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Adventure Seekers Journey to Panama City Beach

For some, a vacation means the opportunity to cross items off a bucket list, rather than whiling away the days on the beach. If your idea of fun is to pack the itinerary full of thrilling adventures, consider exploring some of these places to go in Panama City Beach for your next adventure!


If you’ve ever considered parasailing, Panama City Beach is an excellent place for this adventure. Take in panoramic views of the beautiful white sand beaches, azure water, and Shell Island as you sail high behind the boat on many panama city beach adventures. Sharks, whales, and dolphins are often visible in the crystal-clear water below! On an especially hot day, many parasailers enjoy the optional dip into the ocean water. With boats that can accommodate up to three guests at a time, this is great adventure to share with friends or family! Check out Adventures at Sea for their parasailing tours.

Jet Skiing

Enjoy the freedom of racing over the water alongside friends of family when you rent jet skis! Jet skis are a perfect way to spend the day enjoying the ocean, while at the same time thrilling in the high speeds and fun of driving on the water. Ride to shell island, pausing to watch dolphins along the way, or simply explore along the shoreline sights such as St. Andrews State Park and Bay Area Wildlife. Join a guided jet ski tour or rent your own for DIY exploration and fun!

Panama City Beach Adventures on the Sea Screamer

Hop aboard this bright yellow 73-foot boat for a thrilling ride. As you speed through the waters on your Panama City Beach adventure, keep an eye out for dolphins jumping in the wake. Cruise by Shell Island, taking in the sights, and then enjoy a 10-mile ride that offers a view of Panama City Beach’s shoreline from a different vantage point.

Panama City Diving

Explore Panama City Beach’s exciting underwater world with a Scuba diving excursion. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced diver, the expert guides at Panama City Diving meets each person at their own ability level for an experience that will be memorable. With one fun weekend of training, beginners can become certified and able to explore in the open water at up to 60 feet in depth. With the vibrant marine life that calls Panama City Beach’s waters home, there is plenty to see on your next Scuba Panama City Beach adventure!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Panama City Beach’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not puts a sharp spin on the conventional museum experience. Here you’ll find all sorts of intriguing exhibits that will arouse your sense of curiosity. If you’ve ever wanted to hop into that adventure movie where the characters use wily skills to make it through a set of deadly lasers, Ripley’s Believe It or Not offers that chance. Navigate your way through a web of lasers, striving to beat the clock without breaking any of the laser beams. Take in a 3D movie in a theater that is complete with moving seats, making the experience feel even more realistic. Finding your way through a challenging maze of mirrors is a laughter-filled, yet also challenging activity great for families or groups of friends. And don’t miss the gallery exhibits of the strange and bizarre that will leave you scratching your head in wonder! Before you leave, create a colorful wax mold of your hands, a souvenir of sorts of this memorable excursion.

Shell Island

A barrier island off the coast of Panama City Beach, Shell Island offers all the wonders of a deserted island. This undeveloped island boasts 7 miles in length of exploration grounds. While it offers beautiful untouched beaches, it is devoid of the development you’ll find along Panama City Beach, which is a large part of its charm. There are many ways to get to Shell Island, and visitors can choose their own route of adventure, from kayaking to renting a private pontoon boat to booking a boat charter. Once you’ve arrived, the frontier is yours for exploration. Find a secluded beach, snorkel in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island, or simply lounge along the shoreline. Renting a private pontoon boat also adds the options of dolphin sighting along the way or doubling your adventure as a fishing excursion. Shell Island Shuttle’s double decker pontoons also offer a spacious upper deck for relaxing, as well as twin waterslides that extend from the upper deck into the water below. Shell Island offers only its beauty and sense of adventure without any onsite amenities, so be sure to bring along any of the food, beverages, and beach gear you’ll want to have for the day as you enjoy this unforgettable Panama City Beach adventure!

Panama City Beach Tourist Attractions

Enjoy the top tourist attractions in Panama City Beach from the convenience of one of our upscale Panama City Beach vacation rentals! Choose among accommodations with spectacular sea views, upscale condos with all the amenities, or the square footage and luxury of a private beach home. Contact us today to learn more.