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Top 5 Tourist Hotspots in Panama City Beach

One of the highlights of any vacation are the various memories you make around town. Whether this be moments of laughter sitting around a table feasting upon good food, shrieks of amazement and awe as you and your family watch some attraction, or dancing and music as you and a significant other dance it up. No matter what it is you are looking to do, one thing is for sure: Vacations are the time to let lose and create the memories that you will later hold dearly. For this reason, we have made sure to put together a list of the top five Panama City Beach tourist attractions and hotspots, so you are never left wondering what to do next!

Coconut Creek Family Fun Park

What better place to take a family than one which literally has it in the name? Coconut Creek is a two for the price of one activity; not only will you get to let the competition soar at their mini-golf courses, but you can also allow the challenges to flow at the human-sized maze! Voted by TripAdvisor as the Traveler’s Choice in 2020 as well as receiving the certificate of Excellence from 2012-2020, let your inner Tiger Woods out as you compete against one another in two 18-hole mini golf courses, both of which are designed to keep heads turning and you guessing what will come next. Both are tropical themed with various tropical plants growing around, truly making you feel as if you are slowly making your way through the jungle. As well, you will see sculptures of various animals, waterfalls, rocky caves and more! Even their “lake” has three kinds of fish! There is not only competition to be had between family and friends, but even oneself via the Gan Maze! This maze is human sized, ensuring that no peeking above the wall will be occurring, as well as being the size of a football field! However, if you finish before the rest of your group is done, fear not, for there are several other smaller activities scattered throughout the park. So, why not take the family to a day of competition and fun at Coconut Creek Family Fun Park!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

This one is a classic favorite wherever it is found. Ripley’s has been making a name for itself for decades now, and even if you have never stepped foot inside one of their museums, you have surely heard of them! Well, keeping with expectations, their Panama City Beach location will keep you amazed as you explore dozens of exhibits featuring the truly strange and bizarre from around the world, with many of the exhibits being interactive! In the modern age, Ripley’s has still managed to find new things to entice and entertain the masses. For instance, you will find not only their famous exhibits but also their 7D theatre. This movie theatre combines all the excitement of a motion ride, all the thrills of an interactive video game, and the amazement of special effects to create a truly immersive experience that you will never forget. Further, why not try your hands at being a spy and take on their laser race, where you try to avoid the lasers and make it to your goal before the timer runs out! Finally, your trip to Ripley’s wouldn’t be complete without an attempt at their mirror maze complete with lights and infinity mirrors, guaranteed to not only challenge your mind but your senses. So, head on over to Ripley’s Believe It or Not and see why they have been a household name for decades now!

Gulf World Marine Park

There is something magical about the world of Poseidon, a place where fish can lazily go about their business, where powerful whales and sharks rule and dolphins dance amongst each other. Well, there is no Panama City Beach tourism destination where this magic is more apparent than Gulf World Marine Park! This park truly looks to create an experience you won’t forget as they have more then your typical marine activities. Here you will not only get to see dolphins but can even swim with them if you so choose! There are several options if swimming with the dolphins has been on your bucket list since childhood. You have the option to swim with them, be pushed by the feet by them, or even ride upon one’s belly! However, this is not where it ends, as there are plenty of other activities to enjoy such as snorkeling with stingrays. If you are a true fish lover, or just all around curious, you will love the trainer for a day program where you can shadow a real trainer and even participate in feedings and training sessions. If you have little ones, they will never stop talking about their experience at the Dolphin Day Camp, where they not only get to meet the animals but get to see all the behind the scenes actions most visitors miss! So, don’t miss out on the dreams of your inner child and play with the dolphins and fish at Gulf World Marine Park.

Panama City Beach tourist Attractions at Pier Park

Many of us remember the days of being a teenager and spending our afternoons exploring the mall, maybe getting a new item or two and a quick bite at the food court before catching a movie at the cinema. However, for many of us, the days of being a mall rat are long past us. However, why not allow that inner teenager to come out once more by visiting Pier Park! This shopping and entertainment plaza hosts over 124 stores for you to peruse and browse, including all the classic department stories like Old Navy or Dillard’s, but also a wide selection of boutiques and jewelry stores. However, there is much more to do here then just shop, as there is also often live music to be found. What’s more, you are sure to marvel at the wonders of modern technology at XD Dark Ride Experience, which combines all the thrills of a movie with those of a video game as well as various special effects to truly make you feel like you are there! You can even have a day of challenges at the Mirror Maze or perhaps let that inner competitor out by taking on your friends at Laser Tag! You can even take a step into Dave and Buster’s for the latest in arcade technology or come one evening and dance the night away at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. However, make sure you check the monthly calendar, as there are always events going on such as Mall-O-Week or the annual Shrimp, Crab and Oyster Festival. After a day exploring the mall and experiencing all the entertainment scattered throughout, feel free to stop at one of the local restaurants ranging from the typical like Starbucks and Jimmy Johns to the luxurious like Longhorn Steakhouse to the international like Osaka Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. No matter what you are looking for, or what you have in mind for your afternoon, you are certain to find it here at Pier Park!

Shipwreck Island Waterpark

After a day or weekend out in the hot Florida sun, anyone would be looking for a place to cool down for an afternoon. Well, Shipwreck Island Waterpark has you covered with 20 acres of slides, rivers, and pools, not to mention it was rated the best of the best by Travelers’ Choice! You just might find yourself overwhelmed when you first arrive, trying to decide which of the various rides to try first. Maybe you are looking for a nice easy start; in that case, you are sure to love the classic lazy river, or even the wave pool which hosts a whopping 500,000 gallons of water fun! However, if you are a thrill-seeker, you just might find joy with the Tree Top Drop, which are two slides resting on a 65-foot-tall platform, and one even has a free fall section at the end which is sure to make your stomach flip! Don’t forget to try out the Raging Rapids ride with 300 feet of white-water rapids for you to tube down. As well, if you are coming as a family unit, you’ll love Skull Island, which includes not just a racing slide for you to allow competitions to flair, but even has a 700-gallon bucket which dumps water on those below every few moments. Even if you are finding yourselves with substantially younger guests, they will have the time of their lives as well in the Tadpole Hole which is perfect for children to splash and play while the adults grab a drink and relax poolside. Speaking of, once you arrive, there will be no need to leave again as there is plenty of food and drink at the park, including all the favorites like pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, ice-cream, funnel cakes, wraps, and more! So, grab your towel and your shorts and head down to Shipwreck Island Waterpark today!

If reading about any of these Panama City Beach tourism hotspots has you already grabbing your phone to check your calendar to book a stay and experience them firsthand, then make sure you contact Vacations Perfected at (844) 478-2972 or check out our rental property options for yourself today!