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Nothing is better than finally seeing the vacation home of your dreams and never wanting to leave. If this sounds like the perfect stress-free holiday for you and your pals or family members, then Saltwater Solace is the place for you. This spacious and modern home offers a contemporary vibe, functional space, and cozy interior that is big enough for you and your five best friends to chill out, relax, and spend quality time with one another.

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Outdoor Space

Once you pull up into the private driveway, you will notice the bright white exterior of the house, manicured front yard, outdoor seating area, and private garage to store all of your private beach items, cars, kayaks, boats, and much more. We take security seriously, which is why we offer this pristine house in a reputable and family-friendly neighborhood.

Common Area

The common area once you enter the house is big enough for you, your guests, and even more friends to chill out, relax, have a few drinks, and watch your favorite show on the TV. The cozy couch and comfortable seating area are great for playing a board game, challenging one another to a friendly game of cards, or lying down and watching a movie late at night.

Modern Kitchen

If you are a bit hungry after surfing all day long, driving from your house to this new vacation villa, or flying on a plane, then it might be time to make a fresh and quick snack before heading out on the town.

Head to the modern and functional kitchen to cut up some vegetables on the granite countertop, serve drinks to those sitting on the bar stools, or use the stainless steel appliances to whip up a filling and healthy dinner that is perfect for you and your best mates.

Cozy Bedrooms

The last part of this house that really makes its stand out when compared to other boring and small accommodation choices in the area are the bedrooms. Featuring three bedrooms, there is tons of room for you to chill out, lie down on the cozy bed, and enjoy a stress-free vacay with your family members. Each bedroom offers soft linens and fluffy pillows, ensuring that every single person staying with you gets a full eight hours of sleep no matter what.

Sounds good, right? We think so, too! Book your stay in Saltwater Solace today!

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In the mood to hit the beach? We don’t blame you! Escape the humdrum of regular city life and put on your swimsuit — we are going to Edgewater! Check out all of our properties from Vacations Perfected to find one that suits your needs.

We think that one of our best homes for a couple’s retreat, small family vacation, or even a solo get-away is the Edgewater Golf Villas 1709. Make sure you pack your golf clubs and get ready to hit a hole-in-one when you stay with us in this 1-bedroom, 2-bathroom house that can easily fit you and 3 other people.

Check Out Edgewater Golf Villas 1709 Here!

Cozy Bedroom

First thing’s first — you want somewhere cozy to sleep! With this bedroom, you have a large bed, bedside tables, access to your pirate balcony, large sliding glass doors, ample floor space, and a dresser for storing your clothes. What more could you want?

Living Room

There is no better place to spend time with your loved ones, chill out, relax, and watch TV than this spacious and cozy living room. The living room features a large couch with a foot stool so you can prop your feet up, put your drink on the couch-side table, and watch your favorite show after a long day of surfing or golfing.

You can also sit in the cozy chair with a book during a mid-afternoon golf break and read while you relax and get out of the heat. We love how the living room offers tons of space and an open floor plan that connects to the kitchen and dining areas.

Kitchen and Dining

The modern kitchen is a chef’s dream! Even if you don’t enjoy cooking, you will love spending time in this spacious, modern, and functional kitchen that makes it easy for you to have a few drinks with your friends, eat meals with your loved ones, and prepare some snacks for you to take out to the golf course.

The kitchen offers stainless steel appliances that make it easy for you to whip up a fancy dinner for a lovely date night, or a healthy breakfast for your kids. They can sit at the high bar stools in the kitchen and chat with you about plans for the upcoming days of vacation!

If you would rather have a formal meal or a date night with your partner, head over to the attached dining room table to stare deeply into one another’s eyes and rekindle some romance.

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Are you in need of a relaxing holiday with your pals? Well, we have the best place in mind! The Sunshine State features beaches, bright blue waters, cafes, mouthwatering seafood restaurants, and tons of outdoor activities for you and your family to enjoy. Plus, when you stay in one of our condos, town shoes, cabins, cottages, or mansions, Vacations Perfected knows what you need so you can have the best time possible.

Check Out Cove Cottage Here!

For those who want a small house that is plenty big for you and five other people, 300 Mercedes Avenue, Cove Cottage is a picturesque place for you to stay. This home features tons of space for you and five of your best friends or small family, featuring three bedrooms and two bathrooms to share.

As soon as you walk into the house, you will notice the cozy couches and laid-back vibe of the living room. The one couch is ideal for watching TV, while we love sitting in the love seat with the fan on to cool off after a hot summer afternoon at the beach. You can also open the blinds by the windows and let in natural light so the sun comes in.

If you are in the mood to have a snack with your pals, head to the dining room table to chat, have a few drinks, and play a game of cards. This nice dining room table is the ideal spot to spend time with your loved ones and have a wholesome afternoon with your guests.

Do you want to make new drinks for happy hour? Maybe you are in the mood to have a relaxing lunch with your friends instead of going out. In this case, you can use the stainless steel kitchen appliances, spacious granite countertop, white cabinets for food storage, and ample kitchen floor space to prepare food in just minutes.

After a long day of surfing, biking, walking, and shopping, it might be time to hit the hay early! Luckily for you, there are three choices for bedrooms – and all are cozy, plush, and relaxing. The master bedroom has a comfortable queen size mattress and large closet for auto store your beach clothes. The guest bedroom has a brand-new queen-size mattress and two chairs for sipping coffee in the morning. Lastly, the third bedroom offers two new twin mattresses for a kid’s or teenager’s room!

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Are you looking for a cozy, modern, and functional condo that offers amazing views of bright blue water, access to white sand beaches, and privacy? It might sound like an impossible task, but we can reassure you it is totally possible! Although you may think that you need to buy a hotel room for yourself and your guests, we have a better idea in mind. Check out Long Beach Tower Resort Tower 1 #302, a spacious, beautiful, and pristine one-bedroom condo that is plenty big enough for you and three other people! Whether you are going on a small family holiday, friend get-together, solo trip, or couple’s getaway, this property is the perfect spot for access to the nearby beach, activities, restaurants, and much more.

As soon as you walk into this spacious condo, you will be blown away by the amount of space you have! The living room, kitchen, and dining room table all use an open-concept layout, so you never feel cramped or crowded. The natural light from the sliding glass door windows to your private balcony is great for brightening up the space at all times of the day.

Book Long Beach Tower Resort Tower 1, #302 Here!


The cozy and spacious living room features two cozy couches that are great for sitting and chatting with your friends. You can prop up your feet on the coffee table, put down your drinks, or play a game of cards on this functional table while gazing at the waves crashing in the distance. Or put your favorite flick or show on the TV and curl up with your loved one to start binging Netflix on a rainy summer night. The possibilities are endless!

Plus, if you want to sit and chat with your friend face to face, you can sit at the small wooden ‘dining room’ table that is great for having a meal, playing cards, playing a board game, or just sitting and chatting with happy hour drinks.

Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen is super functional, easy to use, and well-laid out – even for those who don’t enjoy cooking for their friends or family! We enjoy using stainless steel appliances, like the new fridge, freezer, oven, stove, microwave, toaster, and coffee pot. Whip up a quick pot of coffee and some toast early in the morning before sitting outside on your private balcony to watch the sunrise over the water. What could be better? Plus, if you want to serve your guests and chat with them in a casual setting, they can relax on the bar stools while you bring them drinks, appetizers, and talk about your plans for the upcoming days.

Cozy Bedroom

The cozy bedroom is great for getting a full night of sleep. Curl up inside of the plush covers, relaxing bedding, soft linens, and turn off the lamps on your bedside table to wind down after a long day. You can hear the sounds of the waves crashing right outside of your sliding glass doors to lull yourself to sleep.

And in the morning, get a cup of coffee and go sit on your very own private balcony to watch the sun come up and see the early morning surfers. You can also wake up quickly by going to get a cold shower in your pirate bathroom. The bathroom features two sinks, a modern shower, tile flooring, and ample counter space for you to get ready before a big date night!

If you have more guests who need a sleeping area, don’t worry! The couch in the ling room is a pull-out queen sleeper sofa, so your additional guest won’t be cramped or uncomfortable. The cozy and comfortable queen sofa bed is plenty big and gives guests access to the kitchen and outdoor balcony during their night’s stay.


Other amenities that make this property desirable when compared to others in the nearby area include the Gulf-front location with pristine views, three pools that you can use all year round, a poolside bar for getting drinks any time day or night, a grill area for barbecuing, and al fresco lunch, and fitness center for you to stay on track during your holiday.

We make sure that you have access to all of these high-end amenities during your stay so you never have to even leave the property! Of course, when you want to, you are just stepping away from all that this area has to offer. You are just steps from Panama City Beach and a short drive from Panama City Beach, Laguna Beach, Rosemary Beach, Sunnyside, Southport, and other cool towns.

Or head on foot to the Shipwreck Island Waterpark, ZooWorld Zoological Park, WonderWorks Panama City Beach, or Race City. We know that no matter what you choose to do during your stay, you are going to be in good hands when you stay with us at Vacations Perfected!

Book Long Beach Tower Resort Tower 1, #302 Today!

The Palazzo 505 is a cozy, comfortable, and airy one-bedroom condo that is perfectly suited for a solo trip, couple’s getaway, small-family vacation, or anything in between! We love this beautiful property that overlooks the bright blue water. You can wake up in the morning, make a fresh pot of coffee, and head out to your private balcony to soak in the sights, feel the wind on your face, and smell the fresh saltwater.

Book Palazzo 505 Here!

Living Room

Wake up slowly in the morning and head to the living room to chill out and plan your day. You can lay down on one of the cozy couches, prop your feet up on the coffee table, watch your favorite show on the TV, or gaze out of the large sliding glass doors to see what the weather is like. Spoiler alert: We bet it is perfect! You will get mostly sunny days during your vacation here!

Common Space

One thing that we really love about this condo is the common space. You will never feel crowded or cramped during your time here. The Palazzo 505 offers a large couch, love seat, and dining room table that is plenty big for you and a loved one to sit and split a meal.

Plus, with the high-top bar stools in the kitchen, you have tons of room for all of your guests to sit, play cards, eat together, or watch TV. The open floor plan and cozy furniture make this the ideal space for entertaining guests, relaxing after a long day on the beach, or getting some remote work done.


The modern and functional kitchen is great, even for those who do not enjoy cooking or baking! We love the wooden cabinets, granite countertop, stainless steel appliances, and high-top bar stools that fit four people. The open floor plan and ample cabinet space let you walk around, serve appetizers, pour happy hour drinks, grab snacks from the cabinets, and cook up a healthy meal in no time at all.


Last but not least, we have the bedroom. The bedroom features a plush and cozy bed, a large window, bright lighting, and space for you to keep your clothes. Every morning, you can wake up feeling rested and ready to tackle the day! And we make sure that you get a fully restful night of sleep when you stay here.

Stay in the Palazzo for an unbelievable and relaxing vacation with your loved ones!

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Are you in the mood to hit the beach for your upcoming vacation? If so, we don’t blame you! The beach is the ideal spot to grab a tan, perfect your freestyle stroke, and bond with your friends. But if you are not sure where to stay, this can be a daunting task. However, with Vacation Perfected, we have done all of the hard work for you. All you have to do is book a property, show up, and have fun!

We recommend checking out Laketown Wharf 833, a house that is big enough for you and your seven best friends! This property features three large bedrooms and three modern bathrooms that are spacious, functional, and cozy for all of your guests. We know that you are going to have tons of space when you stay here, so you never have to worry about being overcrowded or on top of one another.

Book Laketown Wharf 833 Here!

Common Space

As soon as you walk into the home, you will love the common area. There are two large, plush and cozy couches that are ideal for watching TV, playing a board game, or taking a midday nap. Plus, you and your guests can also sit at the large table in the common area, making it the ideal spot for appetizers or dinner with your pals.


Not to mention, the kitchen is the focal point of the condo! This large and functional kitchen features wooden cabinets, new appliances, lighting fixtures, and ample counter space that is perfect for setting out drinks or giving appetizers to your friends.


One of the main selling points of this house are the cozy bedrooms! Instead of sterile hotel bedrooms that have hard bedding, thin covers, and one pillow, we offer plush and comfortable beds that are going to give you a restful night of sleep. Each one of our bedrooms has lamps, bedside tables, cozy bedding, ambient lighting, and bright windows for you to have a relaxing and serene atmosphere before falling asleep at night.

Book Your Stay Today

If this sounds like exactly what you want this upcoming vacation, use Vacations Perfected to book the holiday home of your dreams. At Laketown Wharf 833, you can enjoy 52,000 square feet of boardwalk just out front of our doorstep! Plus, you can enjoy views of the lake and beach, five pools, on-site security, and a nearby lake town market for your beach essentials. Book this stunning Panama City Beach rental today!

Come Visit Laketown Wharf 833!

Are you looking for a pristine and modern Panama City Beach condo that looks out on bright blue water, beautiful sandy beaches, and swaying palm trees? Vacations Perfected offers a large and spacious home that is big enough to fit up to 10 people – yes, even in a sky-high condo overlooking a pool. Check out Shores of Panama 328, a beautiful 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom condo that can fit you and nine other people.

Book Shores of Panama 328 Here!

Fantastic Condo Features

As soon as you enter the well-decorated condominium, you will notice the wood details, wood flooring, modern furniture, and unique touches that make it feel like you are staying in a best friend’s property. Make a big spread for a breakfast buffet or sit at a formal dinner at the large, wooden dining room table. There are six seats that are great for playing board games, testing one another to a game of poker cards, or eating appetizers and having happy hour drinks with your pals.

For those who want to sit and watch something on TV during a mid-afternoon break from the sun, lay down on one of the plush couches or sit in the chair while you relax and kick back. The L-shaped couch is perfect for a midday nap or propping your feet up after a long day of being out on the surfboard or going for a walk along the beach.

Hungry after a long morning on the water? Head to the modern kitchen and sit at one of the high-top bar stools by the granite countertop to sip on a carefully crafted cocktail or an ice-cold beer before you head out to the town. There are seven seats for you and your guests to sit and hangout while you chat with one another. You can also use the modern appliances in the kitchen to prepare and cook food, like the refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven, and microwave.

For those who are a bit tired after a long day of surfing, walking, swimming, and eating mouthwatering seafood, it might be time to hit the hay early. The best thing about this condo is the plush bedrooms and cozy pillows. Head to the master bedroom with a king-sized bed and a flat screen TV to watch your favorite Netflix show, a second bedroom with a queen-sized bed, or a third bedroom with a queen-sized bed for easing your aching muscles. This is the ideal spot to relax!

Book Your Stay Today

Does all this sound perfect for you? Contact Vacations Perfected today to book your escape in Shores of Panama 328!

Shores of Panama 328 Awaits!

Are you looking to visit Florida for a summer or winter vacation? Maybe the winter blues are getting you down in the Northeastern United States. You need to get some sun in your life. Or you are off school this summer and would like to visit Florida to enjoy the blue skies, crystal blue water, and white sand beaches. Whatever the reason, Florida is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world — and for good reason!

However, many people only head to Orlando or Disney World when they head to this Southern state. Instead of choosing new locations, they only go to the most popular cities. However, we highly recommend heading to Panama City Beach, Florida, for a relaxing and fun time in a coastal town that is not overrun with tourists.

Let’s check out a gorgeous Panama City Beach vacation home for your upcoming trip to “PCB ” and why Vacations Perfected can help make your vacation stress-free!

Book Resting Beach Face Property Here!

8319C Surf Drive – Resting Beach Face

We love this play on words. This Panama City Beach vacation home is going to make you so happy, there is NO way that you will have a “resting beach face” after seeing it in person! This 7-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom house can comfortably fit whooping 24 guests — can you believe it? This property is ideal for family reunions and friend get-togethers if you all want your own space and want to spare no expense.

Main Level

The interior of the house is incredible. On the main level of the home, guests can enjoy a fully equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances, tons of counter space, ample seating areas, and a granite countertop island that is nice for having coffee in the morning or for having appetizers with your friends at night.

The stone and rock tiling behind the stove and oven add a bit of modern flair to the kitchen, while the unique light fixtures, wooden flooring, and ample counter space make the kitchen really fun to use for making snacks, cooking breakfast, or serving drinks.

After you enjoy breakfast with your guests, head to the living room to kick beach and watch a TV show. You can sit in one of the two comfortable chairs or lounge on the cozy couch while you still wake up in the morning. To get some fresh breeze and wind on your face, open the sliding glass doors to the outside patio area. This deck is HUGE and can fit all 24 guests comfortably! Enjoy watching the sunrise or sunset from this prime location during the summer months.

If it is a bit too cold outside to sit on the deck, you can sit at the long dining room table in the open-space kitchen, living room, and dining room area. This dining room table is the perfect spot to sit, breast, and gaze outside to the nearby beach and waves in the distance.

Second Level

As you gaze outside, I will see the spiral staircase from your deck leading to the upper level. Yes, that’s right — this home has two levels, both of which are yours!

The second level has a large “hideaway” with a cozy couch, flat-screen TV for your Hulu or Netflix shows, a foosball table to play with your kids, and a walkout balcony with a cool lounge area that provides extensive views of the nearby beaches and houses. Your kids will enjoy hanging out on the upper level, as this floor features a bunk room with queen size beds for young children and teenagers to share.

Plus, there are two more bedrooms on this upper level, offering tons of space for people to relax, recuperate, and sleep comfortably during their vacation. Last but not least, the laundry room with a washer and dryer is located on the upper level so you can stay here for a long period of time without worrying about wearing the same clothes.

Check Out Our Beachfront Rentals Here!

Third Level

Yes, again! There is a THIRD level on this property, giving you tons of space to spread out and relax. There are even more bedrooms on this floor, plus a gaming spot and flat-screen TV that are hangout areas for kids and adults alike. We love the uniquely furnished room that features two bunk beds for four people to comfortably share. On this high level is the king master suite, complete with a sleeper sofa for children, a large private en-suite bathroom, and a furnished walkout balcony with expansive views of the beaches.

If you are thinking of visiting Panama City Beach for your upcoming summer or winter holiday, we don’t blame you. With bright waters, white sand beaches, and all-day sunshine, there are tons of things to do here. Plus, the luxurious 8319C Surf Drive, Resting Beach Face Property has everything that you could ever want and more for a luxurious vacation.

In our minds, the best vacations are the ones that bring you summer joys every day of the year and if you are of like mind, our Vacations Perfected Sugar Beach A6 is the only place you should consider! Featuring 4 tranquil bedrooms, 3 spa-like baths, and room for up to 11 guests to coexist in peace and harmony, this spacious PCB rental is destined to be an integral part of your Panama City Beach vacation experience!

Book Sugar Beach A6 Here!

Welcome to the Beach

Walk into an open-concept floor plan that invites you to get comfortable and welcomes you to the beach. A large and airy living room offers a sleeper sofa to ensure that all guests have a bed to call their own and provides an under the sea décor with sea horses, starfish, and coral reefs floating on the walls next to the state-of-the-art television. Sliding glass doors lead out to a balcony with incredible views and a comfortable chair rests next to the doors where the light is best making it the perfect spot in which to read. The kitchen in this open-concept floor plan is a sleek and modern space containing custom cabinetry, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances that may be used for nothing more than keeping your drinks cold and that’s ok! It’s your vacation and you shouldn’t have to cook if you don’t want to, but the updated appliances make it easy and fun if you decide you do! The dining table is a large modern glass version surrounded by upholstered chairs and backed up by the breakfast bar which offers seating for two more. Fish swim happily by on the sea blue accent wall overlooking the table and a wire boat provides more sea-faring décor to be enjoyed by all. All 4 bedrooms are tranquil spaces, including the first-floor queen bedroom (the only bedroom on the main floor) that is perfect for people with mobility issues, especially as it offers an attached full bath. Upstairs, guests will sleep happily in the king suite with a private balcony and attached bath with dual vanity and tub/shower combo, will dream easily in the queen suite that also has its own bath, and play contentedly in the double twin room painted flamingo pink and prominently featuring flamingo accents throughout. Community amenities include a swimming pool, fish pond, and access to the beach that will take up most of the minutes of your getaway!

Reserve Sugar Beach 6A PCB Rental Today

Every day will be an adventure in comfort when you choose this special condo for your vacation home away from home.