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Top 5 Local Breweries in Panama City Beach

For quite literally thousands of years, beer has had a special place in our hearts, and for some cultures it is even a staple of their cultural identity. Dotted across the country are small, independent breweries, all of whom offer a wide selection of beers ranging from the strong and hoppy to the smooth and slightly sweet. Today we’ll take you on a tour through the best breweries that Panama City Beach has to offer!

Idyll Hounds Brewing Company

We will start things off with Idyll Hounds Brewing Company, who have sought to go the extra mile regarding their drafts. At Idyll Hounds you will find a wide selection of different beers in which they have melded several cultures together into a new, and rather unique, brew. For instance, there is the Jewel’s Hibiscus Wheat (Wheat Ale), Boosh New England Style India Pale Ale, and Joe, which is an interesting porter which is brewed with vanilla and coffee. Further, you’ll find a wide selection of beers on tap which are constantly rotating and being updated, ensuring that every time you pop in you will find something new to tempt your tastes. At the time of writing this there is a wide range including the sweet Sticky Floors Vol. 5 (a stout) and the Ghost Crap Pilsna (Czech pilsner). So, if you are looking for Panama City beach breweries that stand out with some unique offers, then makes sure you grab a stool and spend a couple hours relaxing at Idyll Hounds Brewing Company.

Salty Oak Brewing Company

Next, we journey onwards to Salty Oak Brewing Company who, like many of those on this list, make all of their brews locally. Make sure to check their calendar often, as they host several different events and specials throughout the week and year, ranging from food trucks and live music on Friday and Saturday to their $5 flight special on Thursday’s. In addition to these events and specials, this brewery Panama City Beach FL offers a wide range of unique brews that you won’t be finding anywhere else, from more traditional brews such as the Hawaiian Lion Port and Irish Dry Stout to sweeter notes likes their White Chocolate Raspberry White Stout and Blood Orange Seltzer. So, if you are looking for good specials as well as unique drafts, make sure you stop by Salty Oak Brewing Company!

History Class Brewing Company

As we move on, we will drift a bit from bold experimental brews to a place that balances their focus between the beer they love and sharing their admiration for the city they call home. Not only will you find 15 beers on tap, all which are locally brewed, but you will also have a chance to learn quite a bit about the history of Panama City Beach, as the walls are covered in historical photos and artifacts—not to mention any of the staff would be happy to give you a crash course in Panama City Beach history! Further, they offer a surprisingly diverse assortment of Southern snack food such as freshly made pork rinds, truffle fries, a giant pretzel with beer cheese, and more! Their drafts on offer range in from the sweet like Gardner’s Strawberry Mango Milkshake IPA and Dr. Booths Lime Hard Selzer to the more defined with Jewel’s Hibiscus Wheat Ale and their English Style Port with hints of chocolate. So, grab a bite to eat, pair it with a good drink, and engross yourself in the history of your temporary home at History Class Brewing Company.

Beach and Brew on 30A

While Beach and Brew is more of a beer garden, they more than deserve to be mentioned as we continue on. They understand that there is no one single taste, believing in having as diverse of a stock as possible. You will find a wide variety of different beers ranging in styles, tastes, and even colors, ensuring that there will be something that will satisfy every person’s desires. They have several different beers ranging from Honey Brown Ales with their Hooter Brown to golden ales with their First Light of the Day. However, if you mosey on over to their taproom, you will find a 30-faucet tap system offering even more brews to tempt your palate. As well, they offer pints, half pints, and growlers to go, but also a decent selection of wine and even non-alcoholic drinks for those who might not want to partake. Further, you will find not only free Wi-Fi but also the occasional live performance! One thing that places it high on our list is the fact it is not only dog friendly, but also kid friendly as well. So, if you are looking for a brewery Panama City Beach FL to relax for a few hours with the family as you sample beers of every make and style, make sure you check out Beach and Brew on 30A.

Enjoy Panama City Beach breweries Like Grayton Beer Company

We end our journey through the world of breweries with Grayton Beer Company. At Grayton, you will find a wide range of beers from their 30A Rose Gose to their 30A IPA to their Staff Pale Ale and Fish Whistle IPA. However, make sure you check out their taproom with over 20 unique beers, as it stands just outside their 30,000 square foot production facility. Being in the open air, it is the perfect place to sit in the warm Florida sun and sip an ice-cold beer. To make it even better, similar to Beach and Brew, they are dog friendly! However, don’t just come to Grayton for the unique beers; they also have a Brewpub which is not only a fully functional brewery but offers a selection of entrées and meals for both lunch and dinner, all of which are cooked using only the freshest of ingredients. As well, it wouldn’t be part of Grayton if they didn’t also offer over 15 beers on tap which are all brewed onsite! If you’re looking to toss things up after a day of sampling their brews, then make sure to check out their list of wines and craft cocktails.
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