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Fishing in Panama City Beach

Travelers from all around have long been tempted by the idyllic shorelines that make up the greater Panama City Beach, Florida area. Boasting 27 miles of sugar-white beaches, it comes as no surprise that many who come this direction do so in pursuit of time spent under the sun and with toes snuggled into the sand. Between the exciting options for nightlife, delicious dining stops and restaurants, museums, and galleries that constitute a trip this way, Panama City Beach is an oasis of potential for fun—with no exception in sight for those that love to cast a line. When you’re headed to Panama City Beach to enjoy time fishing, there is a long list of options to add to your itinerary. Here are a few destinations for fishing in Panama City Beach you won’t want to miss!

Book with Private Charters Sport Fishing

Located at 3605 Thomas Drive, the team at Private Charters Sport Fishing is always ready to help anglers take their game up a notch on the waters surrounding Panama City Beach. These private charters can be customized to fit your fishing skill level and can accommodate groups of up to six at a time on the Gulf for fishing in Panama City Beach. Private Charters Sport Fishing focuses on half-day or full-day deep-sea excursions with an emphasis on reeling in everything from Cobia and Mahi to Red Snapper and Grouper.

Take a Private Excursion with Stingray Fishing Charters

Another option for enjoying a private fishing charter while in Panama City Beach is to book a private excursion with Stingray Fishing Charter. The captain has been fishing in the area for 50 years and has an intimate knowledge of the area’s conditions and the best locations for a catch. He welcomes all levels of fishermen aboard, from complete beginners to advanced watermen. Trips with Captain Ray are nearshore or offshore, and offer onboard facilities such as a full bathroom, freshwater shower, and top of the line electronics, rigging, and fishing gear. The summer fishing season is in full swing aboard Captain Ray’s vessel, with plenty of large-sized snapper being caught. A private charter can be booked with Stingray Fishing Charters by contacting them at or 229-395-2053.

Enjoy the Fishing Pier

For those hoping to make the most of a fishing adventure to Panama City Beach with more a passion for early morning outings before the hustle and bustle of mid-day fun hits—a stop at the Panama City Beach Fishing Pier is sure to please. Located along Front Beach Road, this iconic city landmark is a must for those hoping to reel in something spectacular alongside a Florida sunrise moment. In fact, the pier is almost exclusively a Panama City beach fishing spot in the early morning hours, providing for a sense of tranquility that’s hard to top.

Swing by Half Hitch

While knowing where to go makes for a successful fishing-based getaway, having the right gear is perhaps even more essential to the experience. Whether you’re looking to replace a rod, reel, lure or require other on-the-water accessories, Half Hitch is a one stop shop for all things fishing in Panama City Beach. Located at 12213 Front Beach Road, Half Hitch is well known amongst area anglers thanks to the store’s wide variety of products, name-brand gear, and helpful staff.

Try Your Hand at Fly Fishing

Whether you’re new to fly fishing or a seasoned expert, the in shore bay waters and the near shore Gulf waters provide for excellent fly fishing opportunities. Booking a fly fishing excursion with Shallow Water Expeditions will get you out in the water with the right gear and positioning to land that first catch of the season! The shallow grass flats in the St. Andrews Bay system are teeming with tailing redfish, nearly guaranteeing that successful catch, especially during fall and winter months. The guides at Shallow Water Expeditions know these areas intimately and are able to assist fishermen in getting in the best position to make the catch. More fly fishing opportunities can be found just offshore Panama City Beach’s sugary white sands, where sandbars act as highways for thousands of migrating tarpon each summer. With fish that consistently track down the edge of these sandbars, your guides are able to easily get you into the perfect position. The waters surrounding Panama City Beach are also teeming with large schools of false albacore (bonito), which can be accessed with Flats boats and Bay boats less than a mile offshore. No matter the time of year you look to book with Shallow Water Expeditions, the guides have the knowledge that will make your trip a success, from the specific tying of the fly that attracts certain fish, to where the best catch locations are! Shallow Water Expeditions can be contacted at 850-534-4349 with any questions you may have about their fishing tours.

Take Time to Enjoy Panama City Beach fishing

There’s never been a better time to grab your fishing gear and enjoy time in Panama City Beach. When you’re here, be sure you’re booked into welcoming rental with the help of Vacations Perfected. In our vacation rentals, you can enjoy proximity to the water and the area’s many fishing opportunities. Contact us today to learn more!