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We all love the nicer things in life: the feel of high thread count sheets beneath our skin, the smoothness of an excellent bottle of wine, or the amenities that come along with a first-class plane ride all make us feel as if we are leading a charmed life. Luxury cars, luxury homes, and luxury vacations are the goals we all strive to attain, and if your luxury getaway has you pointed in the direction of Panama City Beach, this guide to all things sumptuous will ensure your stay will be everything you dreamed it could be!

Fine Restaurants

An excellent meal is the ultimate in luxury, and the meals served at g. Foley’s, 3212 W 23rd Street, fit the bill quite nicely! Offering a quiet sophistication that contrasts nicely with the casual ambiance, it’s impossible to not find something you will love during your visit. From the Sweet Heat Shrimp found on their appetizer menu to the Tarpon Dock Grouper on the Foley’s Favorites menu, every bite will be better than the last, especially if you save room for their sinfully rich flourless chocolate cake!

Boutique Buyouts

Shopping is an adventure wherever you go, but in Panama City Beach, we have more than a few shops and boutiques that will take your shopping excursion to the next level! Pick up something “swell” with a visit to Lizard Thicket Boutique, 15565 Starfish Street, or something sparkly when you drop by David Scott Fine Jewelry, located at 15600 Panama City Beach Parkway #760. Step into the past when you check out the wares of A Coastal Chic and Antique Shop, 2505 Thomas Drive, or simply stroll through 8000 square feet of aisles to find something unique at Turtle Girls Market, 7930 Front Beach Road. We can promise you are sure to find something that you will never find at home!

The Luxury of Vacations Perfected

Whether you are sipping something sinfully delicious at the Panama City Beach Winery or simply looking for a place to buy a new bikini for a day on the beach, coming home each night to the simple comforts of our Vacations Perfected luxury abodes will be the highlight of your vacation! Offering everything from condos to cottages, our luxury amenities will welcome you and spoil you in ways you never knew possible. Reserve yours today!



When we travel, we love to learn as much as possible about the place we are visiting. We go about our days exploring the sites, attractions, and landscape of wherever we landed. Learning about the place and the people who once walked along the streets we are now exploring gives the getaway a little more depth and a lot more luster. If you are a kindred spirit and are right now planning your own historical journey to our favorite place on earth, this guide to the past will ensure your Panama City Beach historical journey will be one you never forget!

Man in the Sea Museum, 17314 Panama City Beach Parkway

With the crystal clear waters of the Gulf located just steps away from the door of your Vacations Perfected escape, you can expect that water activities, including diving, are much loved, and the Man in the Sea Museum gives away all the details! Dedicated to revealing the history of diving and the beauty that lies under the water, this museum has exhibits that go back over 100 years. Featuring diving helmets, experimental diving systems, and the first underwater living facility, their attention to detail brings the undersea world alive and will fascinate people of all ages.

Latimer Cabin

Anyone who has ever lived on the coast understands the various worries and problems that accompany seaside living, including surviving hurricanes and staying cool in the hottest days of summer—especially before air conditioning! The Latimer Cabin, located on the northeastern shore of Powell Lake, is a perfect example of American ingenuity. Built in 1935 from cypress logs, the cabin was designed to let the Gulf winds keep the home cool naturally, and the 22 windows are placed to ensure that no views are left unseen. The cabin was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004, preserving its history as a prime example of early Florida living forever.

The Gideon vs. Wainwright Case Historical Marker

Sometimes events happen that change the world for the better, and the Gideon vs. Wainwright Case is a prime example. Once upon a time, the impoverished were not appointed an attorney if they couldn’t afford one and were forced to defend themselves in trial, but in 1963 everything changed. Going all the way to the Supreme Court after being denied an attorney, the Justices ruled that every American accused of a serious crime must be appointed an attorney paid for by the public. A marker commemorating this historic event stands outside one of the original courthouses in Panama City, just a short drive from your Panama City Beach hideaway; if it fits into your schedule, it is worth the trip!

Vacations Perfected is the Only Choice

Our homes may not be the historical choice, filled as they are with modern furnishings and updated appliances, but they are definitely the right choice when you’re looking for a wonderful place to stay. Reserve yours today!

The joy of sunny skies and palm trees swaying in the breeze, the sound of ocean waves crashing against beaches that are soft and white, and the taste of your favorite tropical drink sliding smoothly down your throat; if this isn’t how your 2020 is starting, it’s not too late to rectify it! Get out of the winter gray of your hometown and hop into the comfortable style of our Vacations Perfected beachfront condos and discover all the wonderful ways you can enjoy your first Panama City Beach vacation in 2020. Our little guide here will make sure you don’t miss out on a single moment of the fun!

Lazy Days Filled with Fun

To be honest, you really don’t have to do anything to have a great time in Panama City Beach; our Gulf front town is built just for fun, and our condos are designed for comfort. Sleep as late as you want in soft beds with sweet dreams floating around in your brains or get up early to watch the sunrise as you walk along the shoreline of the emerald green waters. Blend together the ingredients for a Mai Tai in one of our fully equipped kitchens to enjoy on the balcony located just outside the living room’s glass doors. Swim in the heated pool that’s offered as an amenity during your stay; feel your muscles loosen with each stroke and try not to laugh too loudly at the hijinks of your 10-year-old as he cannonballs into the pool just ahead of you! Our Vacations Perfected winter escapes offer the perfect vacation experience and you won’t even need to leave the boundaries of the property!

But When You Do Want to Get Out

Panama City Beach offers enough vacation experiences to fill every minute of your stay and then some! Many of our units offer free activities: free admission to Gulf World, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, or Escape Room 60 are just a few examples. Karaoke at Whiskey’s Saloon offers a chance to show off your wild side, while a visit to Zoo World allows you the opportunity to experience a different kind of wildlife! Seafood and margaritas enjoyed on the patio of Sharky’s Beachfront Restaurant fills the empty space in your stomach as it feeds your soul; live entertainment that you won’t be able to help but sing along to finishes the perfection of an evening on the town in Panama City Beach!

What Are You Waiting For?

Now is the time to show the world how a winter vacation should be done! Reserve your Vacations Perfected winter getaway today!