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When the snow begins to fall in your hometown, you might not immediately think of going on vacation. It can sometimes be hard to figure out the best spot for you to choose for a holiday when you are cold and cooped up in your apartment. But we have a great idea: Why not choose somewhere warm where you can go outside, walk along the beach, feel the sunshine on your face, and taste fresh seafood? Plan a Panama City Beach trip!

If this sounds like a dream, then you might never want to wake up! But we promise you, it is real. Check out Panama City Beach, a beautiful and amazing coastal area in the Sunshine State that offers pristine beaches, great seafood, friendly people, pristine shopping, and outdoor activities that you can do all year round. The cold weather is no deterrent here in Florida, as the state stays warm and sunny all year long. You can forget about the cold and blustery wind in your hometown, the feet of fresh snowfall, and the miserable people. Leave that all behind when you book a vacation with us at Vacations Perfected!

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Head Out for a Fishing Excursion

One of the top things to do this year when you go to Panama City Beach is to book a fishing charter! Even if you are an experienced fisherman, it can be fun to book a charter with a professional who can help take you to the best spots, drive you to the top locations for catching fish, and chat with you about the specific lure, bait, and tackle to use for an athletic-filled afternoon. Who knows, you might even get lucky and catch a few trout, redfish, and flounder that made their way from St. Andrews Bay! This would be an incredible find and would surely make this a vacation you will never forget.

Plan a Date Night

If you are going to Panama City Beach with your partner, or even by yourself, you should plan a nice ‘date night’. Take yourself or your partner to a nice dinner in the heart of Panama City Beach to enjoy the fresh seafood from the blue water, feel the cool ocean breeze on your face, and chat with some of the locals who make this place so special. We recommend going to Firefly, a fine dining restaurant that offers a unique and amazing dining experience in the heart of Panama City Beach.

We highly recommend the escargot with parmesan crumble and grilled sourdough as a starter and share it with the flash fried brussels sprouts topped with avocado dressing. As a main dish, try the famous Australian Rack of Lamb with creamy pearl couscous or the Pepper crusted stuffed filet mignon with caramelized onions, roasted red potato hash, and spinach.

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As the final holiday of the first quarter of 2022 begins to peek over the horizon, many happy travelers find themselves asking the most important question of all; Which way to the beach? Easter in Panama City Beach may not resemble the holiday you often suffer through as there will be no snow, no cold, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy and when you choose Vacations Perfected for your holiday hideaway, well, it promises to be as close to perfect as perfect can be! This guide to the fun you can have exploring Panama City Beach and the comforts you will find in our seasonal sanctuaries will help ensure that this Easter is the best one yet!

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The Search Continues

For the smaller members of your traveling party, the hunt for Easter eggs is one of the most important parts of the holiday and fortunately there are a couple of ways to keep their lower lips from trembling and tears from falling onto chubby little cheeks at the thought of missing out. A little bunny has hinted that the Easter Egg Hunt at Frank Brown Park will take place once more after a hiatus due to the pandemic and we are all excited at this further example of the return to normalcy. Generally held on the day before Easter, the fun includes eggs, candy, and pictures with the big hopper himself! Schooners Restaurant is also scheduled to do their own egg hunt on the weekend of Easter, offering much of the same things you will find at the park, with the addition of Easter mimosas for all the adults in your party! And finally, for those who prefer to stay home and avoid the crowds, your Vacations Perfected sanctuary offers plenty of places to hide those pesky little eggs!

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Hoppy Feaster!

As with most holidays, the family feast is the highlight of the celebration and if you really want to celebrate in style, Firefly Restaurant never fails to please. Offering a traditional menu that will wow, their Easter brunch menu is destined to linger in your dreams for years to come, perhaps even enticing you to return for Easter in 2023!

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Easter in Panama City Beach

Of course, all the fun you can find around town may pale in comparison to the fun and comforts found in our Vacations Perfected escapes! Allowing guests the opportunity to hide eggs, create an Easter Feast to remember, and relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Gulf of Mexico below, our properties add an essential element of wonder to your Easter getaway. Reserve your favorite today!

When it is time to hit the road for your spring vacation, if your car is heading south to the glorious beachside town of Panama City Beach, be sure to program our Vacations Perfected seasonal sanctuaries into your GPS! Florida road trips offer the best of all vacation opportunities and as you pass through the states, feeling the air soften and the sun shine brighter when the scent of the sea assails your nostrils, you will know you have reached your home away from home. This guide to the fun you can have on your trip to Panama City Beach will ensure that no other vacation will shine as brightly!

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Take a Hike

After a long car trip, the first thing you want to do is get out and stretch your legs and there is no better place to do so than at the park; Conservation Park, to be exact! Located at 100 Conservation Drive, 24 miles of trails take you through some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth! Cypress trees, wetland areas, and the wildlife that make their home in these reclaimed acres all combine to create an adventure you will wish never had to end!

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Talk to the Animals

Speaking of wildlife, ZooWorld Zoological Park, 9008 Front Beach Road, allows visitors to get up close and personal with creatures both exotic and standard. Feed the alligators (it’s safe, we promise!) and giraffes or add on to your adventure when purchasing an animal experience. At this time, you can meet and greet with sloths, lemurs, alligators, and kangaroos, but who knows which exotic beast you will make friends with when you visit this wonderful park?

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Sunset on Russell-Fields City Pier

Panama City Beach glows every minute of the day, but at sunset it comes alive with a special light that will never be enjoyed more than when viewed from the Russell-Fields City Pier. Stretching out into the gulf over 1500 feet, your world will never be the same again as you and your favorite traveling partner stake a claim on a section of the pier, feeling the gulf breezes kiss your cheeks as the sun sets in a fiery ball of color into the water. This sight, no matter how many times viewed, never fails to awe!

Exploring the Amenities of Vacations Perfected

The best part of your day, of course, will be coming home to the comfort, style, and luxury amenities that make your spring sanctuary special! Reserve your favorite Vacations Perfected escape today!

It’s true that the trees won’t be losing the last of their leaves, and we 100% agree that it won’t be necessary to wear your winter coat over your Halloween costume, but when you choose to spend the holiday in Panama City Beach, we can also guarantee that you will have an absolutely sensational celebration! Spend your days and evenings eating all the candy you can find or dressing up in your scariest costume and your nights sleeping without nightmares in our Vacations Perfected seasonal sanctuaries; this guide will give you all the information you need to have the time of your life!

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2nd Annual Halloween Hustle Costume Run/Walk, October 16 Frank Brown Park

The holidays have snuck up on us again and if you find yourself snacking more than you should, this annual Halloween costume run could be the solution to your tightening waistband! It’s all for fun, of course, so walk, run, or sit on the sidelines and get some ideas for the new Halloween costume you have been contemplating for yourself! Offering a swag bag for all participants and a medal and tee shirt as well, you can choose between the Halloween Howl 5K run or the Halloween Howl 1-mile fun run and pre-emptively work off those holiday pounds that are bound to creep up on you!

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Halloween Haunted Holidays PCB, October 30-31 at Splash Bar

You may not know it, but you have been waiting your whole life for a Halloween in Panama City Beach party that is this exciting! Offering a Haunted Holidays theme and featuring costume contests, drag shows, and dance parties that will be impossible to ignore as you shake your spooky groove thing and show off your creativity in your own Halloween costume. Seriously, this event is quite possibly the biggest party of the year and if you miss it, you may just regret it forever! Tickets can be purchased online.

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Truck or Treat Food Truck Festival, October 30, St Andrews Grill @ the Salty Hobo

If you were to ask your children, trick or treating is the most important part of the Halloween in Panama City Beach holiday and they may be more than a little worried they won’t be able to do so during your Panama City Beach getaway, but the Truck or Treat Food Truck Festival proves otherwise! Offering delicious food, beverages, and all the candy your kids can eat, the opportunity to beg for treats safely is one your children will thank you for!

Happy Halloween from Vacations Perfected!

We welcome all witches, ghosts, and goblins—reserve your favorite holiday hideaway today!

When it is time to visit a place you have never visited before—Panama City Beach, for example—you may feel a little unsure about all there is to do while you are there. In Panama City Beach, of course, there are beaches where you will be spending a large portion of your time swimming, tanning, or just filling your vacation hours by walking up and down the shoreline, reveling in the sights, sounds, and scents of ocean life, but did you know that Russell-Fields Pier extends 1500 feet out onto the Gulf? Or that Shell Island is totally uninhabited but is also one of the best places in town for snorkeling or watching dolphins play? This guide to the top tours you can experience during your stay with Vacations Perfected in Panama City Beach will ensure that this will be a getaway you will talk about fondly for years to come!

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Don’t Just Wade at Shore’s Edge

Your Panama City Beach getaway is the perfect time to get out there and experience sea life, and the dolphin tours offered by Sea Screamer are an awesome way to do so! Take their Daytime Dolphin Cruise and laugh out loud at the antics of these friendly sea creatures or add a touch of romance to your adventure with a Sunset Dolphin Cruise offering all the fun the Daytime Dolphin Cruises offer but with a ringside seat to the spectacular Florida sunset! Both are two hours long, and both are family-friendly, so bring your kiddos along for an unforgettable experience.

A Bird’s Eye View

If you like to get the lay of the land, so to speak, before you head out for your own adventures, Panhandle Helicopter offers tantalizing glimpses of what you can expect from your getaway! Featuring flights that tease and last only for 5 minutes hovering above the beaches of Panama City Beach, flights that satisfy, lasting up to 25 minutes and giving you a bird’s eye view of everything special about the area, and everything in between, this tour promises to be your favorite—as long as you aren’t afraid of heights!

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Under the Sea

The Gulf isn’t just beautiful to look at and fun to play in, the world under the sea will take your breath away as you learn to snorkel with a tour of Shell Island offered by the Shell Island Shuttle. You can also go deeper with a totally new adventure when you learn to scuba with Try Scuba Diving. Both adventures offer a way to get to know the area better and promise to be the most memorable part of your vacation!

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Come home to comfort every day of your Panama City Beach vacation!

As the crowds slowly begin to trickle in for the beginning of summer fun, visitors discover that their early summer visit to Panama City Beach may have been the best decision they made this year! Offering the same excitement and joy that you find later in the season, but lacking the crowds and late summer humidity, this time of the year is definitely one of our favorites and is destined to be your favorite as well. This guide to all the fun you can have during your stay with us will ensure that every minute is filled with happiness, excitement, and joy!

Toes in the Sand

The first thing you will want to do—the first thing everyone wants to do—is toss your suitcase on the bed of your Vacations Perfected escape and check out the sugar-white sands you can see from your window! A beach day is popular no matter what season. Wade in the cool and clear waters, build sandcastles at the water’s edge, or lie out under an umbrella reading, relaxing, and reveling in the magnificent sights and sounds you can only find at the beach.

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Head in the Clouds

The sight of our little piece of paradise from above is one you will never want to forget when you choose to explore the area via helicopter! Panhandle Helicopter offers tours of the panhandle that last anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 minutes and allow guests to experience the breathtaking beauty of Panama City Beach in ways they never dreamed they could. Watch schools of dolphins frolicking in the waters, the inaccessible beaches on Shell Island, and if you time your flight right, the indescribable exquisiteness of a Panama City Beach sunset.

Everything in Between!

Enjoy dolphin tours by boat, shopping expeditions on foot, and much more during your stay in Panama City Beach. When you find yourself seeking moments of peace and quiet, your Vacations Perfected summer sanctuary offers as many moments of such as you need! Sit on your balcony watching the ebb and flow of the tide, swim in the community pools, and nap in the middle of a lazy Wednesday. Every minute of your early summer getaway in one of the most beautiful cities in the nation is guaranteed to make you feel as if you just stepped out of your dreams and into paradise! Reserve your stay today and start making beautiful memories.

Valentine’s Day is all about the love as we take the 24 hours to show the people in our lives how much we really care. But is one day really long enough? Your Valentine has been by your side through the good times, the bad times, and the super rough times of the pandemic, and this year you feel the need to really spoil him or her! This year, a getaway to the tropical delights of Panama City Beach and a stay in one of our luxurious Vacations Perfected love nests is on the agenda and this guide to the most romantic activities will ensure that your special someone will feel like royalty by the end of the weekend!

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The Romance of Breakfast

Anyone can set up a romantic dinner, but have you ever considered the romance factor of a really good breakfast? There is no more powerful way of saying I love you then by letting your Valentine sleep in and awaken to the sight of you bringing in the most important meal of the day on a breakfast tray! And if cooking is not really your thing, the All American Diner at 15406 Front Beach Road offers takeout. Slip out of bed carefully, pull up their menu online, and call (850) 233-6007 for a special morning meal that never fails to please. The All American Diner is a Panama City Beach tradition and must be visited in person at least once during your stay for the complete breakfast experience!

A Bike Ride on the Beach

It’s not just the grand gestures that will keep the heart of your beloved belonging to you. Sometimes it is the smaller moments that bring about the largest impact: a kiss at sunset, whispered dreams shared late in the night, and a quiet bike ride on the beach during your romantic Florida getaway! Bike the Beach PCB, 17292 Front Beach Road, rents out beautiful beach cruisers; after that, all you need to do is find your favorite beach to ride on! We don’t think that part will be a difficult task.

Sweets for the Sweets

The romance of a truly great piece of chocolate can’t be overrated, and a visit to Kilwin’s Ice Cream & Fudge of PCB, 821 Pier Park Drive #100, offers the greatest proof! Offering specials every day, if you come in on Saturday, the taste of their Caramel Chews (buy one, get one free) will convince your sweetheart that you really do love him or her!

Quiet Evenings at Home

A sumptuous dinner enjoyed on the balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, a romantic movie, and some quality hot tub time are all you need to finish off the ultimate day of love on a high note! Reserve your Vacations Perfected love nest today!

As we enter the beginning of the new school year, many classrooms look quite different than those in the past. With the advent of the pandemic, online schooling has become the latest trend, and although it may mean more work for parents, it also offers new possibilities! Schooling and working from home can take place from any home in the world (as long as it has internet), and since fall temperatures in Panama City Beach are projected to be absolutely gorgeous, why not pay us a visit? Our comfortable and stylish Vacations Perfected rentals are designed to make your educational journey one you and your family will never forget!

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Classwork Has Never Been This Fun!

Whatever topic you choose to study can be made more interesting when you bring our beachfront village into the equation! Give your child a certain amount of money for souvenirs and snacks and practice budgeting for math class, explore the reasons why so many retirees choose Panama City Beach in which to live out their golden years for Social Studies, and make science class all about the world under the sea! Low tide at Rick Seltzer Park, located at 7419 Thomas Drive, offers a sand bar from which you can get an up close and personal glimpse into that world when the tide is low. Recess is as important to a healthy mind as it is to a healthy body, and if you choose to take part in the “class” by wading in the emerald green waters of the Gulf, no one is going to judge you! History class involves another field trip, only this one will be to the Man in the Sea Museum at 7314 Panama City Beach Parkway to learn everything there is to know about the history of diving; a trip into the past doesn’t always have to involve wars!

Hungry Minds Need Fuel

Seafood is known to be the best brain food there is, and in Panama City Beach, your options are plentiful! Grill up that amberjack you caught on your weekend fishing expedition or step out of the fully equipped and totally cheerful kitchen in your rental property and head to the beach for a lunch of surf and sunshine! Harpoon Harry’s, found at 12627 Front Beach Road, offers both as well as a delicious menu of seafood, burgers, steaks.

Book Your Fun and Educational Journey Today

A good night’s sleep is vital to a healthy brain, and the sleep you will receive in our tranquil bedrooms will be better than any before. Reserve your Vacations Perfected Florida getaway today and enjoy a getaway that is both education and entertaining!

Working from home has taken very little to get used to as we recognize the benefits not just for us, but for the environment as well. Pollution is down, pants are optional, and those extra minutes of sleep every morning are helpful to our peace of mind and our health; tired adults grow ill so much easier than rested ones! As the borders open once again, allowing us to travel easier, there is another benefit that many of you probably haven’t realized quite yet. Working from home doesn’t have to mean from YOUR home; it could be any home in the world, including our Vacations Perfected Panama City Beach escapes!

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Working Remotely from the Beach Will Hardly Seem Like Work at All

As you look about the space you’ve rented for the next week or so, choosing the perfect spot to work may seem easy until you realize that every spot is your favorite! Spread out papers and equipment on the dining room table, being sure you are facing the views available through the wall of windows at the back. The perfect backdrop is important for Zoom meetings, so maybe you’ll find yourself sitting on the balcony with your back to the sea, allowing coworkers and clients to realize how brilliant you were in choosing Panama City Beach for your working vacation! Or, on those lazy days when you just can’t bring yourself to leave the comfort of one of our premium mattresses, bring the work to bed! King size beds leave plenty of room for comfort and paperwork, and if you take a nap in the midst of finishing a report, is anyone going to be the wiser? At lunch, order from one of the area restaurants offering contact-free delivery or take a break and walk to the sea shack by the beach; the sights and sounds of the Gulf waters crashing against the beach complement a lobster roll perfectly!

It’s 5 o’clock Right Here!

When 5 o’clock rolls around, closing your laptop and turning off the ringer to your phone is guaranteed to be the highlight of your day—especially when you realize that summer allows a few more hours of sunshine! Walk out of your rental and head down to the white sands outside your condo and dive headfirst into the waves, forgetting you ever had to work at all. Enjoy a casual bite on Harpoon Harry’s beachfront patio (12627 Front Beach Road) as you watch the sun sink into the horizon, heading back to shore’s edge for a moonlit walk after you have completed your meal. Your Panama City Beach working vacation is destined to be filled with happy memories when you choose Vacations Perfected for your accommodations—reserve yours today!

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What do you do when you have vacation time scheduled but none of your friends and family can manage to get the same time off? We suppose you could stick close to home, cross some things off the endless lists all homeowners have, and maybe enjoy a couple of margarita lunches with the company of your eBook. That could be fun for sure. Or, and we think this might be an even more exciting idea, you can take a solo journey to the beautiful town of Panama City Beach in Florida and enjoy a relaxing stay in one of our Vacations Perfected beachside hideaways! The following Panama City Beach activities for a solo traveler will ensure that this won’t be the first time you decide to take a journey all on your own.

Sunset Views and Quiet Contemplation

Not every activity you partake in has to make your heart beat faster during your stay in Panama City Beach; some of the most memorable moments will be those spent watching a sunset so spectacular it takes your breath away! Sip a glass of wine on the balcony of your Vacations Perfected condo, or walk along the shores of the gulf, enjoying ocean breezes and the company of other travelers enjoying the same view!

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Explore the Wildlife

Gulf World is our hometown “aquarium” that offers an up close and personal look at life under the sea! Take in the daily shows that involve dolphins, sea lions, and a feather & friends show, or inquire about the opportunity to feed a stingray in Stingray Bay. You don’t need a plus one to laugh at the antics of these sea creatures—unless your plus one is a dolphin and you are checking out the Swim with the Dolphins program!

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Although you might miss your favorite purse and package holder during your shopping spree at Pier Park Drive, do you really think you need an anchor holding you back as they ask you if REALLY need that stained glass imitation of a mermaid’s tail? Of course you need it, and all the other fun and unique gifts you can purchase without restraint; shopping in Panama City Beach is definitely one incidence where solo is best!

As Night Falls and Daylight Fades

The best part of your solo journey to Panama City Beach will be coming home to one of our exclusive Vacations Perfected vacation escapes—reserve yours today!