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Panama City Beach is one of the best places to go all year round — in the winter, you can head here to escape the cold, and in the summer, you can come here to hop in the water, get a bronzed tan, and learn how to surf. What more could you want for a coastal getaway?

Well, one of the top times to head to PCB is actually during the spring months. We love coming here during this lesser-visited season due to the fewer crowds, pristine weather, bright blue waters, white sand beaches, and ample things to do in the downtown area. You will never be bored during your stay in PCB! Let’s check out the top activities to do during your PCB spring break and why we think this picturesque coastal town is an ideal getaway location.

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Go for a Walk at Pier Park

Start your day by going to Pier Park in the morning to get in some exercise, feel the sun on your face, and maybe pick up a few souvenirs for your friends back at home. If you come here in the evening, we love going to Dave and Buster’s with younger kids or heading to the Grand IMAX Theater to check out a new flick on your date night!

View the Dolphins

Seeing the dolphins, fish, and other wildlife while you are in PCB is one of the biggest selling points to why you need to come here for your upcoming vacation! We recommend taking a sunset cruise to see the dolphins in the wild and snap a few pics to post on your Instagram.

Take a Trip to Shell Island

Shell Island is a great day trip for families with kids who want to pick up some beautiful sells as souvenirs to bring back home. You can sort through the brightly colored shells with unique shapes and patterns to always remind you of your fun Spring Break trip!

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Go Out at Night

Of course, we know that you probably come here for spring break to go out at night. We love going to Club La Vela to dance the night away and check out the different-themed rooms. You can also spend a night at Coyote Ugly, an upbeat and eclectic spot that is well-known among tourists and locals alike. Or head to Ms. Newby’s Liquors for a fun night out to listen to live music until 4 AM!

Spring Break is an ideal time to visit Panama City Beach, and Vacations Perfected has various luxurious vacation properties to choose from.

Instead of heading to Florida during the height of tourist season during the summer or the Christmas holidays, why not head here during shoulder season? You can enjoy fun monthly events, less-crowded beaches, and cheaper rental properties. Instead of overpaying for a crowded hotel room with your friends, you can simply rent one of our high-end and luxurious properties in Panama City Beach that are close to the local beaches, shops, and outdoor activities.

Luckily for you, there are tons of things to do in PCB during the fall season in Florida. Whether you want to explore the great outdoors, go shopping on one of the local streets, eat ethnic cuisine in the downtown area, or go to a once-a-year event, there is always something to do in the vibrant PCB. Let’s check out some of the best events and things to do in this beach-centric city.

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Panama City Beach Oktoberfest

Did someone say beer? We did! Oktoberfest is world-renowned for being a fun and vibrant beer-centric festivity in Germany and the Bavarian countries. If you are in Austria or Germany during the month of October, you can enjoy pints of beer (more like buckets of beer), Lederhosen, and great tunes. The German spirit is brought to PCB for this weekend in October, filled with kid’s activities, playgrounds, rides, dress-up costumes, and much more.

Emerald Coast Cruizin’ Fall 2022

Another fun event to attend during your fall in PCB is the Emerald Coast Cruizin fervent. If you have a classic car, or you simply appreciate the antiqueness of vintage cars cruising down the sunset strip, head to this event in November on Aaron Bessant Park.

Pier Park Back to School Supply Drive

Want to go on holiday AND feel good about something you have done? Head to this charitable event in August to enjoy giving back to the local community that you are visiting.

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Food Trucks of America Food Truck Festival

What better place to get some local grub for a filling lunch? Get a hamburger, hotdog, Japanese hotpot, slushie, or iced coffee at one of the many food trucks in PCB during this festival.

Doesn’t this sound more relaxing than being crowded with thousands of other tourists on the packed beaches during the summertime? We think so too! Head to Panama City Beach during the fall season to enjoy fun events and fewer crowds. Use Vacations Perfected to find the ideal home for you and your entire party!

Romance looks easy in the movies. Boy meets girl, boy finds a cute way to ask girl out, and boy and girl fall in love and live happily ever after. But what the movies don’t show is that happily ever after involves a lot of work! It’s easy to slack on the work when your jobs, your kids, and your families fill up your hours, but when you plan a romantic getaway to Panama City Beach, we at Vacations Perfected can help you remember the important stuff like date nights and quiet evenings in. This guide to romantic things to do in Panama City Beach FL will offer up the perfect ingredients to ensure your happily ever after really does last forever!

Tranquility by the Sea, 601 Grand Panama Boulevard

Sometimes all you need for a romantic outing is two extra pairs of hands, soothing lavender aromatherapy, and a private room for two. We are, of course, talking about the Sweetheart Special offered by Tranquility by the Sea, one of our favorite local day spas! Also offering the All You Need is Love special that includes a complete spa service of a Swedish massage performed with chocolate oil, hot stones, and feet and scalp massages, all that’s missing is a glass of champagne. Oh wait, for $5 more you can add a glass of champagne to this sweetheart’s delight, making your day all that much more special.

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Firefly, 535 N Richard Jackson Boulevard

The romantic meal of your dreams can be easily attained at this local hot spot! Firefly offers everything you need to flame the fires of your love, including a tree that grows right in the middle of the dining area! Share bites off each other’s plates as you sip your favorite grape and share secret dreams that only your partner can make come true. Be sure to save room for their famous Chocolate Turtle Cake, made by topping a moist and delicious chocolate cake with caramel sauce and toasted pecans! This is definitely one of the most romantic things to do in Panama City Beach FL!

Home Sweet Honeymoon Hideaway

You don’t need to be on an actual honeymoon to enjoy the luxuries and comfort of our Vacations Perfected honeymoon hideaways. Watch the sunset over the sea from the balcony of your favorite, sleep late every morning, and cuddle while watching fake couples find their happily ever after on the big-screen television. Reserve your favorite today!

The colder days are coming, and you may not be quite ready to deal with snow, ice, and sleet, making a Thanksgiving getaway to Panama City Beach the top item on your holiday bucket list! Offering moderate temperatures, the laid-back vibe of beach living, and a taste of tranquility that will help prepare you for the upcoming Christmas holiday, the only thing better than experiencing Thanksgiving in Panama City Beach is staying with Vacations Perfected when you do! This guide to the fun you can have and the relaxation you will enjoy will have you clicking the Book Now button almost before you finish reading!

No Name’s Annual Day Before Thanksgiving Party, November 24th, 5555 US-98, PCB

Since you won’t be shopping, cleaning, or cooking for Thanksgiving this year, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the party at one of our favorite watering holes, the No Name Lounge. Featuring another favorite, the musical group called Sons of Saints, the music promises to be hot, the drinks cold, and your mindset will be stationed on the celebration as you relax and enjoy the party you would never have been able to attend back home!

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Harpoon Harry’s for the Win, 12627 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach

As if sunny skies, white sands, and turquoise waters aren’t enough to make your heart skip a happy beat, the opportunity to enjoy a home cooked meal cooked by someone else is guaranteed to make you smile hard! Harpoon Harry’s is a local tradition for tired moms who just don’t want to handle the heat of the kitchen and will be your newest obsession! Offering all the traditional fixings, the reasonable cost and beach views ensure you won’t feel as if you are missing out on something important, as you gather round the dining table dining in accompaniment to the music of the sea!

Modify Your Own Traditions

Maybe you are worried about missing out on your signature stuffing (the one that your Nana brought over from the old country, resplendent with Italian sausage and mushrooms) or maybe you caught your first glimpse of our fully equipped kitchen and you decided right then and there that you couldn’t wait to get your hands on that stove. Whatever your reasons for choosing to cook a Thanksgiving in Panama City Beach meal, spending the holiday with the ones you love most in our comfortable and stylish holiday hideaways promises to give you plenty to be thankful for! Reserve your favorite property in Panama City Beach today!

One thing you will notice almost from your first day in Panama City Beach is the rain that comes rolling in on many days, right around 3 PM. Most Floridians know that it won’t be long before it rolls out again, and we rarely even notice when it starts or when it stops, but there may be a day during your fabulous Florida getaway where the skies stay gray, the sun hides behind the clouds, and the rain does not stop falling. There is no need to worry that your day is going to be ruined, however, even if it keeps raining all day; instead, keep a smile on your face and follow our lead with this guide to rainy day activities!

The Sky Is No Limit

The Pier Park Sky Wheel, rescued from Chicago and restored to its initial glory, will take you on a ride through the rainy skies (as long as there is no lightning), keeping you warm and dry as you take in the Florida landscape, snuggled up to the one you love most! The ride lasts just a few minutes, but the memories you make in the gondolas attached to the wheel will last a lifetime, and to be sure you don’t forget, a souvenir picture will be taken right before you board and will be displayed for purchase after your revolutions have been completed.

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What a WonderWorks World!

As you and your family are driving down Front Beach Road, you won’t be able to miss a very distinctive building made of cream stucco, faced with four columns and seemingly perched precariously on its roof! Before you call 911, however, we can assure you that the building is meant to look that way and houses over 35000 feet of fun. Hands-on science exhibits, laser tag, and a 6D motion ride ensure that your children will have a blast, and everyone will stay warm and dry!

Under the Sea

You will spend quite a bit of your Panama City Beach journey at the beach, and the Man in the Sea Museum will give you a clearer picture of the world under the seas in which you will be swimming. This unique museum offers indoor and outdoor exhibits, including some of the earliest diving equipment ever made. Run between the raindrops and check out the submarine modules and pods that are lined up on the grounds or stay dry inside and explore everything else this unusual museum has to offer!

Stay Inside with Vacations Perfected

As you sit on your balcony watching the rainfall into the waters below you, the realization that choosing Vacations Perfected was the best idea you have had this year may bring a smile to your face and peacefulness to your soul. Reserve your stay with us today!

When it is time to visit a place you have never visited before—Panama City Beach, for example—you may feel a little unsure about all there is to do while you are there. In Panama City Beach, of course, there are beaches where you will be spending a large portion of your time swimming, tanning, or just filling your vacation hours by walking up and down the shoreline, reveling in the sights, sounds, and scents of ocean life, but did you know that Russell-Fields Pier extends 1500 feet out onto the Gulf? Or that Shell Island is totally uninhabited but is also one of the best places in town for snorkeling or watching dolphins play? This guide to the top tours you can experience during your stay with Vacations Perfected in Panama City Beach will ensure that this will be a getaway you will talk about fondly for years to come!

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Don’t Just Wade at Shore’s Edge

Your Panama City Beach getaway is the perfect time to get out there and experience sea life, and the dolphin tours offered by Sea Screamer are an awesome way to do so! Take their Daytime Dolphin Cruise and laugh out loud at the antics of these friendly sea creatures or add a touch of romance to your adventure with a Sunset Dolphin Cruise offering all the fun the Daytime Dolphin Cruises offer but with a ringside seat to the spectacular Florida sunset! Both are two hours long, and both are family-friendly, so bring your kiddos along for an unforgettable experience.

A Bird’s Eye View

If you like to get the lay of the land, so to speak, before you head out for your own adventures, Panhandle Helicopter offers tantalizing glimpses of what you can expect from your getaway! Featuring flights that tease and last only for 5 minutes hovering above the beaches of Panama City Beach, flights that satisfy, lasting up to 25 minutes and giving you a bird’s eye view of everything special about the area, and everything in between, this tour promises to be your favorite—as long as you aren’t afraid of heights!

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Under the Sea

The Gulf isn’t just beautiful to look at and fun to play in, the world under the sea will take your breath away as you learn to snorkel with a tour of Shell Island offered by the Shell Island Shuttle. You can also go deeper with a totally new adventure when you learn to scuba with Try Scuba Diving. Both adventures offer a way to get to know the area better and promise to be the most memorable part of your vacation!

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Come home to comfort every day of your Panama City Beach vacation!

Year-round warmth and sun are what makes Florida a getaway no matter when you need to take one of your own. Beach time is always a priority – whether it’s a walk on the beach or some time to work on your tan. The winter months may not be the most ideal to test the waters of the Gulf for a swim, with water temperatures between just 57 and 64 degrees in the winter months. While water sports like SCUBA diving, snorkeling, or floating swimming don’t make the list, there are plenty of water-related as well as land-based activities to keep you busy on a winter vacation at Panama City Beach.


Fishing is a year-round activity in Florida. Stay close to the water with a fishing excursion. Many companies offer nearshore, inshore, fly, and deep sea fishing options including all the gear, bait, and tackle. Bring home snapper, mahi-mahi, king mackerel, redfish, trout, and much more depending on where you drop a line. For a unique experience, ask about nighttime fishing.

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Panama City Beach and the surrounding area is dotted with state parks and hiking trails. In the winter months when the intensity of the sun has backed off a little bit, it’s perfect weather for a day on the trails. Explore the area and be on the lookout for local wildlife like osprey, black bear, coyotes, and deer, just to name a few.

Indoor Activities

Take the fun inside and check out one of the many indoor activities Panama City Beach and the surrounding area have to offer. Do your best to reach 300 at Rockit Lanes bowling. Get baffled by the maze of mirrors, take on your friends or family in laser tag, or test your spy skills with the laser challenge at Emerald Coast Mirror Maze. Other indoor venues to add to your list are the Museum of Man in the Sea and the famed Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.


When you’re out and about enjoying Panama City Beach, or you’re looking for some local flavor to please your palate, check out one of the many dining establishments in the area. From local seafood to a taste of Havana, there are dining options for every meal of the day and budget. Many establishments offer children’s menus, and some even accommodate special diets like gluten free, vegan, or vegetarian.

Plan Your Winter Visit to Panama City Beach

Make every day of your Panama City Beach winter vacation one to remember when you begin and end it in a vacation rental provided by Vacations Perfected. Enjoy the privacy of one of our luxury rental homes or condos. Choose a cozy studio for an intimate experience, all the way up to a spacious four-bedroom to stay and play in luxury with friends or family on your winter getaway.

By the time New Year’s Eve arrives, much of the world is already experiencing cold weather and sleet, but that isn’t an issue when you say farewell to the last 12 months of your life with a lovely vacation in Panama City Beach! Offering positively balmy temperatures and the promise of sunny skies, visitors often feel warmed from the inside out—especially when they choose one of our Vacations Perfected holiday hideaways in which to celebrate! This guide to New Year’s fun in Panama City Beach is designed to help you start out 2021 the right way.

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Yes, There Will Be Fireworks!

Although 2020 has changed the way we look at every special event, Russel-Fields Pier, M.B. Miller Pier, and the Grand Lagoon are all still planning fireworks celebrations that will help dissipate the bad taste the past months have left in our mouths. The celebration may look different than it has in past years, as we social distance and wear colorful masks, but the sentiment will be the same. We will all be eagerly awaiting the blank slate that January 1st offers the world as we ooh and ahh over the colors lighting up the sky!

Beach Blanket Ball Drops

As of this writing, we don’t know for sure if the traditional Panama City Beach Beach Ball Drop will be held as it has in previous years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t host a beach ball drop of your own! Bring the blankets to the sugar white sands found right outside your Vacations Perfected vacation retreat and spend the waning hours of 2020 tossing a beach ball back and forth as the music of the Gulf lulls you into tranquility. Plan a picnic with handheld foods, sip champagne out of plastic cups, and send a silent message of thankfulness to the universe that in spite of all the negative, your 2021 is looking pretty positive from your seat on the sand!

Stay in and Play

Heat up appetizers in our fully equipped kitchens, sip champagne on the balcony as you watch the fireworks displays going off in the distance, and thoroughly hug and kiss your traveling partners who have been by your side every day of the year we are all happy to see the end of! Choosing Vacations Perfected for your holiday abode is the perfect way to send off the old year with a bang. Reserve your stay today!

As we enter the beginning of the new school year, many classrooms look quite different than those in the past. With the advent of the pandemic, online schooling has become the latest trend, and although it may mean more work for parents, it also offers new possibilities! Schooling and working from home can take place from any home in the world (as long as it has internet), and since fall temperatures in Panama City Beach are projected to be absolutely gorgeous, why not pay us a visit? Our comfortable and stylish Vacations Perfected rentals are designed to make your educational journey one you and your family will never forget!

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Classwork Has Never Been This Fun!

Whatever topic you choose to study can be made more interesting when you bring our beachfront village into the equation! Give your child a certain amount of money for souvenirs and snacks and practice budgeting for math class, explore the reasons why so many retirees choose Panama City Beach in which to live out their golden years for Social Studies, and make science class all about the world under the sea! Low tide at Rick Seltzer Park, located at 7419 Thomas Drive, offers a sand bar from which you can get an up close and personal glimpse into that world when the tide is low. Recess is as important to a healthy mind as it is to a healthy body, and if you choose to take part in the “class” by wading in the emerald green waters of the Gulf, no one is going to judge you! History class involves another field trip, only this one will be to the Man in the Sea Museum at 7314 Panama City Beach Parkway to learn everything there is to know about the history of diving; a trip into the past doesn’t always have to involve wars!

Hungry Minds Need Fuel

Seafood is known to be the best brain food there is, and in Panama City Beach, your options are plentiful! Grill up that amberjack you caught on your weekend fishing expedition or step out of the fully equipped and totally cheerful kitchen in your rental property and head to the beach for a lunch of surf and sunshine! Harpoon Harry’s, found at 12627 Front Beach Road, offers both as well as a delicious menu of seafood, burgers, steaks.

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A good night’s sleep is vital to a healthy brain, and the sleep you will receive in our tranquil bedrooms will be better than any before. Reserve your Vacations Perfected Florida getaway today and enjoy a getaway that is both education and entertaining!

When we travel, we love to learn as much as possible about the place we are visiting. We go about our days exploring the sites, attractions, and landscape of wherever we landed. Learning about the place and the people who once walked along the streets we are now exploring gives the getaway a little more depth and a lot more luster. If you are a kindred spirit and are right now planning your own historical journey to our favorite place on earth, this guide to the past will ensure your Panama City Beach historical journey will be one you never forget!

Man in the Sea Museum, 17314 Panama City Beach Parkway

With the crystal clear waters of the Gulf located just steps away from the door of your Vacations Perfected escape, you can expect that water activities, including diving, are much loved, and the Man in the Sea Museum gives away all the details! Dedicated to revealing the history of diving and the beauty that lies under the water, this museum has exhibits that go back over 100 years. Featuring diving helmets, experimental diving systems, and the first underwater living facility, their attention to detail brings the undersea world alive and will fascinate people of all ages.

Latimer Cabin

Anyone who has ever lived on the coast understands the various worries and problems that accompany seaside living, including surviving hurricanes and staying cool in the hottest days of summer—especially before air conditioning! The Latimer Cabin, located on the northeastern shore of Powell Lake, is a perfect example of American ingenuity. Built in 1935 from cypress logs, the cabin was designed to let the Gulf winds keep the home cool naturally, and the 22 windows are placed to ensure that no views are left unseen. The cabin was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004, preserving its history as a prime example of early Florida living forever.

The Gideon vs. Wainwright Case Historical Marker

Sometimes events happen that change the world for the better, and the Gideon vs. Wainwright Case is a prime example. Once upon a time, the impoverished were not appointed an attorney if they couldn’t afford one and were forced to defend themselves in trial, but in 1963 everything changed. Going all the way to the Supreme Court after being denied an attorney, the Justices ruled that every American accused of a serious crime must be appointed an attorney paid for by the public. A marker commemorating this historic event stands outside one of the original courthouses in Panama City, just a short drive from your Panama City Beach hideaway; if it fits into your schedule, it is worth the trip!

Vacations Perfected is the Only Choice

Our homes may not be the historical choice, filled as they are with modern furnishings and updated appliances, but they are definitely the right choice when you’re looking for a wonderful place to stay. Reserve yours today!

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