed to help create a perfect evening. Watch the ball drop at Times Square on enormous flat screen televisions and raise a glass to toast the new year at midnight on the balcony overlooking the sea. The last night of the decade is going to be one you will remember forever, in large part due to the unique beauty of your surroundings!

A Toast to a Year All Shiny and New 

For many people, New Year’s Eve isn’t special unless joined in celebration with strangers who will soon become friends for the night, and although our vacation properties are comfortable, a night on the town in Panama City Beach can be an adventure you won’t want to miss! Pier Park is where you want to be on this most glorious night of the year, as you listen to live music and entertainment and celebrate with thousands of merrymakers, all here to say farewell to 2019. And if New Year’s isn’t New Year’s without a ball drop, never fear; Panama City Beach offers a kids’ beach ball drop at 8:00 PM and a Beach Ball Drop from Celebration Tower at midnight! The kids’ version features 10,000 regular-sized beach balls, but there’s only one GINORMOUS one that falls at midnight!

Don’t Wait Too Long

New Year’s is just around the corner, and we don’t want you to miss out on all the fun. Reserve your Vacations Perfected holiday Florida getaway today!

Holiday traditions can be a wonderful thing, but when you begin to feel trapped by the same old routine, maybe it’s time to start a new tradition—one where the only ice to be found is in your mojito glass and your family can gather around the pool instead of a fireplace. Maybe this year a getaway to Panama City Beach for Christmas and a stay in one of our Vacations Perfected Christmas escapes will be the beginning of your new holiday tradition!

Shiny and Bright

Christmas is more than decorations and gifts. It’s the feeling you get when you bake a batch of Christmas cookies with your daughter in one of our fully equipped kitchens. It’s the tear that rolls down your cheek as you watch another Hallmark Christmas movie on the flat screen television in our living areas, or the wonder you feel as you sit on the balcony watching the sun set over the sea. Enjoy a moonlit walk on the beach, rising early on Christmas day and rushing to open the presents, and later, sitting together over a delicious feast at dining tables large enough for everyone in your traveling party. The warmth and comfort offered by our properties will ensure that this Christmas is shiny and bright.

Dreaming of a White Sand Panama City Beach Christmas

There won’t be snow to play in during your Christmas getaway to Panama City Beach, but as you participate in the holiday festivities offered by our village on the Gulf, you won’t miss a thing! From Christmas Sand Sculpture photo opps held on the 2nd of December to the Celtic Tea Festival held on December 8th to meeting Santa Claus at Pier Park, the Christmas spirit is alive and well. Add in walks on white sand beaches, drives around local neighborhoods looking at homes decorated for the season, and the sounds of Christmas as performed by the Todd Herendeen Christmas with the Legends show on December 14th at the Todd Herendeen Theater and your 2019 Christmas will be a dream come true!

The Warmth of the Holiday

This Christmas promises to be warm and welcoming when you spend it in one of our Vacations Perfected holiday escapes—reserve your Panama City Beach Christmas getaway today!

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Forget spending the holidays in the dreary winter cold and pack your bags for a spectacular holiday vacation in Panama City Beach! When you visit us for the holidays, you can trade freezing snow for white-sand beaches, and your parkas for swimsuits. Besides the simply gorgeous weather, our lovely city of Panama City Beach offers fantastic local dining, and a plethora of seasonal Florida activities to get you in that holiday spirit even when the sun is shining bright!

Spend the Holidays Relaxing by the Beach

Imagine Thanksgiving or Christmas morning spent taking long strolls on the beach, or a New Year’s celebration right on the shore. Having a holiday getaway to Panama City Beach means you can eschew the traditional holiday stress and instead go the route of pure relaxation, sitting by the beach with a cocktail in your hand. Take a dolphin watching tour in the days leading up to the holiday or take an excursion out to the undeveloped Shell Island. The choices for beachside Florida activities are endless, no matter the season!

Countless Options for Holiday Dining

While your vacation home will always have a fully equipped kitchen where you can craft a feast using ingredients from local markets, you’ll find there’s a wide variety of restaurants open on the holidays in both Panama City Beach and nearby beach towns. The Boars Head Restaurant & Tavern offers a holiday buffet on both Christmas and Thanksgiving, and iconic staples like Margaritaville stay open for the holidays as well. At the Watercolor Inn in Santa Rosa Beach and the Havana Beach Bar & Grill at The Pearl Hotel in Rosemary Beach, you can take advantage of their holiday specials and enjoy an elegantly plated multi-course meal with seaside views.

Festive Beachside Holiday Events and Florida Activities

Panama City Beach is home to many holiday events and Florida activities, which can make visiting this time of year quite special. On Thanksgiving weekend, you can kick off the season right at the annual Beach Home for the Holidays event in Aaron Bessant Park, and enjoy holiday activities, a tree lighting, spectacular sunsets over the water, and nightly firework displays. You’ll also find other holiday events throughout December such as Christmas at the Barn, a winter wonderland themed Christmas event, and the Bethlehem Christmas Village for a peek into the past. If you’re lucky enough to be here over New Year’s, you can attend one of our most exciting events, the New Year’s Eve Beach Ball Drop, when the streets of Pier Park are full of revelers, live music, and of course, a fantastic firework show.

Have One of Your Best Holidays Ever in Panama City Beach

With beautiful weather, great food, and amazing local events, Panama City Beach has everything you could want for the holidays—and more! Give us a call to start planning your holiday trip to Panama City Beach!