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If you, like us, thought you were never going to survive those 3 excruciatingly long months between President’s Day and Memorial Day, we have a little good news for you. NOW is the time to start making plans for that long weekend which will actually be here sooner than you realize! And because you chose Panama City Beach for the ultimate getaway in relaxation, we know you will be even happier when you choose Vacations Perfected in which to be comfortable and spoiled! This guide to a Memorial Day in Panama City Beach filled with high points and happiness can only be made sweeter by staying with us!

This Way to the Beach

After a late start to your day and a hearty breakfast enjoyed at the Pancakery, 13800 Panama City Beach Parkway Unit 110, it will be time to start the very serious business of burying your toes in the sand. The beach is what you have been dreaming about since you first clicked Book Now on the Vacations Perfected holiday hideaway of your dreams and the beach is more than likely where you will spend most of your time during your stay. Many homeowners provide beach gear for your convenience and use, but if your escape does not, the list of what is needed for a truly excellent time is simple and includes sunscreen, a cooler filled with your favorite snacks and beverages, chairs, umbrellas, and an appetite for fun!

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Shipwreck Island, 12201 Hutchison Boulevard

Just as in many cities all over the US, Memorial Day Weekend is the opening day for waterparks and Shipwreck Island is our favorite place to play! Bringing back memories of childhood days spent running up the concrete paths towards the summit of waterslides so tall you felt you could touch the clouds, the smells of chlorine, sunscreen, and grape popsicles and the sounds of childish laughter and screams of joy will show that some things never change. Even if you spend most of your day at the park in the kiddie pools or floating around the lazy river, leaving the daredevil thrills you used to crave to the next generation.

Memorial Day in Panama City Beach with Vacations Perfected

The best moments this Memorial Day weekend may be the ones spent under the shelter of our Vacations Perfected holiday hideaways. Barbecuing on the community grills, watching your kiddos practice their cannonballs from the comfort of a lounge chair by the community pool, and sipping cocktails on the balconies of our condos, never wavering in your admiration of the seas and sand below you. Reserve your favorite Vacations Perfected escape today!

Isolated from the amusement parks and recreational activities of the beach, the Shell Island offers you the solemnity and quietness that you could not find at the Panama City Beach. The island has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world where the pristine wilderness is its primary key. If you’re looking for a peaceful day filled with interaction with Mother Nature, the gorgeous and serene island is the perfect vacation stop you must visit during your Panama City Beach adventure!

Where is Shell Island?

Located off the coast of Panama City Beach, FL, the undeveloped barrier island is around seven miles or eleven kilometers long from the east to the west side between the St. Andrew Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The name came from the abundance of shells located in and around the island so you might find yourself immersed with beautiful and alluring prized shell.

What does Shell Island Offer?

The island is a home for clean forests, sand dunes, and a variety of species of wildlife animals where they meet and coexist in the beautiful island. It is a nature-oriented island where you can’t find any trace of civilization such as restaurants or even a restroom. You have to bring your own food and refreshments when visiting Shell Island. The absence of facilities complements well with the pristine and pure nature of the island where you could enjoy the majestic sceneries, bountiful wildlife, privacy, and have peace of mind. There are also bottle-nose dolphins you could find along the way and have a chance of meeting the intelligent creatures of the sea! There’s plenty of room for you to have a relaxing afternoon where no one could disturb you. To have complete privacy is a luxury nowadays.

As a protected natural reserve, you have to play an essential role in helping the preservation of the island’s unspoiled condition. Whatever you bring in there, always be sure to take it with you and never leave any trash. After all, that’s the least we could do for Mother Nature.

How to get to Shell Island

There’s no need for you to secure a park pass to enter the island, but you need a way to get there. There are many tour boats, pontoon boats, and wave runners that allows you to safely travel to the island while enjoying the stunning view and interact with the friendly dolphins! Tour boats such as Shell Island Shuttle carries passengers that runs for seven days a week during peak summer season. You could find the shuttle port at the St. Andrews State Park and be sure to call in and check on the availability of the tour boat so that there won’t be complications when you get there. There’s also the PCB Shell Island Express Ferry in which you could find it at Capt. Anderson’s Marina.


Words could not express the beauty of the island. Despite being an island isolated from recreational facilities and activities, you could do numerous things at this island. On the way, you could enjoy the company of friendly dolphins. Upon arrival, you could relax on Panama City Beach’s white sugar sand beach, go snorkeling with your family, collecting beautiful shells, and walk around the forests of the island where you could find many deer, many types of birds like the shorebirds, and numerous endangered species such as loggerhead and green turtles.

Going to Shell Island is a must if you want to maximize and complete the entire Panama City Beach experience. Click here now and learn about the best vacation homes in Panama City Beach, FL!