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The 4th of July holiday is one of the best times for you to celebrate with your friends, visit family, or go on a trip with your partner. We can’t think of any better time to head to the beach than the hot summer months! Not only can you make use of the long days, strong sunshine, and hotter temperatures, but you can find unique annual events to attend that are only happening once a year in Panama City Beach! Check out our favorite activities for 4th of July in Panama City Beach below.

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Real Fun Fourth

The ‘Real Fun Fourth’ celebration is famous in Panama City Beach! This fun-filled and exciting yearly event features fireworks on the beach, incredible views of the coastline, and dozens of special events that take over PCB and the surrounding areas between July 2nd and 4th every single year. We love how there are THREE spectacular nights of fun, so you can choose which night you really want to party!

There will be dozens of radio stations and music acts that dot the coastline during these fun days. You will never feel bored during your three days of live music, great drinks, breathtaking sunsets, and eye-catching fireworks.

One of the first events to attend during your time in Panama City Beach for the holiday is the Light up the Bay Fireworks on July 2nd. Sometimes it is best to go to the first event so you can tick this off your list and get pristine views surrounding the bright blue water of the bay.

The next day, you can see the fireworks light up the Gulf. If you are staying close to the Gulf, this is a great way to watch the fireworks from the comfort of your own home. We offer dozens of properties that have outdoor space that can provide expansive views over the water, featuring private patios, decks, and private pools.

Plus, Panama City Beach has the Freedom Rocks! Fireworks show on July 3rd that you can attend if you want to listen to live music, see the large fireworks display over the white sand beaches, and view the skyscrapers in the distance head here early to set up a picnic blanket on the beach and dig your toes in the and as you sip on some hot cocoa.

Finally, Panama City Beach offers the Star Spangled Spectacular show on July 4th! This is the show that everyone has been waiting for. We recommend heading close to the pier to see the fireworks over the ocean and claim a spot on the large stretches of beach so you can see the views unobstructed. Bring a drink, blanket, and your best friends to enjoy this show with your loved ones.

Go Surfing

Another fun thing to do during the 4th of July weekend in Panama City Beach is to learn how to surf! We know that lying down and relaxing on the beach can be fun, but it can get boring. That is why watersports are the best thing to do during a long weekend in Panama City Beach.

We recommend heading to St. Andre’s Park, commonly known as ‘The Park’ to locals, for a great surf session. This is one of the best spots on the Gulf and is conveniently located right near St. Andrews Recreational Area. The breaks are good for those who can handle their surfboard and want to also test their luck with longboarding.

Another great spot to unleash your board is Wood Pier. This popular spot is well known for its long wooden pier that juts out into the water. We like heading here to watch other surfers and test our luck with the beginner waves.

Lastly, check out Panama City Pier to enjoy reliable surf all year round. This area offers consistent and surfable waves that are great for use during the summer months. Although the winter season is best for offshore winds, the summer months can still offer slight wind that is good for beginners learning how to surf.

Grab a Coffee

Before you go out partying all night long for the 4th of July, it can be best to grab a coffee and get your caffeine fix! We love going to The Pour for our first coffee of the day. Head there to get an espresso-laden drink, like an iced latte or stone cappuccino with two espresso shots. This cool and laid-back spot in PCB offers traditional coffee drinks, other smoothies, and a friendly environment.

Another great spot to check out during your stay here is Roasters Edge Coffee Roastery and Deja Brew Coffee Shop. This coffee roaster offers freshly roasted cups that provide enough strength and flavor for you to drink black without any milk! Pair your strong coffee with Danish rolls, sandwiches, and other pastries.

Plan Your 4th of July Escape

Does this sound perfect for your needs? We think so too! Check out Panama City Beach for a 4th of July holiday.

Enjoy the 4th With Your Own Beach House!

If you, like us, thought you were never going to survive those 3 excruciatingly long months between President’s Day and Memorial Day, we have a little good news for you. NOW is the time to start making plans for that long weekend which will actually be here sooner than you realize! And because you chose Panama City Beach for the ultimate getaway in relaxation, we know you will be even happier when you choose Vacations Perfected in which to be comfortable and spoiled! This guide to a Memorial Day in Panama City Beach filled with high points and happiness can only be made sweeter by staying with us!

This Way to the Beach

After a late start to your day and a hearty breakfast enjoyed at the Pancakery, 13800 Panama City Beach Parkway Unit 110, it will be time to start the very serious business of burying your toes in the sand. The beach is what you have been dreaming about since you first clicked Book Now on the Vacations Perfected holiday hideaway of your dreams and the beach is more than likely where you will spend most of your time during your stay. Many homeowners provide beach gear for your convenience and use, but if your escape does not, the list of what is needed for a truly excellent time is simple and includes sunscreen, a cooler filled with your favorite snacks and beverages, chairs, umbrellas, and an appetite for fun!

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Shipwreck Island, 12201 Hutchison Boulevard

Just as in many cities all over the US, Memorial Day Weekend is the opening day for waterparks and Shipwreck Island is our favorite place to play! Bringing back memories of childhood days spent running up the concrete paths towards the summit of waterslides so tall you felt you could touch the clouds, the smells of chlorine, sunscreen, and grape popsicles and the sounds of childish laughter and screams of joy will show that some things never change. Even if you spend most of your day at the park in the kiddie pools or floating around the lazy river, leaving the daredevil thrills you used to crave to the next generation.

Memorial Day in Panama City Beach with Vacations Perfected

The best moments this Memorial Day weekend may be the ones spent under the shelter of our Vacations Perfected holiday hideaways. Barbecuing on the community grills, watching your kiddos practice their cannonballs from the comfort of a lounge chair by the community pool, and sipping cocktails on the balconies of our condos, never wavering in your admiration of the seas and sand below you. Reserve your favorite Vacations Perfected escape today!