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Top 5 Places with a Gorgeous View

When people think of Florida, they often think of swimming in the ocean with the taste of salt upon their lips, or maybe lying in the sun, sipping a cold and fruity drink. However, one thing that might get overlooked is standing upon the pier, looking out over the majestic ocean as the sun sets on the horizon. Well, as you will see, there are many places in Panama City Beach, Florida where you can have a truly beautiful view, and we’ve put together the top five Panama City Beach sightseeing spots for you!

Runaway Island

We’ve already discussed Runaway Island on our list of the best restaurants in the area, however, it truly would be a disservice not to include them here as well, considering they host some of the best views in the area on top of serving exquisite food and drinks. With two levels of dining, you are sure to get the view you always wanted. Not only this, but their newly constructed boardwalk goes all the way down to the shore, allowing you to truly have drinks on the beach. As well, they host all the typical favorites you’d find in a coastal region such as crab cakes and fish tacos. If you find yourself eyeing places for you special day, keep them in mind, as they have several different private dining areas and even cater weddings. So, why not grab a drink, some fresh fish, and enjoy a lovely meal with some of the best sightseeing in Panama City Beach around?

Panama City Beach City Pier – 53

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this area, however sometimes the best things are those that embrace simplicity. While Pier 53 may not have any festivals calling its beach home, and it may not have any awe-inspiring shops or restaurants along its border, what it may be lacking in activities it makes up for in peaceful and serene views. For a very modest fee, you can have access to a pristine white beach that stretches out into either direction. Imagine being able to sit on the beach as the sound of crashing waves mixes with the seagulls cries to create a symphony of the coastal world. All the while, there is no constant traffic of people trying to get to their next destination, just a few other calmed souls enjoying the view with you. This is what you get here at Pier 53, the ability to genuinely enjoy the beach as it was always meant to be and with a tranquility long since forgotten.

M.B. Miller County Pier

This pier is semi similar to the previous item on our list, however M.B Miller County Pier hosts a few unique qualities that truly make it stand out. First off, this beautiful pier actually lies 1,500 feet out into the Gulf of Mexico, making it truly a unique experience. As well, for a fee you can even get a fishing pass and try your luck at catching some of the many types of fish that call the area home. Didn’t bring any gear? That’s not a problem, as there are rod rentals available and a full bait and tackle shop nearby! The pier is open all year round; however, if you are a music lover, make sure you come in October when the pier transforms into the annual Sandjam Music Festival! However, while all of this is fun and a reason to go, even if all it had was the pier, it would still be a must go. This is because M.B. Miller Pier has one of the best views around, which is what anyone would hope for if they planned on spending a day fishing or walking the beach. So, if you are looking for a place to take a relaxing walk along the beach or are looking for a bit of modern meditation in the form of casting a line, then make sure you visit M.B Miller County Pier!

Panama City Beach Sightseeing at Shell Island

At the far south end of the area, directly across from the number one spot on our list, Shell Island is what is truly meant by an “island getaway.” That is because you won’t find any luxurious resorts here, nor will you find a slew of restaurants and shops, nor will you even find a tackle shop or so much as a vending machine. Where Pier 53 gave you the feeling of having a quiet private beach, Shell Island is truly an isolated private island. Stretching almost seven miles long, this undeveloped barrier island is as it was the day the first building was erected in Panama Beach City. With shuttles leaving for the island every 30 minutes in the summer (every 60 in winter), you can truly plan to spend the entire day on this island. You can even have a kayak waiting for you when you arrive. However, no matter what you choose to do here, you will be gifted with a pristine white beach stretching out in either direction as far as you can see. If there was ever a place that allowed you to relax, unwind, and even if for but a moment, forget the busy nature of our modern world and all that comes with it, it’s Shell Island.

St. Andrews State Park

We now come to our top spot for a gorgeous view, and it should come as no surprise that St. Andrews State Park takes the number one place. This is because the state park, which covers 1,200 acres, not only has spectacular places to watch the sunset and fantastic spots to stretch out and look across the water, but it has views that you aren’t guaranteed to see at our other spots. For instance, why not go snorkeling and watch the fish dart around in the world beneath you, or book a dolphin tour and boat across the water with our sea-bound friends? As well, if nature is your thing, you will find your home here, as there are a number of hiking trails for you to explore and get away from the city for a brief moment. Of course, there are all the other things that one would expect such as swimming, watersports, fishing, and boating. So, if you are looking not for just one, but many different utterly stunning and spectacular sights and views, make sure you add St. Andrews State Park to your sightseeing in Panama City Beach itinerary!

If you find yourself already looking up images of these places and gazing upon the sights with a heart filled with yearning, then make sure you contact Vacations Perfected at (844) 478-2972 or book your rental property online today!