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Plan a Fun Fall Getaway to Panama City Beach

Author 09-14-2020

Summer lovers are a unique breed of humans, coming alive only when the sun is beating down on their shoulders and the mercury is rising. For them, the beginning of sweater weather makes them sad as they huddle in front of space heaters and fireplaces, seeking warmth in all ways possible. If this describes your personality and your life, instead of isolating yourself, why not head to the state of eternal summer when that calendar page turns from August to September? Panama City Beach in the fall will allow you to shed your sweaters and slip back into your favorite flip flops as you soak in the rays during the day and sleep in comfort and style in one of our Vacations Perfected fall hideaways!

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Beach Day Every Day

Obviously, the first thing you’ll do after flinging your bags on the bed of your Vacations Perfected home away from home is head out for some toes in the sand therapy, and if you happen to arrive around sunset, even better! Walking along shore’s edge hand in hand with your life partner, your children, or even all by yourself is one of those activities that soothes the soul. And in the fall, although it still feels summery, the heat is turned down a degree or two, making the walk even more enjoyable. Because the summer crowds have mostly departed, it will feel as if you have your own private beach!


One of the best parts of fall is the taste of pumpkin that makes just about every dessert, breakfast, and beverage taste like a celebration of the season, and you can create your own pumpkin-palooza in the kitchen of your private escape. Create pumpkin spice pancakes (much to the delight of your children) with a box mix in which you’ve added a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice and 2/3 cup of pumpkin puree (subtract an equal amount of water from the recipe to ensure it’s not too runny). And because adults deserve pumpkin treats as well, a pumpkin spice martini created with Irish Cream liqueur, vanilla vodka, pumpkin flavored liqueur, ice cubes, and a pinch of nutmeg will go down smooth and easy!

Ghost Stories After Dark

This last adventure requires a bit of pre-planning, but we’re heading back to the beach for ghost stories told under the harvest moon and in front of a roaring bonfire. Bonfires are allowed in certain areas with permits from the city fire department. Tell your ghost stories around the fire—Dem Bones is a great one that’s not too scary for the little ones—or just relax and enjoy an evening on the sand.

Seasonal Escapes

Our Vacations Perfected rental properties are designed for comfort and enjoyment during all seasons of the year. Reserve your stay with us today!

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