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Welcome to the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches and thank you for choosing Vacations Perfected. Please take a moment to review our rental policies to ensure that everything is in order for your upcoming trip. Your advanced payment is validated by your payment at time of booking. This advanced payment validates your acceptance of, and agreement to, the following policies and procedures.

Upon booking your reservation, you are required to accept this agreement/confirmation. Please sign and return the agreement within three (3) days of the booking date.  Occupancy of a rental residence will not be granted without a valid, signed reservation confirmation in our files and the balance paid in full. An active credit card is required to maintain the reservation and the integrity of the rental residence. By signing this agreement you waive your right to dispute any charges that are made to your credit card regarding this policy.

Reservations may be made up to one (1) year in advance, however rates and properties are not guaranteed. In the event our team has incorrectly quoted rates due to computer or human error, we may correct the reservation at our sole discretion. An advanced payment of 20% of the total reservation is required at the time of booking. This payment is applied toward the total cost of the reservation.  

The balance of the reservation is due fifteen (15) days prior to your check-in date. Any reservation made within 10 days shall require the full payment at the time of the booking and is non-refundable. A final payment reminder will be emailed to your using our software with links to a secure server where your payment can be processed.

Guests are eligible for a full refund if the booking is canceled 30 days prior to arrival or greater.  If the booking is canceled less than 30 days of arrival, the booking deposit will be forfeited.

We do not offer any refunds, in whole or in part, due to inclement weather.

The total cost of the reservation includes housekeeping service upon departure. The fee will vary depending on the size of the property. Daily housekeeping services are not provided.   If your residence requires additional cleaning beyond routine departure housekeeping service at check-out, you may be subject to additional charges ranging from $50 to $300. Towels, sheets, blankets, or furniture may not be removed from the property at any time.  If towels or sheets are considered not cleanable, your credit card will be charged replacement value of the damaged sheets and/or towels.
As a Guest (the person registered and all persons occupying the same rental unit) all reservations are required to have the Limited Damage Waiver to cover minor accidental damages that may occur during your stay.  This insurance plan covers accidental damages to the rental unit interior that occur during your stay, provided they are disclosed to management at the time the incident occurs. Any damages not reported, or reported after departure will not be covered by the Limited Damage Waiver.  The policy will pay a maximum benefit of $1,500. The guest will be held liable for any accidental damages that exceed $1,500 and/or any negligent or intentional acts of the renter or the renter’s guest that causes damage not covered by the insurance policy, and will be charged to the credit card on file. Any damages not covered by the insurance policy or beyond the insurance policy coverage that are not paid within 14 days of departure will result in legal action taken by Vacations Perfected, Inc.

The Limited Damage Waiver will not include liability for damage or theft resulting from, Acts of God, intentional acts of a guest, gross negligence, willful and wanton conduct, or any cause, if the covered guest does not report the damage to Vacations Perfected. The Damage Waiver applies only to the direct physical loss or damage to the covered residence. It does not cover loss of use of such residence. Coverage does not apply for theft or damage of any property owned by or brought onto the premises by a Covered Guest.  Vacations Perfected will not be responsible for theft or damage of personal property of a guest.

The minimum age of booking is 21 years old.  In accordance with Florida State Statute 509.41, reservations made under false pretense are null and void and check-in will not be allowed or guests will be asked to vacate the residence. This policy includes reservations made by parents or guardians who do not check in, and/or who leave overnight during the length of the stay.  In the event reservations made under false pretense are asked to vacate the residence, no refunds will be given.

The maximum number of guests per residence is limited to the actual sleeping capacity for that rental residence. Children under 3 years of age do not apply. Guests who exceed the maximum occupancy are subject to immediate eviction and forfeiture of all rental payments. The allowable occupancy for the rental residence is based on the following sleeping arrangements:
2 persons per king bed, 2 persons per queen bed, 1 person per twin bed, 2 persons per sleeper sofa, 1 child per bunk (16 years or younger). Non-compliance with these policies could lead to an eviction.

Total number of Occupants (including infants): {reservations.occupants}          
 * The approval of this application at the stated rate is based on the number of occupants listed.
    Maximum Occupants:  {reservations.unit_max_occupants}
Please enter all Guest Names below (*this is required):
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Check-in time is after 4:00 P.M. (CST). There is a possibility that your vacation rental check-in may be unavoidably delayed due to cleaning or maintenance issues. Your patience will be appreciated in these circumstances.  Vacations Perfected uses an Express Check-In program.  You will be emailed with a door code prior to arrival.  In the event the condo is ready for your arrival prior to 4:00pm, you will be contacted and granted early access to the condo.
It is your responsibility to leave the rental reasonably clean and in damage-free order. Additional cleaning charges may apply if the unit is not left in reasonable order. Please discard all items from the refrigerator, clean off all food from kitchen utensils and cookware, and start the dishwasher upon departure. Trash must be secured in a plastic bag and disposed of in the conveniently located trash chute on each floor or designated receptacles. No trash or food items should be left inside the unit. Ensure all entry doors are locked upon departure.  Your card will be charged accordingly in the event any bodily fluids are visible in the condo.  Place all linens and towels on a bathroom floor.

Pets are not permitted in condos/vacations homes unless otherwise arranged during the booking process with Vacations Perfected.  Any sign of pets will result in your card being charged $250 unless other arrangements have been made within your reservation.

Smoking is not permitted in any of our rental units. Violations are subject to an additional charge of $250 plus the expense of any necessary cleaning or rental of ozone machines to clear the rental unit of smoke odor. Violations may also results in immediate eviction and forfeiture of rent.

Vacations Perfected markets all our rental properties individually. Our guests stay in the specific unit they booked. Sometimes there are situations outside our control where we have to move a guest. We will do our best to provide the guest a unit of like-kind.

As per Florida Statutes, it is illegal to throw, release or pour anything from a balcony. Penalty for doing so is a third degree felony, which is punishable with five years in prison and up to a $5000 fine.  Reports of this violation will result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of rent.

During your stay, promptly report any maintenance problems to our office within 24 hours of your scheduled arrival or upon malfunction/incident. No refund or rate adjustment will be made for unforeseen failures such as the supply of electricity, water, pool filtration systems, air conditioning, telephone, television or cable service, or appliances.  We will make every reasonable effort to have maintenance issues within our control resolved in a timely manner.

Vacations Perfected is not responsible for any acts of theft or vandalism, or other damages to any personal property or for personal items left by guest at departure, in the resort, or on the owner’s property. Make sure all ingress/egress doors are secured upon departing.

Internet and cable TV are provided as a convenience only & is not integral to the lease. No refund of rents shall be given for outages, content, lack of content, speed, access problems, lack of knowledge of use, or personal preferences with regard to services.
Vacations Perfected serves as the manager for the owner of the rental property. We have made every effort to ensure all information printed is accurate, but cannot be held responsible for changes made by owners in furnishings, décor, and appliances. Rates and taxes are subject to change and holiday/peak season rates and restrictions may differ. We want your stay with Vacations Perfected to be fun and relaxing, so we make every effort to maintain our properties in their best possible condition. We will handle any necessary repairs during your stay as quickly as possible. Our maintenance personnel are available after hours. Should an emergency arise, please contact us at 844-istaypcb

Vacations Perfected shall not be liable to guest or to any other party for damages to property or for the injury to persons upon the premises from any cause whatsoever including defects in the premises or otherwise. Guest shall indemnify and hold harmless Vacations Perfected from and against all liabilities, claims, expenses, fees, loss of use and actions of any kind arising out of guest’s use and occupancy of the premises. Vacations Perfected is not responsible for any loss of valuables. The renter acknowledges that management, property owners, and employees cannot be held responsible regardless of fault, for any accident, loss, damage or injury suffered by the renter, members of their party or any other guests which the renter or their party have allowed access to the property, regardless if loss is a result directly or indirectly from acts of God, dangers incident to the sea, any body of water, fire, breakdown of machinery, equipment, acts of government or other authorities, delays or cancelations of or changes in itineraries or schedule or from acts of omission. Furthermore, the renter will release and hold harmless any and all parties involved with the rental, management, and reservations of the property and to release and hold harmless it's owners or representatives for any loss or damage to personal property or for any injury and/or death.

Rental Confirmation
Thank you for making your reservation with Vacations Perfected.  Please sign and return the confirmation via fax or email within three (5) days of the booking date. Occupancy of a rental residence will not be granted without a valid, signed reservation confirmation in our files and the balance paid in full.  An active credit card is required to maintain the reservation and the integrity of the rental residence.   Credit cards are kept on file should any damages occur or additional cleaning be required due to failure to follow communicated departure rules.  By signing this agreement you waive your right to dispute any charges that are made to your credit card regarding this policy.

{{checkbox}} I agree that this is a legally binding document and I have read all terms and conditions in this document.

Registered Guest Name_____________________________________________ DOB________________

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Credit Card Number_______________________________________________

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Guest Printed Name
Please sign to Accept Above Terms and Confirm your Reservation.

This information is used solely to maintain the integrity of the rental residence and will not be used or abused by Vacations Perfected, Inc.  Credit card information is kept on file until the guest has departed.

Vacations Perfected, Inc.
Phone:  844-istaypcb

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