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Although the last few months have been rough, there have been moments that shine brightly in spite of it all, such as watching the light of understanding glow on our child’s face as they figure out a particularly difficult math problem, commuting from the bed to the kitchen table for those early meetings, and late-night talks with our life partners. Self-quarantine and social distancing have led to moments like these and a new appreciation for family, making us look for more of the same during vacation. If your vacation journey is bringing you to paradise (otherwise known as Panama City Beach), this guide to some of the more isolated activities you can enjoy with your family will help create a getaway that will be filled with happy memories!

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A Walk in the Park

St. Andrews State Park is more than an ordinary park, offering over 1200 acres of serene and tranquil beauty. While it is a popular tourist spot in many areas, there are still spots you can visit that will feel as if you and your family are the only ones in the world. Walk along quiet paths with the trees closing in around you and the sounds of the Gulf whispering throughout the park. Watch for birds in the sky, or when you take a hike along the Gator Lake Trail and Overlook, keep an eye out for the state reptile, the cold-blooded alligator! Rick Seltzer Park is another sweet local spot, and even though it lies within blocks of the city center, the beach and dunes that dot the area feel as secluded as a lagoon on a tropical island.

Adrift on the Gulf

The time spent in these gorgeous parks will be much enjoyed, but if you really want to get away from it all, rent a boat from any of the rental places found in town (Scotty Boat Rentals, 850-872-1714 is a local favorite) and head to the sea, where the water is clear and blue and the fish are always biting! As you zip across the waves, feeling the water kissing your face, you’ll know that you really have found paradise and a peace of mind you may never know again.

Be Safe Far from the Crowds and Enjoy Great Isolated Activities

When you choose to take a day to stay inside and explore the charms of our properties, you’ll feel isolated in all the good ways. Rent one with a pool and spend the day swimming and tanning, sleep in late and enjoy mimosas on the deck, and spend your evenings playing games with the kids. Reserve yours today and discover the joys of family all over again!

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