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Panama City Beach is a popular spot for a Spring Break getaway, but Memorial Day is also an excellent time to visit the area. Check out all the excitement available to you when you spend a Memorial Day getaway in Panama City Beach!

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Hit the Beach

Of course, if you’re going to Florida for vacation, chances are hitting the beach is at the top of the list. Luckily for you, there are numerous beaches in Panama City Beach that you can go to, which are great for spending time with your friends, playing games with your kids, running into the waves, or building sandcastles.

We love going to any section of Panama City Beach to find a great spot to set up an umbrella, unfold the chairs, lay out the blanket, and get ready to have our lunch picnic. You can choose from more than 27 miles of white sand to relax, take a nap, hop in the water, or read a book. Spending a lovely afternoon walking along the beach and getting a tan is a must-do over a holiday weekend.

Hop in the Water

After a few hours of lying down on the beach, you might be a bit hot. Of course! The sun in Florida is strong, and you are here in the middle of summer. Cool down by hopping into the water, surfing in the crashing waves, or teaching your kids how to swim. You can do numerous watersports in PCB that are fun for adrenaline-lovers or those who just want to float in the bright blue water.

We recommend jet skiing if you want to feel the breeze through your face and go at high speeds. If you would rather try something a bit more laid back, you can do stand-up paddleboarding, test your balance, and get in a good workout. You can have a healthy and wholesome vacation without derailing your fitness plan!

Take a Trip to Shell Island

Shell Island is fun to check out every time of the year, but coming here over the holiday weekend is a great way to see the lesser-visited island, escape the crowds, and partake in some exciting water sports. Your kids will love taking the private pontoon boat to this special island and then choosing what type of sports to do once you get here.

We recommend going snorkeling to see the bright reef, taking a picnic to sit outside and enjoy a nice alfresco lunch with your family, or swimming underwater to see if you can keep an eye out for the beautiful marine life that lives here.

Go for a Hike in St. Andrews State Park

There are so many fun outdoor activities to do in PCB that it can be hard to narrow down the fun things to do in just one weekend, but we think that heading to St. Andrews State Park to go for a nice hike, walk, or bike ride is a must-do to escape the crowds at the beach. St. Andrew’s State Park is a fantastic spot to cool off under the trees, rent kayaks or paddle boards to go in the bright blue water, and swim along the coastline.

Have a Filling Breakfast

If you are in PCB for vacation, chances are you want to splurge a little bit and go out to breakfast so you don’t have to cook or worry about making a huge pot of coffee for your guests over the holiday weekend. We love going to some of the best breakfast joints and casual coffee spots in PCB to enjoy a fun morning out on the town.

First, you need to try Jesse’s Place if you’re in the mood for a laid-back atmosphere, family-owned spot, and traditional American food that will curb every carving you have. Unsure what to get from the expansive menu? You can’t go wrong with one of the breakfast specials, like the biscuits and sausage gravy or the patty melt, smothered with cheddar cheese and grilled onions on thick Texas toast.

Next, if you would rather have a sweet treat to start the day, Thomas Donut and Snack Shop is a must-visit—especially if you have kids! We love coming here in the morning to the bright white and blue building that is very quintessential of a beach restaurant. You can come here at any time of the day to get a sweet pastry, pizza, chili dogs, burgers and fries, or bagel sandwiches.

However, we think that getting a donut is an absolute must. But of course, you can get a savory meal first to start the day in a healthy manner. Try one of the infamous kolaches, like the jalapeno smoked sausage and cheese, before exploring their expansive donut menu. You can go simple, like a blueberry or chocolate cream-filled donut, or try a ‘fancy’ donut, like the cinnamon bun or cream-filled chocolate glazed.

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There is so much for you to do in PCB this upcoming holiday weekend! Start planning your itinerary today so you can do everything you want and more for your vacation. When you book with us, we are there 24/7 to make sure that all of your needs and questions are taken care of before, during, and after your stay.

We offer numerous properties right on the water, so you can walk to the beach in just minutes. Get in touch with us today to make the booking process fast, easy, and simple.

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Are you interested in spending your Labor Day in Panama City Beach? We don’t blame you! The Sunshine State is home to numerous parties, golden beaches, stretches of bright blue water and coastline, yummy eateries, bustling cafes, cool bars, and much more. It is no wonder that people flock to the East Coast from all over the world to see the beauty of Florida – and specifically, Panama City Beach, an old-world Florida-style town that has outdoor activities, fun bars, seafood restaurants, and annual events over Labor Day Weekend for people of all ages!

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Head to the Beach

The top thing to do in Panama City Beach during Labor Day Weekend, or any time of the year, is go to the beach! There are numerous stretches of sand along PCB, featuring 27 miles of beach for you to choose from to set up your umbrella and start building a sandcastle. We recommend going to Schooners Last Local Beach Club to get an ice-cold beer after a full day of boogie boarding and surfing in the water!

Check Out the Local Parks

There are also numerous state parks and local parks that offer access to water, camping spots, picnic areas, and play areas for children. Head to St. Andres State Park and the Grand Lagoon for a fun day out on the water. We also recommend spending a day at Camp Helen State Park to check out the incredible plants, flora, fauna, wildlife, and sandy dunes. If you would rather get away from the crowds, nowhere is better than Shell Island for finding seashells, going hiking along the seven miles of coastline, and fishing in the crystal blue water.

Perfect Hues

Head to the nearby Baytowne Wharf on Labor Day Weekend from September 1st at 5 pm to September 3rd at 10 pm to enjoy artwork from local artists, painting your own pictures, going shopping for arts and crafts, and listening to live music from talented musicians. There is live music every day on the weekend, and it even features a fireworks show over the lagoon on Sunday evening!

Harley Davidson Event

Head to the local Harley Davidson in PCB on September 4th to enjoy grilling, barbecue lunches, motorcycle demonstrations, and tours of the infamous building! We know that you and your kids will love seeing these motorcycles up close and personal.

There is so much to do in Panama City Beach on Labor Day Weekend! Head here and stay in one of our properties from Vacations Perfected to have the best holiday of your entire year.

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The 4th of July holiday is one of the best times for you to celebrate with your friends, visit family, or go on a trip with your partner. We can’t think of any better time to head to the beach than the hot summer months! Not only can you make use of the long days, strong sunshine, and hotter temperatures, but you can find unique annual events to attend that are only happening once a year in Panama City Beach! Check out our favorite activities for 4th of July in Panama City Beach below.

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Real Fun Fourth

The ‘Real Fun Fourth’ celebration is famous in Panama City Beach! This fun-filled and exciting yearly event features fireworks on the beach, incredible views of the coastline, and dozens of special events that take over PCB and the surrounding areas between July 2nd and 4th every single year. We love how there are THREE spectacular nights of fun, so you can choose which night you really want to party!

There will be dozens of radio stations and music acts that dot the coastline during these fun days. You will never feel bored during your three days of live music, great drinks, breathtaking sunsets, and eye-catching fireworks.

One of the first events to attend during your time in Panama City Beach for the holiday is the Light up the Bay Fireworks on July 2nd. Sometimes it is best to go to the first event so you can tick this off your list and get pristine views surrounding the bright blue water of the bay.

The next day, you can see the fireworks light up the Gulf. If you are staying close to the Gulf, this is a great way to watch the fireworks from the comfort of your own home. We offer dozens of properties that have outdoor space that can provide expansive views over the water, featuring private patios, decks, and private pools.

Plus, Panama City Beach has the Freedom Rocks! Fireworks show on July 3rd that you can attend if you want to listen to live music, see the large fireworks display over the white sand beaches, and view the skyscrapers in the distance head here early to set up a picnic blanket on the beach and dig your toes in the and as you sip on some hot cocoa.

Finally, Panama City Beach offers the Star Spangled Spectacular show on July 4th! This is the show that everyone has been waiting for. We recommend heading close to the pier to see the fireworks over the ocean and claim a spot on the large stretches of beach so you can see the views unobstructed. Bring a drink, blanket, and your best friends to enjoy this show with your loved ones.

Go Surfing

Another fun thing to do during the 4th of July weekend in Panama City Beach is to learn how to surf! We know that lying down and relaxing on the beach can be fun, but it can get boring. That is why watersports are the best thing to do during a long weekend in Panama City Beach.

We recommend heading to St. Andre’s Park, commonly known as ‘The Park’ to locals, for a great surf session. This is one of the best spots on the Gulf and is conveniently located right near St. Andrews Recreational Area. The breaks are good for those who can handle their surfboard and want to also test their luck with longboarding.

Another great spot to unleash your board is Wood Pier. This popular spot is well known for its long wooden pier that juts out into the water. We like heading here to watch other surfers and test our luck with the beginner waves.

Lastly, check out Panama City Pier to enjoy reliable surf all year round. This area offers consistent and surfable waves that are great for use during the summer months. Although the winter season is best for offshore winds, the summer months can still offer slight wind that is good for beginners learning how to surf.

Grab a Coffee

Before you go out partying all night long for the 4th of July, it can be best to grab a coffee and get your caffeine fix! We love going to The Pour for our first coffee of the day. Head there to get an espresso-laden drink, like an iced latte or stone cappuccino with two espresso shots. This cool and laid-back spot in PCB offers traditional coffee drinks, other smoothies, and a friendly environment.

Another great spot to check out during your stay here is Roasters Edge Coffee Roastery and Deja Brew Coffee Shop. This coffee roaster offers freshly roasted cups that provide enough strength and flavor for you to drink black without any milk! Pair your strong coffee with Danish rolls, sandwiches, and other pastries.

Plan Your 4th of July Escape

Does this sound perfect for your needs? We think so too! Check out Panama City Beach for a 4th of July holiday.

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Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest weekends in Panama City Beach. Not only do people flock here from all over the country on most weekends and summer holiday times, but Memorial Day Weekend is filled with annual events, pristine beach weather, cool bars, live music, entertainment, and shopping opportunities that are simply impossible to pass up. There are a few must-attend events and must-do activities during your stay in Florida this upcoming holiday. Let’s check it out!

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PCB Summer Concert Series

The PCB Summer Concert Series at Aaron Bessant Park Amphitheatre is a must-attend in-person live music event every Tuesday during the summer months. This is a great place to check out over Memorial Day weekend if you want to bring a picnic with some lovely takeaway food from one of the nearby cafes, ice-cold beers, and snacks for your kids as you lay on the grass and soak in the cool and upbeat music. We can’t think of any better way to spend the Tuesday after a raucous Memorial Day weekend!

Hit the Beach

Of course, if you are coming to Panama City Beach, you HAVE to go to the beach! Not only can you set up an umbrella, put out some chairs, and take out the beach toys for your kids to enjoy, but you can also hit the waves, try your luck with surfing, go boogie boarding in the shallow waters, and just enjoy the upbeat ambiance on the white sand beaches. We recommend going to

Ride the SkyWheel

For those who want a little bit of an adrenaline jump, and pristine views of the nearby coastline and bright blue water, we can’t think of anything better than riding the SkyWheel on Memorial Day! This is a fun thing to do with your kids to get great views of the coast and really get your excitement going!

Head to Pier Park

Pier Park is a great place to check out, go for a walk, and burn off some of those vacation calories. Walk around the bustling and vibrant area with your friends while you chat about what to do for the upcoming night out for Memorial Day weekend.

Accommodation in Panama City Beach

Not sure where to stay during your upcoming vacation to PCB? Well, look no further! We have you covered. Vacations Perfected offers a wide range of Panama City Beach properties that can suit your unique needs. Whether you are looking for a party house or a relaxed summer home for you and your family, we have it all. Book with us today to plan the vacation of your dreams.

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Panama City Beach is a beautiful and pristine coastal area in the Sunshine State that is lesser-known when compared to the bustling towns of Tampa and Orlando – and we like it that way! Forget being on overcrowded beaches or wearing your way into a stuffed bar to get a drink – we have a better idea.

Panama City Beach is a slower-paced and more-relaxed area that still offers the best of the best, featuring white sand beaches, bustling bars, mouthwatering seafood restaurants, cool cafes, and much more. If you want the best of Florida without spending a fortune or being around tourists all of the time, this is THE place to be.

That is why we think that PCB is the hotspot for Mother’s Day family weekends for a fun and wholesome time with your loved ones. Plus, there are dozens of annual events that make Mother’s Day weekend here simply unforgettable. Let’s check out the must-do things during your stay here that are sure to make your Mother’s Day in Panama City Beach one you’ll never forget.

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Moms and Mimosas

Interested in something a little more unique for your Mother’s Day? Well, check out Moms and Mimosas at Harley Davidson on Panama City Beach on Saturday, May 13th! This fun-filled and exciting event is a great way to check out motorbikes, meet other bike aficionados, and have a few OJ mimosas while you meet locals!

Head to Brunch

If you would rather have a traditional brunch in PCB, there are endless options for you to choose from. Panama City Beach features dozens of eateries, cafes, and diners that are going to have you ranting and raving for days. Check out Another Broken Egg Cafe on Hutchinson Boulevard for huge stacks of buttermilk pancakes, First Watch on Panama City Beach Parkway for an inexpensive brunch with local produce, and The Pancakery of PCB for sweet treats, pastries, and unforgettable pancake combos.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Burn off some of those brunch calories by taking a walk in the beautiful weather. We recommend going to Shell Island to wander along the seven-mile stretch between the Gulf of Mexico and the Bay! You can also head to St Andre’s State Park to wander around the 1,200+ acres of marine land and picnic areas.

Accommodation in PCB, Florida

Not sure where to stay for your upcoming weekend away from home? Look no further! Vacations Perfected is here to make sure you have the best Mother’s Day ever!

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Are you tired of the cold that seems to linger way into spring? We don’t blame you! Spring should be a time for flowers, rain showers, bright blue skies, and warm temperatures. Make sure you can get a tan, spend time outside, walk around the beach early in the morning, and relax on the beach with a trip to the famous Panama City Beach this upcoming spring season. Forget going skiing in April or sitting inside as the wind roars outside of your window – go to PCB to enjoy a wholesome and healthy Easter in Panama City Beach! Let’s check out the top things to do in Panama City Beach during your upcoming holiday that ensure you and your guests have the best vacay possible.

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Easter Brunch

One of the big hits for why people enjoy Easter so much is brunch, of course! Everybody loves brunch, and restaurants in PCB sure do love rolling out the red carpet with new brunch plates, buffets, and good vibes. We recommend going to Schooners Last Local Beach Club to have a filling Easter brunch; you can also stay late into the night to listen to live music, go dancing, and enjoy a few drinks specials. Talk about the perfect place for an all-day excursion!

Another good spot for Easter brunch is Another Broken Egg Cafe. This brunch and lunch spot features Southern-inspired dishes that are sure to give you a little kick of spice, satisfy your sweet tooth, or give you just enough caffeine in your coffee to keep you going all day long. We recommend getting the famous shrimp n’ grits, a plate piled high with gulf shrimp and andouille sausage, red peppers, onions, and cream cheese egrets. Or, if you would rather have something a bit “healthier,” try the Eggs Blackstone Benedict with an English muffin, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, bacon, green onions, and fresh country potatoes.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is a family holiday, so if you have your kids with you in PCB, chances are they are going to want to go on an Easter egg hunt! We recommend going to Frank Brown Park on the morning of April 16th to enjoy spending quality time with your children, hunting for easter eggs, and getting in some exercise on a beautiful morning along the coastline. Bring your kids aged 10 and under to participate in this family-friendly activity – and snap a few photos to put in your scrapbook!

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Panama City Beach is a warm place all year round. When thinking about taking a trip for Christmas, it may not be the first place that comes to mind. Instead of staying somewhere drab and dreary for the holiday season, why not go somewhere a bit warmer where you can enjoy the longer days, head outside in the cool mornings for a nice walk or run, and still take part in the Christmas festivities. That is why PCB is THE ideal spot for a family Christmas vacation, couple’s getaway, or solo retreat during the holiday season! Let’s check out the best Christmas activities in Panama City Beach during December.

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Fun Christmas Things to Do in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is home to dozens of beaches, outdoor activities, fun events, and friendly locals who will make for the ideal holiday destination. Unlike other spots in the U.S. that can become too cold or too crowded, PCB offers a nice and relaxing getaway with warm weather — what more could you want to wake up to on Christmas Day?

Breakfast at Dave and Buster’s

If you have to go to Panama City Beach with your kids, then you must go to Dave and Buster’s for some arcade and family-oriented fun! Head here during the Christmas season to have breakfast with Santa, play some games, and take some photos with Santa & Mrs. Claus that you are never going to forget! Not only do you get discounts for the games, but you can get a mouthwatering breakfast that will keep you full for hours.

Check Out Christmas at The Barn

If you would rather do something a bit more low-key than heading to Dave and Busters, going to The Barn on Hutchinson Boulevard in PCB is the best idea for those who want something a bit more adult-friendly. Forget the games and the kids running around — head to The Barn on December 3rd between 6 pm and 9 pm to enjoy strong cocktails, ice-cold drinks, and live music that is going to keep you on your feet and dancing the night away! For just $30, you can enjoy this winter wonderland and socialize with other young people that could end up turning into lifelong friends.

Watch the Christmas Tree Lighting

We love going to the Christmas tree lighting at Panama City Beach Parkway at 6 pm on December 5th to see the trees light up in the bright sky! Not only can you see the incredible display, but you can listen to local musicians, check out the widespread Christmas decorations, and get in the holiday spirit with the locals who live here all year round.

Get a Front-Row spot at the Christmas Parade

Not only is the Christmas parade a great way to keep the kids entertained for a few hours, but you can check out amazing decorations, mingle with other people, and really get in the holiday cheer spirit! Head to Pier Park and pay absolutely nothing to watch this incredible spectacle down the streets of PCB.

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Visit the Bethlehem Christmas Village

Another fun half-day or full-day outing that you can do during your time in Panama City beach is going to the Bethlehem Christmas Village at Captain Andersons’ Marina in Panama City. Head here any day between the 14th and 17th of December to enjoy a family-friendly activity.

We love heading here in the evening after an early dinner between 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm to see a realistic renovation of what the housing of Mary and Joseph was like in times past. Not only is this educational, but it can be a fun day outside in the crisp winter weather!

Accommodation in Panama City Beach, Florida

If Panama City Beach sounds like the ideal place for you and your family to head to for Christmas, we can help you make the most of your journey. Not only can you enjoy slightly warmer weather than you may find elsewhere in the country, but you can take part in one of the many Christmas festivities, like parades, festivals, tree lightings, and much more.

Not to mention, our accommodation options from Vacations Perfected offers flexibility and luxury to all of our customers. We have a wide range available for large families, small groups, and couples who are looking for something that is perfect for two people. Look on our website to see our wide range of properties, such as modern apartments, luxurious condos, and large homes that are suitable for your upcoming Christmas holiday!

Are you thinking of the best place to go on vacation with your closest family members? Maybe you and your friends are thinking of where you can do a “Friends-giving” that has tons of outdoor activities, fun local events, tons of shopping options, mouthwatering restaurants, and less crowds? Fortunately for you, we can help you! Vacations Perfected is the premier vacation rental property management company in Panama City Beach. We offer a wide range of properties that are perfect for groups of all sizes. Panama City Beach is THE ideal place to go if you are interested in hitting the beach, enjoying the incredible weather, doing tons of outdoor activities, and exploring all that this upbeat and eccentric town has to offer during your Thanksgiving getaway. Let’s check out the perks of staying in our Thanksgiving Panama City Beach rentals during your holiday.

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Stunning Thanksgiving Rentals

Vacations Perfected offers tons of rental properties that can work for your needs, ranging from studio apartments to 3-bedroom rentals that offer plenty of space for you and your entire family for the holiday season.

If you are looking for a bigger 3-bedroom home, condominium, or apartment that can suit your needs, check out our property listings. We offer condos with private outdoor spaces that provide expansive views of the bright blue water, beaches, and nearby town. Our properties also offer expansive indoor seating areas that are perfect for playing cards, eating together, and watching TV after a long day of exploring.

Browse the Laketown Wharf in PCB to see a 3-bedroom home that can fit up to 8 guests comfortably. You can also check out the 35 Grayling Way home that can fit 9 people, offering a large dining room table and spacious living room. Or our Laketown Wharf 833 property in Panama City Beach has a cozy and calm interior that is great for relaxing. We also offer the Shores of Panama homes and condos that have private outdoor patios with expansive views, cozy living room areas, and large dining spaces that are perfect for a turkey dinner.

Browse Vacations Perfected today to choose the holiday home of your dreams!

As the final holiday of the first quarter of 2022 begins to peek over the horizon, many happy travelers find themselves asking the most important question of all; Which way to the beach? Easter in Panama City Beach may not resemble the holiday you often suffer through as there will be no snow, no cold, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy and when you choose Vacations Perfected for your holiday hideaway, well, it promises to be as close to perfect as perfect can be! This guide to the fun you can have exploring Panama City Beach and the comforts you will find in our seasonal sanctuaries will help ensure that this Easter is the best one yet!

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The Search Continues

For the smaller members of your traveling party, the hunt for Easter eggs is one of the most important parts of the holiday and fortunately there are a couple of ways to keep their lower lips from trembling and tears from falling onto chubby little cheeks at the thought of missing out. A little bunny has hinted that the Easter Egg Hunt at Frank Brown Park will take place once more after a hiatus due to the pandemic and we are all excited at this further example of the return to normalcy. Generally held on the day before Easter, the fun includes eggs, candy, and pictures with the big hopper himself! Schooners Restaurant is also scheduled to do their own egg hunt on the weekend of Easter, offering much of the same things you will find at the park, with the addition of Easter mimosas for all the adults in your party! And finally, for those who prefer to stay home and avoid the crowds, your Vacations Perfected sanctuary offers plenty of places to hide those pesky little eggs!

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Hoppy Feaster!

As with most holidays, the family feast is the highlight of the celebration and if you really want to celebrate in style, Firefly Restaurant never fails to please. Offering a traditional menu that will wow, their Easter brunch menu is destined to linger in your dreams for years to come, perhaps even enticing you to return for Easter in 2023!

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Easter in Panama City Beach

Of course, all the fun you can find around town may pale in comparison to the fun and comforts found in our Vacations Perfected escapes! Allowing guests the opportunity to hide eggs, create an Easter Feast to remember, and relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Gulf of Mexico below, our properties add an essential element of wonder to your Easter getaway. Reserve your favorite today!