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Easter is one of our favorite holidays. It’s not big and flashy like the end-of-year holidays, you don’t get overloaded on Easter songs as you shop for groceries, and the beauty of the season in which it falls always makes us feel as if anything is possible. Easter is a holiday of fun, peace, and amazing food, and if your journey is bringing you to the beach as part of your celebration, this guide to our Vacations Perfected Easter escapes will help celebrate in comfort and with a style that brings happiness to your heart!

Celebrate Your Way

Upon your first steps inside, you will instantly be able to see that our properties are going to make your holiday extra special and exceptionally easy to celebrate! After you choose which of the bedrooms to toss your suitcases in and declare your own, find your way to the kitchen and discover a space that is bright, cheerful, and ready to be used in whatever way you need. Create a big Easter feast that will make your family happy or simply mix together a pitcher of Cottontail Cocktails made with whipped vodka, coconut rum, and pineapple juice to sip on the balcony overlooking the sea. Come together as a family on roomy dining room tables, decorating Easter eggs you will hide throughout the place on the big day, or sip coffee as you scroll through internet news on your laptop; free Wi-Fi makes it easy!

In the living areas, parents will find plenty of hiding places for the eggs decorated earlier, and the Easter baskets you prepare for your littles will add some holiday charm to the comfortable spaces. For those traveling without children, this room will serve as a movie theater as you watch your favorite Easter movie on state of the art televisions, a recovery room as you nap on super soft couches and recover from the aftereffects of too many Cottontail Cocktails, and a place where daydreams come true. Did you ever imagine that water and sand could be so breathtakingly beautiful? Did you ever imagine that your Easter celebration could be so naturally wonderful? And are you starting to wonder if that 3rd cocktail was the sign that it is time to hit the sack? Our bedrooms are comfortable and serene spaces where sleep comes easier and staying asleep is a snap!

Cherish Every Minute

The beauty you discover in Panama City Beach is one that will linger in your heart for the rest of your life. Reserve yours today!

Although the calendar may say spring, in many parts of the world Easter takes place during a cold that loudly proclaims winter has not left the building! Attending sunrise services while wearing your best dress under heavy coats or searching for colorful eggs with mittened hands is no fun; luckily, it is not something you need to be subjected to year after year. As a matter of fact, we think you should plan an Easter in Panama City Beach getaway to our piece of paradise and a stay in one of our Vacations Perfected holiday escapes! Offering warmer temperatures and a sunrise so fiery and beautiful you won’t be able to imagine a celebration anywhere else ever again, this guide will show you how to enjoy your holiday in the most traditional and some very untraditional ways. Easter is about to become your new favorite holiday!

Beachy Brunches

There’s no law that states you have to enjoy your Easter Brunch in a room with many tables and a roof over your head; in fact, here in Panama City Beach, stuffy brunches have been replaced with beachy ones! Prepare a picnic with ingredients purchased from the Winn Dixie, put on your best Easter bikini, and enjoy ham and egg sandwiches at shore’s edge! Your chocolate Easter Bunny and festive jellybeans taste even more delicious when on the Gulf!

Meet the Big Bunny Personally!

Our Parks and Rec Department understands how important this specific tradition is to our guests (especially the tiny tots they travel with), and every year they throw an egg hunt and offer a photo op with the big guy himself, Mr. E. Bunny! Hiding over 20,000 eggs and offering grand prize Easter baskets, this special event is one that shouldn’t be missed! And to stray from the traditional to the unique, an annual DOGGY Easter Egg Hunt is offered as well. Trust us, even if you left your own fur baby at home, the opportunity to watch the pups in action is priceless!

Celebrate with Vacations Perfected

Offering fully equipped kitchens that make your Easter preparation fun and views you won’t be able to stop staring at, our Vacations Perfected holiday getaways are designed to bring families closer together while still leaving space for comfort. Reserve your Easter getaway today and get creative with hiding Easter eggs!