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Top 5 Best Brunch Restaurants in Panama City Beach

There is something that is inherently different about the odd twilight zone between lunch and breakfast. However, it tends to be quite the social affairs with several people gathered together, enjoying the chance to reminisce and share new stories. Well, even though you might find yourself on vacation, there is no reason you can’t still enjoy this pleasure. So, continue on to read on about our selection of the top five best Panama City beach brunch spots!

Chewie’s Kitchen

Chewie’s Kitchen might not be quite what comes to mind when you think of brunch, but no matter the time of day, a good sandwich paired with a good drink is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. They serve a range of different sandwiches, some for the meat lovers, such as The Chewban which includes Cuban pulled pork, salami, and Virginia ham. The vegetarians among us aren’t left out, however, as they also have a selection of salads that are sure to satisfy anyone. Further, no brunch would be complete without a good drink to go along with it. Chewie’s offers a wide selectin of both beers and wines that are sure to make your brunch and meal complete. Before you leave, make sure you grab a piece of fried cheesecake. So, if you are looking for a good sandwich in place of the typical brunch items, then make sure to stop by Chewie’s Kitchen today for some of the best brunch in Panama City Beach!

Gypsea Crepes

When most of us think of crepes, we think of think pancakes rolled up with sweat fruits; however, Gypsea crepes shows that the range of the crepe only goes so far as your imagination, making it the perfect place for your special brunch. They offer a range of crepes from breakfast ones filled with bacon, ham, or turkey, along with eggs and an assortment of veggies to those a bit more on the savory side such as their ham and brie crepes which are sure to have you wishing for more when the last bite is consumed. Like many of us, perhaps you have a sweet tooth that is calling to be satisfied; in that case, you will love their crepes filled with fruits, cheesecake, vanilla ice cream, or even crushed Oreos! However, you will also find a variety of options on the healthier side filled with an assortment of veggies. So, if you are looking to see just how far crepes can go while sitting around enjoying the company of your family and guests, make sure to have your Panama City Beach brunch at Gypsea Crepes.

Jesse’s Place

While fancy restaurants and unique places serving exotic foods have their own magic and charm to them, it isn’t quite as homey and welcoming as the old school American diner. That is exactly what you will find at Jesse’s Place; however, while they may be a small diner, they have quickly made quite the big name for themselves. Serving a variety of diner food including corned beef hash, omelets, and your usuals like bacon, eggs, grits, and mac and cheese, this small-town diner is sure to leave quite the lasting impression on you. You will find that their warm, welcoming walls are the perfect place to take your family out for a memorable brunch. If you find yourself pressed for time and needing to get to your next activity quickly, fear not, for they have earned a solid reputation for their speed. So, why not spend a mid-morning chowing down on the comfort foods of the American South at Jesse’s Place!

Andy’s Flour Power

As we saw above, there is a certain magic and warmth to enjoying those special comfort foods mixed with the nostalgic callings of the past. Well, at Andy’s Flour Power, you will find that not only do they offer a selection of baked goods, but they also have all those comforts foods that we all love. You’ll find eggs benedict, or veggie benedict for our vegetable lovers out there, as well as breakfast burritos, breakfast croissants with scrambled egg and ham, shrimp and grits, biscuits and gravy, Reubens, omelets and more! As well, you will find that all their foods are made fresh every day, and they only choose the freshest of ingredients for you to enjoy. Make sure you spice up your Sunday brunch by coming to Andy’s, as every weekend you’ll find yourself tapping your foot to the rhythmic tunes of live jazz. This truly makes Andy’s Flour Power the place to be for your special brunch!

Best Brunch in Panama City Beach at Another Broken Egg Café

Finally, at number one we have a restaurant that has gone the extra mile and truly put unique costal spins on old timey favorites. Another Broken Egg Café has a wide selection of brunch option such as Crab Cake Benedict, Lobster and Brie Omelet, a rather wide variety of pancakes, plus Belgian waffles, shrimp and grits, and salmon bowls! However, not only do they have gluten free options, but rather an entire menu dedicated to those with a special diet. Further, you won’t find frozen food that came from parts unknown; each of your meals is made with products sourced from local farms and places. Due to this, you will find that their menu is ever changing with the season, so almost every visit to Another Broken Egg is like going there for the first time. Finally, if you find yourself visiting for a special occasion, make sure you check out their catering options, as it’s sure to make your special day all the more memorable.
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