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Property Walkthrough: Holiday Hideaway

Author 11-01-2022

Maybe you are a solo traveler that wants to try somewhere new. Or you and your partner are thinking of the ideal spot for a romantic weekend away from the bustle of your normal life. Whatever the reason, sometimes you just want to rent a studio in a faraway location and get out of town.

Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? We think so too. There is something freeing and exciting about snuggling up in a new rental property after a long day of exploring the surrounding area, with no responsibilities, obligations, or things to do on your schedule.

We have the ideal place in mind — check out Holiday Hideaway, a spacious and modern studio located right near Panama City Beach. This studio rental in Panama City Beach is situated between the Upper Grand Lagoon, Lower Grand Lagoon, and Panama City Beach, providing some peace and quiet from the downtown area of these towns, while still being right on the coast.

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The ‘bedroom’ of this studio is great for those who want a little privacy. You can put up the privacy screen, turn off the lamp, and cozy up in the comfortable bed to get a great night of sleep.

Desk Area

There is a small desk area that is great for doing some work, getting ready in the morning, or laying out your toiletries the night before.


The modern bathroom features a sleek shower, sink, and toilet that is functional and easy to use.


Not to mention, there is also a multi-functional table that is perfect for doing some work on your laptop, reading a book, eating a meal during the day, or spreading out the souvenirs that you purchased during your trip!


Many studios do not provide a kitchen. However, our studio couldn’t be more different! We offer a spacious and modern kitchen that has TONS of room for a solo traveler to make meals, and snacks, and have an ice-cold drink. The kitchen has ample counter space, cabinets, and new appliances, like a dishwasher, oven, stove, microwave, and refrigerator/freezer.

Common Area

Last but not least, we have a spacious common area that has a plush couch and cozy chair. You can easily have people over to visit and relax in the living room area, since our couch, chair, and stools can fit up to 6 people with ease!

If you want to get away for the weekend or spend a summer living near Panama City Beach as a solo traveler, check out our studio. Vacations Perfected ensures you will have the best time of your life!