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Packing can be the worst part of the very best vacations as you work your way through clothing that no longer fits, shoes that hurt your feet, and potential “appliances” you can’t live without! From hair dryers to curling irons and straighteners to crimpers, the fear of being without entices us to throw it all in the suitcase and worry about the nightmare of transporting overstuffed luggage later—unless, of course, you follow this packing guide for a light travel to Panama City Beach. Check out our tips for keeping it simple during your Florida getaway below!

Bikinis Take Up So Little Room

You’re going to the beach and will more than likely spend a large majority of your time in the sand and surf; other than a cover up, some flip flops, and maybe a sweatshirt for cooler nights, you really can get away with packing very little! Our in-unit washers and dryers are available even in the wee hours of the morning, so if you do feel like you may need to get dressed occasionally, packing for three days on a seven-day trip should be more than enough!

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Wait to Purchase Necessities in Panama City Beach

Many of the little things you need for personal hygiene take up space and weight, but if you purchase travel sized items at the local drug store after you get here, you save the space; plus, in many cases, our Vacations Perfected beachfront escapes may contain some of the things you need, saving you money as well! For those who are afraid they won’t be able to get their favorite snacks during their getaway, let us reassure you, the local stores have everything you need, and if it’s something you bake, our kitchens are fully equipped to handle the job!

Clean Out Your Purse

Your loyalty cards are only good for your stores back home, so why are you carrying them clear across the United States? Our purses tend to be catchalls for all the things we don’t know what to do with, but while traveling, lightening up and clearing out is the only way to go. The well-traveled purse should be filled with only the bare minimum: money sources, IDs, hand sanitizers and tissues, and a snack or two to tide you over now that airlines rarely feed their passengers anymore. If you do discover you forgot something you needed, as stated above, it can all be purchased here!

Feeling Light as a Feather

Traveling light feels wonderful, but do you want to know what feels even better? Staying in one of our comfortably luxurious Vacations Perfected escapes. Reserve yours today!