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ACTIVE asset management over revenue generation

By maintaining a proportionate amount of rental units to available resources, we are able to spend the needed time protecting the investment of the owner. We are able to dedicate ourselves to ensure your rental property is well taken care of and looked after as if it was our very own. We have the flexibility in our operations to be able to accommodate both owner and guest requests.  We are rental property owners and in kind, treat our clients as we expect to be treated.

Flexible low management fee

We understand times can be tough as a rental owner.  We benefit from a reduced overhead and efficient rental process which equates to a lower cost of doing business.  We use a state of the art reservation platform that seamlessly integrates all facets of the hospitality business under one roof.  This creates an efficient, streamlined process. Our management fee is tailor fit to your unit and its market readiness. This means if you’re currently hosting and considering making the switch, you are set and ready to come on board at our lowest rates.  We’ll even honor your existing reservations.  Contact us today to discuss how we can get your unit listed and generating revenue today!

No cost / free small house ware replacements – We believe that we shouldn’t have to “nickel & dime” our owners which seems to be a common practice in this industry. Things break and things go missing at times.  We shouldn’t have to bother the owner for a each and every small issue and likewise you shouldn’t have to bear the cost of this expense. This is one less thing an owner should have to worry about.  We replace housewares items up to $75 in value FREE of charge. (limitations may apply)

No room rotations – One of the drawbacks of working with a larger management companies is the practice of what is called “room rotation”. This works by ensuring that each unit type gets its share of room nights. For example, if your 2 bedroom unit was recently rented, you may have to wait for every 2 bedroom unit in inventory to be booked before your turn comes up again. This becomes an issue during fall and winter when the demand is lower causing unit turnover to be not as frequent.  Another flaw in this practice is a current guest of your unit may be UNABLE to book that specific unit again next year as management companies that use this method typically do not market each unit individually and simply advertise room types which makes your unit simply part of inventory and not the rental jewel it may be.

In contrast, we market each unit individually so the guest knows exactly what kind of unit, type of decor and amenities each unit provides. The guest is rewarded with a great stay in a unit of their choosing and the owner is rewarded with repeat bookings and an increased revenue pipeline.

“Consistent” housekeeping

Quality vs Quantity

 We provide great housekeepers that take their job seriously. Housekeepers that do not need to rely on how many units they are able to clean per day, but rather the quality of cleaning they perform.  We employ friends, family, and industry partners whom we trust and can hold accountable.  Our management software allows active reporting of issues which results in timely resolution before the next guest arrives.

Express check in – Guests should not need to wait in line for an hour to be able to access to the unit. Instead, they will receive a punch code to access the unit once the cleaning and maintenance is done.

Transparent “trust” accounting – We offer direct deposit or check payment of the owner’s revenue by the 10th of every month and will send you a detailed monthly statement by email or mail, depending on your preference.  We offer an owner login portal and a mobile app that allows up to the minute access to your rental units’ performance.

We would love to have the opportunity to show you what we can provide and produce for you. I believe that to be successful in the hospitality industry, we cannot lose our main goal and objective which is to meet and surpass the level of expectation of each guest.

Excellent service is one of the hospitality industry’s primary objectives and is something we will stand and provide each and every time.  Regardless which management company you may trust your vacation rentals to, never hesitate to ask them questions in relation to your investment. Likewise, if you have any questions or would like to see our company’s resume, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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