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Boating in Panama City Beach

When you’re a beach-loving traveler trying to decide on the ultimate vacation destination, it’s easy to land on Panama City Beach as a favorite locale. This scenic and sunny spot on the northwest coast of Florida finds its stride in a collection of sugar-white stretches of shoreline paired with blue skies, emerald palm trees, and a side of flavorful stops to dot the terrain too. While digging your toes into the sand is always a delight, getting out on the water is just as much of a well-loved activity in this area. When you’re ready to take your adventures from the beach chair to the pontoon, consider these boating excursions to be enjoyed in boating in Panama City Beach.

Lagoon Pontoons

Panama City Beach is a place that inspires visitors to take life in stride and explore at their very own leisurely pace. The best route to sticking to this ideal while enjoying time on the water is to rent a vessel for the day with Lagoon Pontoons. Situated at 5201 N. Lagoon Drive Ste 1, Lagoon Pontoons offers rentals that range from single to double-decker vessels, perfect for spending a day on the water with the kids and even able to be customized to include a waterslide! Whether you’re headed to Shell Island to explore or can’t wait to take in the scenery at St. Andrews Bay, renting a pontoon with this team guarantees a great day on the water.

Adventures at Sea When Boating in Panama City Beach

While independent boating adventures are fun, those looking for a more guided experience on the waves can always turn to Adventures at Sea for inspiration. This company specializes in customized Panama city beach boating day trips that can be reserved as traditional sightseeing options or paired with Shell Island dolphin spotting adventures. For those with a need for even more speed, a boating tour can always be combined with a jet ski rental.

Wild Thang Airboat Tours

For a less traditional approach to boating in Panama City Beach, consider booking a tour with Wild Thang Airboat Tours while you’re in town. Located at 14856 Bay View Circle, this company provides guests with a one of a kind journey through the Florida waters in search of alligators and wildlife in abundance. There are options to souvenir shop during this excursion as well. Panama city beach boating trips can be booked for 30 minutes or one hour and those looking for some added fun will want to consider reserving their place on one of the nighttime tours.

Dolphin & Snorkel Tours Inc.

For the nature lover who wants to savor the beauty of Florida’s wildlife and coastline without craning your neck to see around other boat passengers, Dolphin & Snorkel Tours Inc. provides an intimate, eco-friendly experience. Depending on which tour you choose, you can enjoy dolphin encounters, snorkeling, exploring Shell Island, or catching a brilliant sunset. The captains and guides at Dolphin & Snorkel Tours are top notch, with lots of experience and knowledge about the local wildlife. The Atlantic bottlenose dolphins are a highlight of the tour, and the captains are consistently able to find them within their natural habitats to give passengers an up-close and personal look at their playful behavior. Maintaining respect for these magnificent creatures, we do not feed or handle the dolphins, but when they are spotted in a location that is safe for swimming, passengers are able to enjoy a swim or snorkel alongside them!

Shell Island is one of Panama City Beach’s true gems, offering up not only unspoiled white sand beaches, but also opportunities for viewing wildlife such as sea turtles, rays, sharks, ospreys, and pelicans. The snorkeling site varies by the day so that each guide can choose the clearest and calmest location for that particular day’s conditions. Swim alongside Florida’s vibrant wildlife as you snorkel over seagrass beds, sandbars, and reefs! A real perk of booking a tour with Dolphin & Snorkel Tours, Inc. is that the maximum number of guests per boat is set at six, offering a more intimate experience than what you would encounter with some of the other boat tours in the area. Private tours are also available!

Sea Screamer

You can’t miss the bright yellow, 73-foot Sea Screamer, which seems to scream fun from the moment you step aboard. The Sea Screamer may create quite a wake, but it’s still common to see dolphins jumping and playing in the waters nearby. Experience a hands-on opportunity with the local wildlife when the deckhand hoists up the crab trap, often containing crabs or other sea creatures that passengers are welcome to handle. Keeping the fun and energy going, stream-machine water launchers are provided on board. While the kids certainly enjoy this playtime, sometimes the most fun is had by the adults! Enjoy a beer onboard while you listen to tropical tunes and learn a bit about the wildlife and history of the area, all while soaking up the scenery.

Savor the Florida Stay

When you’re ready to get out and make the most of Panama City Beach, be sure you’re booked into accommodations to match by partnering with the professionals at Vacations Perfected. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our many options and services available!