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Top 5 Tours in Panama City Beach

Visiting Panama City Beach, but not sure where to go? Let someone else direct you! There are plenty of fun tours in Panama City Beach that will help you see the sights and experience the fun of Gulf Coast living. Read on to see our picks for the top five tours in Panama City Beach.

Shell Island Snorkel and Dolphin Catamaran Cruise with Island Time

Do you want to visit the nearby Shell Island AND see dolphins? No, this isn’t a dream—this is one of the most popular tour and cruise offerings for you to choose from when you visit Panama City Beach. Not only is this the most well-known tour in the town, but it is arguably one of the most exciting activities for you to do in the entire Sunshine State.

Hop on the boat and get ready for your beautiful and breathtaking cruise to Shell Island. On this trip, you will see wild dolphins, take photos of them jumping out of the water, and chat with the knowledgeable captain. You can rest assured that the catamaran offers a stable and supportive ride compared to bouncier and more unstable boats, ensuring nobody gets seasick on the journey.

You can then get your gear ready and make sure you have your bathing suit on for the docking at Shell Island. The tour company and boat are fully equipped with paddleboards for a relaxing afternoon, snorkeling gear for you to see the bright marine wildlife, and a waterslide for your kids to use to zoom into the bright blue water at high speeds.

Plus, there are dozens of activities on land at Shell Island for you to do during your time here. You can collect unique shells on the white sand beach to bring home as souvenirs, go dolphin watching from the shoreline, or go kayaking to burn a few calories and break a sweat.

You can also just chill out and relax on the catamaran while you’re docking! The spacious and cozy catamaran offers tons of seating, great views of the nearby coastline, bright blue water, and drinks/snacks for you to enjoy during your tour. All taxes and fees, captains, deckhands, and snorkeling equipment are included in the price, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Sunset and Dolphin Catamaran Cruise

Are you in the mood for a more unique date night than just going for dinner at the typical restaurant in downtown Panama City Beach? We don’t blame you. Book the Sunset and Dolphin Catamaran Cruise with Island Time to experience a memorable evening filled with marine wildlife, incredible views, and good vibes.

You can experience a two-hour sailing experience that provides far-reaching views over the water, land, and dolphins jumping out of the waves. Make sure you bring your camera to take pictures of the picturesque St. Andrews State Park, Grand Lagoon, and the changing colors of the sunset in the sky.

Plus, once you dock at Shell Island, the fun hasn’t ended—you can participate in drinking games, dancing, and family-friendly games that will make some of the best memories of your vacation! For just $41, you can enjoy a fun evening with your travel companions.

Panama City Beach Tours: Cypress Springs Eco Adventure

Are you in the mood for something totally different, such as going out on the water, tanning on the beach, or taking a sunset cruise? Maybe you have already ‘done it all’ and want something more unique. Well, we have found just that! Cypress Springs Eco Adventure in Panama City Beach is a super-fun and unique water adventure tour that is great for people of all ages and interests.

This exciting tour takes you to lesser-visited parts of Florida, including Holmes Creek, Cypress Springs, and Crystal Springs. These hidden gems are far away from the typical tourist traps, so you will really feel like you are out in the wilderness by yourself. Take a tour here to enjoy a water adventure in Cypress Springs, a healthy lunch, watersport activities, and drinks.

You can use the snorkeling equipment to see marine life in the crystal-clear water, kayak through the flowing streams, hop in a canoe with your best friend for a lazy river afternoon, or swim in Crystal Springs to ease your tired muscles.

Once you’re done playing in the water, you can hop out, dry yourself with one of the towels, and lounge on the beach chair to chill out and get a tan on a sunny day. Doesn’t this sound like the ideal afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the overcrowded beaches?

Panama City Beach Sunset Catamaran Sail on the Privateer

Feel like you’re a real pirate sailing on the seven seas when you book this exciting tour on the Privateer. This 78-passenger catamaran offers a unique salon experience you won’t find in a motorized boat, making it one of the best tours in Panama City Beach. This exciting trip features one beverage, live music, incredible views, and snacks during your trip.

Scream Machine

Last but not least, we know that your kids and teenagers will love the Scream Machine Thrill Ride at Panama City Beach. This super-fast-paced boat whizzes through the water at high speeds, making 360-degree turns, deep dives, and sharp turns that will have you delightfully screaming and whooping at every movement. For just $70, you and your family can enjoy this adrenaline-pumping ride in between Panama City beach tours.